Free Birds Official Trailer #1 (2013) – Owen Wilson Animated Movie HD

I'm not gonna dress it up turkeys are dumb really dumb Academy award-winning producer of Shrek we came to this far my favorite presidential tradition and a director of horton hears a who does it get any better than this hello soldier whatever you do do not make a sound you've been recruited for a top-secret mission we're going back in time to the first Thanksgiving to get turkeys off the menu who are you talking to this guy right here he totally gets it look see how he's nodding man they are gonna just right time machine but seriously take us to the first Thanksgiving our mission is not to save 10 turkeys welcome to our home but all of them oh she wants you to throw up some worms into her mouth what everybody enemy approaching you must follow me blindly what's your plan for getting in I'm going to use my incredibly toned pecs and buttocks to throw you over the wall go funny right Freebirds I'm sick of you throwing me around you see this line do not come into my personal space did you not see the line cuz I was pretty clear

42 thoughts on “Free Birds Official Trailer #1 (2013) – Owen Wilson Animated Movie HD

  1. When I was in school once, I was taking about great films like 2001 a space Odyssey, the shinning, and elf and how they are so memorable. But one of my classmates was talking about this film and says how it’s great and I’m just looking and thinking “we need to build a ark”.

  2. This movie always reminds me of an experience I had growing up.

    While I was riding in the car with my mother on a back road, I saw a mama turkey and I think something like seven baby turkey's standing on the side of the road in a straight line together. It was the most ADORABLE thing I ever saw. It looked like they were waiting for someone to pick them up.

    I'd rather just eat sweet potatoes with marshmallows and dinner rolls for Thanksgiving.

  3. Yeah, at least here in North America, things can and will go wrong. That is a sharp contrast with the rest of the world were there seem to be to many talented artists who care a little to much about critical reception as well as the audience.

  4. Even though this movie isn’t a good one, but I like this movie cause it has Owen Wilson that’s a famous celebrity who act other people in live action movie and lightning McQueen in pixar cars

    I know this comment is gonna get dislikes

  5. You see this line? Do NOT come into my personal spa- smack
    Did you not see the line? Cause I was pretty clear- smack smack smack (my favorite part)

  6. the best part about the movie.
    "Those must be the ANGRY BIRDS." -Native American

    Also, this movie is no vegan promotion.

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