you guys excited yes are you guys so we
are gonna try to track this thing down whatever took the safe out of the pond
we’re gonna try to track it down look at this see these nails right here
this is dangerous look at those those are some spikes you’re back here at the
abandoned school bus and we’re trying to figure out what’s going on here keep a
sharp eye out there it’s locked down it won’t open you hear it it’s ringing
guys it’s ringing be careful hold on look this looks
really dangerous hold on it might be a booby trap
what is up adventures welcome to today’s adventure we are about to head to our
neighbors owls house to check on a decoy save that we placed in there a few
videos back that decoys safe had a tracking device in it and we’re gonna
see if we can track whoever or whatever is been putting stuff in Al’s pond to
their lair or their hideout are you guys ready to head to Al’s pod all right you
guys let’s head over to Al’s pond see what he’s got going on there all right
you guys have you heard anything anything you heard something what a big
hole in the dam did it drain the water you guys al says something made a big
hole in his dam last night oh my gosh you’re right look how far the water is
down and it drained it looks like a drain about like almost a foot you guys
that’s the safe is it’s not right there maybe it floated around somewhere else
you guys the state is not what we saw it last but maybe it floated around
somewhere yeah it looks so shallow now here now you guys look look how much the
waters gone down all right you guys so it looks like the safe has gone but
we’re not sure though yet so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna turn on our
tracker here so this thing will track the tracking device that we put inside
of the safe within 200 feet okay cause that means we stand right here we can
see that it’s it’s clearly 200 feet in any direction is definitely covering the
pond okay fine I named it briefcase next thing it’s out of range all right
you guys so that means that the safe is gone from the pond because it would be
because everywhere in the ponds within to in your feet so the the safe is gone
from the pond it’s definitely at least 200 feet away from us so will you say
you guys I’m gonna go search for it all right are you guys so we are gonna try
to track this thing down whatever took the safe out of the pond we’re gonna try
to track it now so remember I told you about hearing something up there you
heard something up in the woods something big so al says that he heard
something up in the woods there are bears around here you guys one
question I was thinking about it and you know whatever we’re thinking about
finding we’re thinking it might have a lair or a hideout is there anything
around here al that you because owl knows this area this is actually his
land so is there anything around here that you think could serve as like a
hideout falling down shed a shed is it abandoned okay you guys so al said that
there’s an abandoned shed up on the hill where he saw heard noise 100 feet okay
well we’re not we’re not getting a signal but you know what you guys
actually I was I was close I was about a hundred feet from you guys when you’re
playing hide and seek and this thing wasn’t working so maybe sometimes it
doesn’t quite work right I really think this should have a metal roof okay well
maybe that’s blocking the signal I don’t know you guys but if there’s an
abandoned shed up here I think we should go check it out just to see so you guys
do you want to go check out the abandoned shed yeah all right let’s do it
okay you guys so we’re gonna head over here across the dam and try to get to
where this abandoned shed is everyone be careful keep stay on the lookout okay
all right you guys we got to be careful where an unknown terror
right now come on this way all right I’ll let you know if we need any help
thank you I said you guys we’re here on the clear of the other side of the pond
and there is this little cave thing Axl said that he saw over here so we’re
gonna try to check it out when we head to the abandoned shed it was right there
it’s not a cave it’s just an embankment it’s just an embankment
hey it’s not really a cave it kind of look like it though from the other side
oh you guys this is where he found that skull right here remember and that yeah
you guys this is where we found the school there’s that birdhouse so he said
it was somewhere up there so let’s keep rolling up there you guys keep your eyes
peeled yeah this is getting creepy Axl says it is kind of strange when you’re
exploring unknown territory you guys can get kind of weird keep a sharp eye out
for anything comment down below you guys if you see
anything that looks like an old abandoned shred okay or anything
suspicious what are you guys so we got to start being fine okay because we
don’t wanna scare anything off wait let me really wait wait hold on
okay it’s right there you guys hold on stay back stay back all right be careful
there’s the shed okay well don’t wait stop stop stop you can get a signal from the tracking
device okay I’m not getting a signal let me refresh it hold on nope nope are you guys so I’m not
getting a signal Sydney what what broken open
what what’s in there it’s right there the safe yeah oh my gosh you got
experience says he sees to see yeah yeah yeah my gosh it’s right there it is
right there you guys found the safe okay be careful hold on look this looks
really dangerous you guys hold on there could be nails sticking up it might be a
booby trap I’ve seen things like this you crawl in there and it just falls in
we need to get some kind of stick or something to get it out I don’t want to
get in there you guys it’s kind of dangerous something but there is the
safe right here and it’s broken open it’s broke you know
yeah throw something in there you throw something bigger hold on wait wait oh
are you guys we’re gonna try to get the booby trap we’re gonna try to set it off
okay we’re going to throw this oh look at that nail wall so you got to be
careful you guys if you ever exploring anything abandoned like this there’s
nails like that that’ll go up in your foot you can get some serious serious
nasty sound like tetanus got to be careful
all right I’m gonna see if I can set the booby trap off if there is 100 more try nothing happen I think it might be safe
okay Darien be careful be careful be careful what sorry yeah it’s a sign well
oh no vehicles unlawful to drive beyond this sign why would that be be careful
there could be wasps nests Oh all right get to safe
come on let’s hurry up and get out okay that’s true why don’t you get out let’s
let’s let’s rethink this you guys oh oh oh oh are you okay yeah be careful
let’s go out of here all right okay so trying to figure out how to get this
device you know what you guys Darien might be right because I’m not getting a
signal either that or they destroyed it I don’t know we’ll have to see it’s
supposed to be waterproof we gotta get this safe out of here though we got to
get this safe so we can figure something out you guys have any ideas what ideas
do you have just grab it you sure okay
be careful dear and be careful hurry up wait out hurry it’s stuck
pull hard pull hard pull it out pull it out ah you got it okay
okay bring it out here bring out here be careful it’s gone Jackie oh my gosh you
guys the tracking device is gone you’re right
that’s where it was okay guys this is a beauty here so the safe is right here
now if you guys remember I put we put some treasuring I heard something it might just be the
trees oh my gosh look at this this is a branch
that’s sticking in the ground looks like as I know but look look there’s another
one sticking in the ground right here look at that you guys these branches are
just sticking in the ground okay you know what you know what wait hold on
hold on I think I know what happened look see
this right here watch oh look these branches fell from this tree right here
you see those dead branches and it fell and I’m stuck in the ground like this
spear but if you’re out in the forest when the wind is blowing really hard
branches can fall and shoot stab down and like that okay you guys so we’re
trying to solve this mystery we have a safe a decoy safe we planted it in it
took the bait but it also took the tracking device which means we can track
it well theoretically but also it could mean that it knows it’s being tracked
and so it might have destroyed the tracking device or planted it somewhere
else as a decoy so you guys it looks like whatever it is is on to us
if you tomorrow if you remember it took the SD card out of the game camp I don’t
know you guys know it looks like whatever broke it was still locked
whatever broke it open broke open back remember it was really cheap they
probably didn’t have a hard time breaking it open I don’t know what to
thank you guys if you think we’re missing anything you guys comment down
below if you can think of anything that we’re missing wait did you hear that
call me okay me too like like blink blink and I heard something like this
daddy you did yes you’re to stop yes all right you guys too this is very strange
Roger in the forest the wind is blowing it’s kind of rare metal clanking and
think of all this so you guys all these clues seem to not be adding up but let’s
look for more clues around here we didn’t even look around this thing or
like in the corners see if we can find him let me get this can out of here
you saw something here look what’s this pills regular coffee this is this an old
coffee can what I don’t think anything’s in you hey
what’s this or some writing me happy birthday out there’s some writing right
here it looks like it’s even every year isn’t it what oh there’s some more
there’s some writing here too you guys I don’t know what to think about all this
really really interesting is there anything else love mysteries it’s so
interesting to solve them okay guys it’s really weird I found a picture of Axl
and Darian in the shed look at that how did they get your picture I’m gonna go
show this down just one more net okay guys there thinks we should explore me
in the abandoned shed okay you all look under the poor are you guys they want to
tear this set apart away yeah okay so be careful you guys like oh whoa okay I
just ripped the floor of the gate find all the riding with you see anything
I didn’t see anything did you guys oh okay oh my god whoa-oh oh my god the
shed is falling apart yet I was trying to move aboard they just fell down oh my
gosh you guys look at this see these nails right here this is
dangerous look at those those are some spikes if you under that when this thing
fell that would spike you yeah you guys that’s why you have to be very careful
you should never ever explore like abandoned old stuff like this without a
dog around to help you out because it could be so dangerous
I didn’t think about that you guys Metiria saying whatever whatever if this
is the lair of something what if it gets upset at us that we destroyed it that’s
true we kind of accidentally knew but it was about to fall over anyways it’s a
pretty crummy thing alright you guys so we’re gonna have to leave the abandoned
shed here and the mystery we will have to just keep in our minds oh sorry
see if we can solve it let’s get the safe just in case okay guys here what do
you guys oh yeah I get that what do you guys carry the safe for you guys alright
you guys so we got the safe just in case we need it for clues and you’re heading
back to owls house to show him the writing we found on the stick oh yeah we
found you a present now what do we got it oh whoa oh oh we got a present for
you happy birthday this is happy birthday all you guys is
it your birthday okay yep you guys out just had a birthday recently but that
was from about 40 years ago wow that’s crazy so what so what was that jet up
here the abandoned shed what was it an outhouse you guys that was an outhouse the place we use the bathroom back
whenever a long time ago they used to have bathrooms that were out in sheds
instead of using the bathroom in your bathroom inside of your house you would
go out to the outhouse to use the bathroom dirty now we were digging in it there you go
now something scares us we found the safe without the tracking device to me
it was up in our house yeah hey guys very strange and the tracking
device they took it out we put the jacket of ice right there and it’s gone so we don’t like to think of it but
we’re just gonna keep our thinking caps on and try to figure it out you guys you
know I didn’t notice any huh we didn’t think they’d look for him
though now you guys we didn’t think about that looking for footprints all
right here’s what I think we should look a little bit longer with our tracker
okay on the way home how about that let’s do that yeah it could be in or you
guys and so I think that from now on just just everyone so well wherever we
are on the property we’ll pull out our tracker and check it you know what I
have an idea you guys about the tracking device maybe it took it out it didn’t
want to subtract it to its lair and so it like three it off somewhere else to
throw us off the trail but it’s good thing we have out out
that that could be an owl told us though about the shed so if you wouldn’t tell
us about the shed who knows if we ever would have gone there I don’t know you
guys I don’t know all right well thanks al
we appreciate it let us know if you see anything or hear anything
let’s keep tracking you guys are you guys so we’re stopping here at the old
abandoned school bus and I’m gonna try and see let’s see I’m gonna refresh this
darienne’s said to stop oh my gosh you guys oh my gosh look look look it says
it’s nearby see that Darien said to stop at the old abandoned school that’s a
nice stop and now it says that it’s nearby
okay guys so if we push this button right here see that fine button right there
if we push that then it will ring the tracking device okay you want to hit the
fine button should we do it okay all right go ahead and hit the fine button
right there oh my gosh do you hear it you hear it it’s ringing
you guys it’s ringing its ringing okay you guys the tracking device seems to be
inside the school bus but we can’t we can’t you guys we haven’t gotten
permission from al let me hit it again you hear it you hear it it’s coming from
the front of the school bus you guys this is really weird that tracking
device is inside of the school bus do you see anything see if you can see in
through the window hold on see if you can see in through the window it’s
really really dirty the windows really dirty you guys they can hardly see are
you guys we’re trying to clean this window off so you can see inside okay
that’s a little cleaner I can see do you see anything okay you guys we’re gonna
ring it again tell us if you hear where it is you hear that
it’s inside somewhere oh my gosh maybe we should go back and ask the aisle if
we can get into school yeah go back are you guys so I’m gonna go back and ask
pal if we can get into the school bus okay are you guys excited yes excellent
you’re super excited about this you guys I’m just kind of weirded out I don’t
know about going into school let’s do you think we should go inside even if
Dallas says we can I don’t know you guys it’s is it long yeah
no you guys okay you guys remember oh oh my goodness this is I’m eating I just
got goose bumps by getting goose bumps all over in the
shed the back of the school bus is locked you guys remember it wasn’t
locked before but now it’s locked what if it watches our videos and it
knows that we saw the same my gosh you guys I didn’t even think of that
if it’s smart enough to take out an SD card and remove a chip it’s smart enough
to watch our videos but what if it doesn’t have a computer yeah we’re gonna
leave the school bus here we’re gonna go ask owl if we get inside all right you
guys come on let’s go yeah so we found the tracking device we
tracked it to the abandoned school bus and we were wondering if we could go
inside of it yeah well we know this notice but there is a secret there is a
secret entrance on top okay all right okay guys so we better not go in there
because we don’t have permission and you know what you can’t go inside of
something if you don’t have permission then so in this case we really can’t do
this but can we look around the outside and see if we can see it too could we
have a look around and see on the outside okay maybe we could look through
the windows and see if we can see something okay you guys so that really
really stinks that we can’t go inside the school bus well we’re still gonna go
back to the school bus and check it out we don’t actually know where the
tracking device is if you don’t know if it’s inside it could be I don’t know
let’s go let’s go look okay okay you guys so we’re back here at the
abandoned school bus and we’re trying to figure out what’s going on here we can’t
go inside because we don’t have permission and so we’re just gonna be
looking around inside of it you guys comment down below if you see anything
okay okay guys so we’re up on top of the school bus now if you guys remember this
is the emergency exit you guys comment and let us know and it’s locked now it
won’t open so you guys they locked the back door and probably yes yeah that’s
probably the most likely scenario you guys okay so whatever it is doesn’t want
us inside of the school bus I want to press the button again actually looking
in this window right here are you pushing Thanks hear it hear it it gets
louder when you come over here hey listen yeah listen it looks like
it’s coming from in here you hear that you guys it gets louder when we get to
here well I put my ear up right here next to the engine it’s way louder
that’s so crazy so maybe it’s not inside the school bus at all inside the engine
yes you guys okay this is crazy okay okay so maybe it’s
inside the engine how would we get inside of the engine though anything up
inside of here are you guys so you should never say it again oh yeah this
little hole right there yeah you know what you guys you should never ever ever
ever mess around with buses like this but I’m an adult oh hey hey look you
guys look at this oh yeah if we pull this up we might be able to lift the
hood up you want to try it yeah are you guys we may have found a way inside the
engine room let’s open it up in here yeah looks like there’s a handle right
here you guys moving it’s moving you guys okay whoa whoa all right okay wait
wait be careful stay back I didn’t say that wait are you guys we
got it open I let’s see look around you see riding where oh that’s like a
peaceful fluid wait on the riddles it said like PS p.m. Oh Oh PS you know a
there was but PS means PS I don’t know PS filler and fluid well that seems to
have to do with the engine itself you guys okay so let’s just check around I’m
gonna check on this side oh yeah bring it
what what oh no that’s it there’s a tracking device
oh my gosh Pikachu oh my gosh I have goosebumps like all the way on my
whole body you guys this is crazy okay okay you guys okay hold on hold on so do
you guys don’t remember in a video a while back axle lost his Pikachu we made
a fire with the SD card Darion Wow this is SD card from the game ham you guys
remember that comment down below if you remember that that video oh my gosh my
whole body is covering this really crazy this is the treasure we lost this is a
silver okay this is weird you guys and this is the tracking device right here
here ringing watch you guys that’s it that’s the tracking device this is so
creepy this is so key his tails gone Pikachu
steel Scott that’s weird okay you guys this is so weird axle
losses Pikachu a long time ago we thought coyotes got it
but now the Pikachu turns up with the tracking device the SD card realization
and the treasure and no chair give me abandoned school life okay you guys this
crazy mystery is getting really crazy and are really interested but why is it
soaking wet wait been raining or the pond the car okay you guys I don’t know what to think
about this you said now I remember you cut the tail off
haled is attached right here in your detach TV you sure you have to attach
the arm you’re absolutely sure yes that’s okay so this is very strange Pikachu’s tail all right let’s look
around see if it’s in here I think so doesn’t look like it’s in
there you know I don’t see the tail in there see it okay the SD card we should
go check and see if there’s anything on the SD card
part of the answer to our mystery here might be if we go and check and see what
is on this SD card so we’re gonna take this back and we’re gonna go check out
and see what’s on it okay well I don’t know if there’s anything wrong
yeah whatever we’re dealing seems to be pretty smart here so yeah because like
because see what tells me it’s really smarts because it’s obviously been
watching our videos when you got in the Pikachu if it’s a new Pikachu or an old
Pikachu if it is the old Pikachu way daddy yeah you guys so if it got and another
Pikachu whatever it is it seems like it’s trying to communicate with us and
it knows us and knows Axl likes this Pikachu oh this is all very strange and
it’s not but you know one of them one of them one of the biggest mysteries in
games is the fact that it didn’t take the treasure what wouldn’t take money
like this wait maybe it’s trying to be friendly maybe if they’ve got another
people it got another Pikachu for Axl and it gave the money back I don’t know
yes Darian had that idea didn’t you Gary Darian was saying that we could
communicate with it by writing a message in a bottle or something in the park
I don’t I you really don’t feel like it doesn’t
want to be like you I don’t feel like it wants to be friends with us I feel like
that what if he’s trying to be friends with us so we could like scam us and to
do some you never know you guys never know so you guys should we go back and
see what’s on this SD card now yes all right let’s go are you guys we’re here yeah why is a we found okay do you want
a Pikachu Dulong yeah we found that beauty the SD card that we lost or at
the same one of the Coyotes took away yes exactly
yeah we don’t know if it’s the exact same Pikachu but it’s definitely the
same type and and they had the tracking device attached it see right there and
then they take in the tracking device out of it a really crazy guys so we’re
gonna we’re gonna check out and see what’s on the SD card what we’ll have to
do that in the next episode you guys here you guys be sure to stay tuned hit
that subscribe button hit that thumbs up button if you liked the video stay tuned
we’re gonna find out what’s in that SD live in our next video you guys and
check this out but you guys remember this cannon
this is our giant world’s biggest nerf cannon and all see you guys in the next
video we’re gonna try to get into this safe you have an awesome idea we got a
chainsaw here we are going to cut down a giant tree and boom let it fall on top
of our safe maybe that’ll let us break in and see what’s inside of it hybl
remember we love you guys we think you’re awesome and we’re so glad you
joined us for today’s adventure we’ll see you later bye

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