FOUND DEAD PET DOG while Fishing an ILLEGAL POND with Saltwater Fish! Before getting kicked out

everybody called the police thank you so much for looking up see you later today let's catch them all with catch them all fishing with Zack ketchup alright guys a little differently with Joey slam Winograd the baits come on grab a bro god babe oh just one for Joey Stengel a oh I dropped it I dropped it again ok so we got these are cichlids guys and we're at a spot we're really not supposed to be fishing but since this hurricane came around we're kind of gonna cheat hook these guys right to the nose go ahead and go ahead run get in there get in there boy get in just bush just destroy the bush alright we're going through quick get the cast off cast off come into the shadows joy slave oh oh that's you are you eating for you in hook broke look you're a twenty pound test you gotta chill you got him oh my god oh no okay guys he just got eaten what happened what happened bro Oh God what happened nothing just for just public oh you're just gay in – oh my god it just got you in dude oh my god that straight with that straight uh no no braid is dude it's gonna do it Kassar being backed out there dude nice guys it's nearly chewing on these cichlid so starving I'm sick of it tarpon in small freakin hey all there's a fat one to leave oh oh I lost it bro oh alright guys I'm gonna get another big G cast over to the rig okay that's with it I'll be over till hidden beep it guys Joey's over to the left walking conspicuously branding isn't the best thing to do obviously there's a fat talker and I just rolled way out there set the crap out of the dude let it eat let it eat is Don to the crab you got this bro you got this bro oh we all it was a little one oh look at this occasionally that's probably a snook dude you can't say it with the Freak I lost my feet I'm on one now it's probably 12 is probably like right here actually your baits right there maybe if you're reeling just slightly it's just just slightly and naturally super slow on the surface the tarpon coming in right there yeah oh my god Julie you're kidding forget it bro slowly slowly slowly slowly right on the surface huh hey right on the surface rolling surface so doesn't spin oh it's spinning oh it's spinning both leave it how thing looks like crap Oh tarpon Schwartz world on it too all right I'm gonna get another bait oh he's got it he's got it he's got it more and more you stand right here there's a rock to the left just so you know I can't really see where I know he's in there though oh god oh god it's crazy their kicks too easy Oh still aren't so on okay you got this you got this dude you got this 20-pound leaders yeah oh my god come on these guys don't give up guys come on slipper die flipper die flipper die we die grab-grab get him up here grab a blip blip dude it's okay I got it it's still rolling 100% okay great I got it bro it's good to release that's sick that's sick residential small oh crap oh oh that's nothing that's nothing yeah okay release yeah really surely Oh God we got one out of four yeah we got one out of four guys we're out here just after the hurricane so the cops aren't really bothering us because they're busy like helping other people not worried about fishermen which they always should be but anyway you're so nice on the 15 to 20 pound little tarpon just moved over there on that thing on that pipe okay huh ille you said there is dead dogs oh that's disgusting okay we'll get out of here thank you that's nasty is it why were there dead dogs oh that's terrible okay well thank you sweetheart yes all right below her feet like right over there oh my god yeah I'm Cassidy forget that alright so she just oh oh oh oh did you see that did you see that right there Oh huh no she said we can't fish here because there's dead dogs or something but I just saw something just slammed in the bush but yeah let's get out of here so we don't get kicked up twitch twitch are you hooked up oh my god dude it's it's definitely the no the no braids bro I just do that I just do it okay just walk it over there and we'll land it right down there there's dogs there's one there's a dog we got a dog I hear it I hear I'll land this guy Lumis guy oh there's a little guy get out here so this lady doesn't call the cops for no reason the dogs into the gills turn it turn it to burn it oh wow yep okay good we're good to go yep a step back you owe me oh yeah look at me look at me look at me bro look at me oh the old it nice okay no more dogs peace out it was awesome good job Joey it smells terrible oh my god dude the sacrifice the dog was really sick it's a very yeah sacrifices were made for the Tarpon Lee alright guys hope you enjoyed today's adventure leaving the bush come on yeah welcome I think I know you like read it often good that was clean with the freaking flora I mean the straight mono was clutch a little Bates hidden double aeration we're out of here guys I hope you enjoyed this adventure because we definitely did cut a couple tarpon just got kicked out the police weren't nice at all we got nice fat tickets but it doesn't matter guys it was worth it to make this video see you later guys catch them all my mom catch them all fishy YouTube mr. Krown you like this song right light and calm

47 thoughts on “FOUND DEAD PET DOG while Fishing an ILLEGAL POND with Saltwater Fish! Before getting kicked out

  1. Damn Zack, you’re bossy, dude. Lighten up some. Still love your channel, but Joey is my fave!

  2. It kinda pisses me off that they laughed about it when 2 days ago I found my dog dead in our pond. Wonder how they would feel if it was their dog.

  3. Zach u made me start my own YouTube account and now I'm a catcher all fam I catch some huge monsters in maine

  4. Why would anyone that knows there is a decaying dog by their pond- not get it and dispose of it? That is just crazy-

  5. Does anyone else love Zac’s contagious giggles. I love to watch and see how excited he gets when catching a fish. And his giggle is hilarious!

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