Foster Kittens Meet Rescue Cat Louise | Kitten/Louise Update

hey guys so if you've been watching you would know that I have been fostering some little bottle baby kittens I've had them officially for a week now and it's time to finally introduce my cat Louise to the babies Louise has been like really wanting to meet them this whole week she keeps actually she's doing it right now she keeps waiting outside of the bathroom door because she hears the babies don't you will you finally get to meet the foster babies are you excited yeah good so they're finally using the litter box which actually only took a few days for them to start doing oh what are you doing and again the kittens names are but she's little baby bug we have little Pippy sitting in the litter box and I actually had to separate the kittens though because o is claiming me okay you do that then so the reason these two are in here and these two are out here is because skip over here keeps trying to nurse on bugs boy parts so I was told to just separate them for a while to see if it will hopefully stop so skip will you please stop doing that to your brother it's inappropriate and there's no milk in there skip there's no milk in there so yeah skip and then we have Lila here and skip right here is the largest of all the kittens and he is quite a feisty one but I think Lila might be the feistiest of them all she likes to get in little cat fights and she's pretty rowdy so these although they're climbing me like crazy these are the gentle babies and these are the feisty ones so I thought that I would pair them in that way you two are crazy you just have so much energy crazy kittens oh and this is how I keep getting scratches on me because they climb my skin okay so before I louise meets the babies i'm going to feed them and i'm gonna shower and then this is going down PS as i was saying i don't know if you could see in there the kittens they don't try to like viciously scratch but this just tends to happen with that many kittens all trying to fight over my attention especially if i have the bottle i've learned that i I have to feed them like one at a time with no other kittens around or else they will will like fight each other for the bottle like full-on like find each other's faces and scratch each other's eyes and my hand will get in the way so that's how a lot of these happened fun times the cuteness makes up where those oh we're good are you excited you get to meet the bathers today yeah you're gonna play with them and be such a good friend to them yeah you're such a sweet girl it's just weak girl right boys and girls who wants him some milk do you want some milk do you want some milk yeah you do okay all right who wants it first as you can see I have learned that wearing gloves is my best bet for feeding the babes you want your milk your milk yeah go buddy you're so cute sidenote I already had a friend who has shown some interest in possibly adopting bug so I really hope that she does that because end up little buggy and I would love to see him go to a place that one I know the people and also I know that they already have a cat and they're really good pet parents so he would be in good hands alright I was gonna pick you up but you already climbing me cookies turn oh they really want here Baba let's hold on guys one at a time one at a time oh look hip sweet little girl you guys anyone in the LA area looking to adopt a super cuddly cat pipi is your girl she doesn't even want her bottle right now she just wants to cuddle yes too close for comfort pip she seems to always think that the closer she is to my face the more love she is receiving all right it's time for the rowdy children whoa who's first okay okay nyah nyah violet out you're scratching me rowdy you rowdy kid all righty let go you're making it hard okay you're being crazy Isabella calm down you're being crazy you want paint crazy you're so pretty but you're a little crazy oh hey sweet better side go get up inside go that's her song Wow ow hey not the skin my ankles are starting to look like my hands because I always wear pants like this ow ow ah but no alright skip your turn finally yes skip I feel like I just noticed him getting bigger than the others and I think it's cuz he eats like a freakin crazy man come down to Baba and in no time seriously this is going to be gone in like 30 seconds oh ow ow seriously you're scratching at my leg please stop thank you guys I know you don't mean it you don't understand but that hurts stop okay it's my fault I should wear like long pants for socks but stop it I'll be like why why why are you ow ow stop it stop it okay stop stop stay back stay back yeah you're pairing cuz you think you're so cute you have buggy you are so cute whoo guys i'm showered and i think we're approaching the big moment what do you think louise we think you're ready all right so here's the game plan I'm just gonna go in here keep the door open and whether Louise comes in or the kittens walk out that's what's gonna happen we'll see what we'll see I'm kind of nervous hi baby are you ready to meet a new friend you guys the doors open yeah are you so excited you guys your worlds about to change forever you're beating the one and only om geez Louise yeah you're so excited are you her biggest fan still no sign of Louise she's coming ah Louise Louise you want to come here you want to come here and meet the babies come here Louise you're not so sure about this now oh come on Liv whoo-hoo this is a big moment up not interested okay I'm gonna see how who's doing Louise are you not sure how you feel you've been smelling them all week long what do you think loo what do you think of the babies Oh hiss are you okay you're not too mad you're just you just don't know yeah there's some kittens huh oh the kittens hissing oh yeah is this a confusing day can you be friends guys Oh Louise that is not nice skip you're not getting a hint that she wants her space now we have the whole kin squad just all up on me Louise you look so concerned Louise we're gonna wide her eyes are do you feel betrayed you it's gonna be okay you're not here forever oh all right babies I'm sorry but I think Lou has had enough of you for this time but we'll take you out again later okay kitten is glad come on they're like we you know that the big cats over there were scared of her now oh one hiss as you walk away Lou is that right one week late el all right so it's been exactly a week since the kittens and Louise met each other and oh speaking of kitchens here we are these kittens I feel like already look way bigger I don't know if you can tell on camera but they were so teeny tiny babies when I first got them and now there are little chunks do a little chunk look at that chunky belly look at that chunky Pandey mmm mmm Louise doesn't hate them as much she doesn't hiss at them so much anymore but she definitely doesn't cuddle with them or try to be around them too much she still like watches them from a distance sometimes she likes to bat at them for fun there was this moment I really wish I would have had my camera out where she started grooming little bugs she started licking him for like a second but then she stopped but she's like out and around them right now which is actually a big stuff hi you you're doing pretty good look at your tails up that means you feel fine right Lou if you like this baby what do you think of this baby Oh see they're getting so much better they're not cuddle buds yet but up she hit she hit her get it skip oh we sent your toy get your toy skip Oh kitty pie look kitty pile Louise is way too mature for all this fighting aren't you new movies is like let me out of here I'm getting away from these things yep she's over it she's done ok and this is the highlight of everything that's happened so far and this is starting to be a nightly thing just as of recently all the babe on the couch and then Lou is even close by she's cheerful and you said she keep baby what's super adorable and I don't know if I got a clip of it or not but hey Louise bug just always loves to climb up and just curl up right under my chin right here that's his favorite spot this is the stage that I've been wanting them to get to when they can just hang out and be cuddly little babies but with that being said I think I'm going to let you guys go I hope you enjoyed this video make sure to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed also leave in the comments if you could adopt any one of these babies skip bug Lila or Pippi which one would you adopt also if you want more daily updates on the kittens make sure to follow me on instagram at oh my Annie but that is all I have for you guys today I hope you enjoyed this kitten update and I will see you soon with a new video bye guys 20 minutes later this is ridiculous

41 thoughts on “Foster Kittens Meet Rescue Cat Louise | Kitten/Louise Update

  1. OMG!!! So darn cute I died and went to heaven. My kittens are 8 weeks now and I could not let them go so I kept all three.

  2. I saw something on Facebook the other day that you could really use….unfortunately I don’t know if her husband made it or they bought it somewhere…it was a bottle holder rack for 4 bottles ,so that the lady could feed 4 kittens at once…it was genius……….Gees they are so cute and yes they looked so much bigger after a week…….Louise is absolutely gorgeous and I thought did really well considering she had 4 little invaders… the video, keep them coming please……Donna in Toronto

  3. Soo glad to see youtubers supporting/doing rescue work ? Please update us when the kitties go to their forever homes!

  4. So cute! Have you seen the Kitten lady's videos? There might be some tips for the non-intended scratching and more 🙂 Good luck with fostering! ?

  5. That was so sweet, Annie! It felt like i was there with the kittens and Louis ?
    If i was in LA area, i would've adopted Pippy ?
    More such videos please ????

  6. A dose of happiness is just what I needed on a Monday. I'd adopt Lila or Pippy if I could have more cats.

  7. I LOVE cats!! I wouldn’t be able to choose which one to take because they’re all so precious!!!!! I have a long haired Himalayan (I think that’s what she is). She’s calico with huge blue eyes….OMG is she ever so beautiful. She’s a very large lady, so I named her Fat Amy (compliments of Pitch Perfect). Best $30 adoption ever!!!!!!!!

  8. Love the kittens Annie, awesome vid and just realized we're next door neighbors!!! LOL… I live in "Bako" and you're in L.A. – I have family over there. Anyways, thanks for sharing… peace!?

  9. They are all so beautiful! I would have to spend hours choosing if I was taking one. When I bought Chess, I was at the fosters house for ages with the litter finding it so hard to choose I just wanted to take them all haha. The fosterer probably breathed a sigh of relief when I'd finally made a decision! Aww, I knew Louise would warm to them eventually. She's a gorgeous girl. She's just not used to little ones around her.

  10. Oh my GAWDDDDD!!! I was absolutely exploding from all the cuteness!!! They're growing so fast, but I love the kitten phase so much! I have to say little Bug has my attention for sure, he's a love-bug, pun intended :p

  11. I want a Louise ??? and a bug, a pipi…I want them all….damn you Annie, why torture us with cuteness.

  12. Good job on taking care of the babies Annie, it's not easy! Are you able to leave them at home at all or is your social life on hold till they go? ?

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