(Sound of purring in the background and a
kitten meowing) Foster Homes are needed when
animals come into the shelter that are fragile basically. Shelter life is not for everybody.
This cat here is obviously very confident and very easy going and is doing really well
here in the shelter until she finds her forever home. So foster homes, we need them for cats,
for kittens, for puppies, for adult dogs, animals they come in that are broken. Maybe they
have a broken leg or need an amputation. We really can do the surgery here at
the shelter to make them better and to make
them better, they need somewhere to recover and it’s obviously
going to be a lot easier to get better in a home environment than in a busy,
loud, scary shelter for some of these animals. Anybody can be a foster parent. I have lots
of students, lots of families, older people, younger people,
single people you name it. Anybody can foster. All you need
is a little time and a little room and a love for saving animals because these
are animals that otherwise could be very much at risk in a shelter environment and may not
may not survive without a foster home. So really, all you have to have is a love for animals and wanting
to save them. We wanted something that was more hands-on,
something that wasn’t just giving money. I first talked to my 12 year old daughter about this
and she was gung-ho with the idea so the both of use begged my husband and now we have
five foster kittens living in our bathroom. We want to give them a better life and a better shot
at living and I was really excited when we got them. This is our first time doing this and it’s
going to be really hard because on Sunday we have to give the kittens back. 2 of them out of 5 are already adopted. Hopefully
the other three will be adopted by the time we give them back on Sunday but I’m pretty sure there’ll
be some crying.

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