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you but I'm excited we're in the ki studio for our local news in austin texas child to criminal Ezra's gonna be so fun stay tuned austria in this system yeah foster mom of the year is Ezra one of your yes she's my current posture she's about 58 a capable to adopt up or it's very hard to let go it is very hard and that's actually supposed to Thomas question I did people say I want to foster but I couldn't give homelite sora i actually created a YouTube channel what kind of documenting my cluster experience and talking about how to i can go what's that youtube gym you can actually search it on youtube with my name is Rachel Pizarro so I'm on my way home again you saw some footage of em of our time on the local news here in Austin I'm right now getting some gas but I just wanted to take a minute and give a big thanks to KI for having us on the show and talk about our upcoming event at fido and friends I'll link everything down below but I just I know I say this a lot but if you live anywhere near Austin you need to check out Fido and friends they are an incredible local pet store that are all about supporting the local rescues and they have anything and everything you could think of stop in to their warehouse type store and check it out that said we had a lot of fun on set I was super nervous at first and I was surprised at how quickly it went by so I had a really good time Ezra outdid herself she was a superstar all the staff and the employees at the studio just love desdra and I'm really hoping that this will help get her adopted thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed this video if you like rescue dogs hit that thumbs up button click that subscribe button because what that does that helps grow this channel and this channel is all about saving the rescue dogs saving all the damn dogs and as I always say main stream fostering have a beautiful day because you deserve

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