Formerly Chained Dog Meets His New Family

Keane came from a trailer park at one of
the places we regularly visit during our field work. As part of our work with the
Community Animal Project at PETA, we provide outdoor dogs with houses, straw
bedding, food, toys, and much needed affection. Unfortunately, Keane’s story is
not unusual. He was already chained outside by the time he was six weeks old.
And his deprivation resulted in mange, which is a painful skin disease
that usually occurs because of poor nutrition and stress. Mange often turns
the skin bright red and covered with painful sores and scabs, which is what
happened to Keane. We’ve provided vet care twice during our visits for his already
severe mange, but it got so bad that his former owner decided to surrender Keane
to us so that Keane would actually survive. When he came to PETA we provided
medication several times a day, bathed him, fed him, showed him lots of
love, and hoped for the best. Over time he regained his hair, his color, and his zest for life. And despite everything that he’s gone through, he’s incredibly sweet and intelligent
and just wants to snuggle most of the time. Today it’s very exciting because I get
to take Keane to his new home. He has a great home lined up for him and a new best friend and he’s going to be inside and well taken care of by a loving family for the
first time in his life. It’s pretty amazing reading his story, and hearing about his past, and then seeing how he could go through all that, and still just come right in and be a part of the family. I think he will be a great addition to the family. It seems like he’ll fit right in. Kinda treat him like a human. It will be mutually beneficial for both of us.

19 thoughts on “Formerly Chained Dog Meets His New Family

  1. i don't know what to do about this video i came across,  i wish i had never seen it. i makes me sick to my stomach. the things i wish for the barbarian, human trash in this video,  increases ever time i think of this ill-fated animal!! if someone knows if there is anything, even though i doubt it, that can be done about it, please let me know.

  2. I love the videos of dogs being set free from being chained. In these times you think that those days are behind every animal out there.

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