foreUP and Running in 5 Minutes

Welcome to foreUP! In this video, we’ll get you acquainted
with a few of the basic features of foreUP including adding a Tee Time and a Customer, running a Sale, viewing Online Booking, and
adding an Inventory item. Knowing those things will have you UP and
running with the essentials of your golf course. On foreUP’s home page you’ll see various
announcements about the software and new features that are coming out. Click into the selection menu. You can see that there’s several different
modules available to run your business. This selection menu is how you navigate to
the different parts of foreUP. To add a Tee Time, click into the Tee Sheet. When you first go into some foreUP modules,
you’ll see these guides pop up explaining how to use the software. Following along with these guides can help
you understand better how to use foreUP and to establish best practices. Or you can close them. Any of the information can be accessed again
by clicking on the question mark in the bottom left corner and selecting a walkthrough. On the Tee Sheet itself you can see this basic
schedule including the date, the weather, and the front and back 9 holes. Go ahead and add a new Tee Time by clicking
on an available slot. This brings up the Tee Time Details screen. Create a tee time by inputting the customer’s
name, and then their email or phone number. Getting a customer’s contact information
will add this customer to your database, and allow you to send reminder text messages
and emails. Select how many people this customer is playing
with, how many carts they’re reserving, and whether they are playing a full 18 holes
or just 9. If you have multiple Price Classes, select
the price from the drop-down. If the customer is reserving their time, just
click “Reserve” and this tee time slot will be scheduled. Notice that for 18 holes their time slot is
scheduled for both the front and back 9. And then when they arrive, you can click on
the time slot and click Check In. This will bring this sale to our Point of
Sales screen. Just click Pay Now. There are a number of different payment options. For a Credit Card, click on the Credit Card
button and the customer will swipe their card. Keep in mind that you’ll need to be set
up with a merchant processor to complete transactions. Contact foreUP to set that up. Once finished with the sale, you’ll be returned
to the Tee Sheet, and this customer will be marked as blue since
they have been checked in. When you hover over a tee time, you can see
a small summary area showing more details about it. You can even right click and mark the player
as Tee’d Off, or as finished playing. And these main numbers on the top show basic
stats throughout the day, like the occupancy rate and the revenue. But you don’t have to schedule all the tee
times yourself, you can send your customers to an Online Reservation page, where they can book their own Tee Times. To access this area, go into the selection
menu and head into Settings, Online Reservations, Tee Sheet, and copy the Online Reservations URL. Include this link on your website, Facebook
page, and in emails to customers. And then watch the tee times come in. No taking in calls required. Now, let’s switch gears and see how to add
an Inventory Item. Click on the Selection Menu and then click Inventory. Here in the All tab, you can see All the current
items in Inventory. Click into the retail tab, which will narrow
down all the items to just retail items, and then click the “New Retail Item” button. Give the item a name, the Department it’s
in, and the Category. If your accountant has set up GL Codes for
you, you can add them here. And if you have a barcode connected to your computer, click into the UPC field and just scan the barcode. Uncheck “Unlimited” to input the initial
quantity of the item. Then set how much customers will pay for the
item, and how much you paid. Doing so will help you figure out the cost
effectiveness of your Pro Shop. Add the tax rates that apply and then click
Save Changes. Now your new item has been added to inventory. And when you go into your Point of Sale, you
can sell it. And that’s the basics of what you need to
know to get started with foreUP. The best way to learn will be to think of
a few scenarios you run into everyday at your course, and then try to do those in foreUP. The software is designed so that it’s easy
to figure out on your own. Or if you need help, check out the walkthroughs
in the bottom left corner, or get a feel for what’s possible with foreUP
on our YouTube Channel. If you have any questions, you can give our highly-rated support team a call at: (800) 929-5737. Our typical answer time is less than 20 seconds. Thanks for trying out foreUP!

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