For Stray Cats And Kittens New Cat Nests | Angry Kittens

We’re building the cat houses so the cats don’t get cold. My Father cuts wood with a saw. We keep cutting the wood. The saw we use is not very good quality. That’s why we have trouble cutting. Dad’s tired. Now it’s my turn to cut the wood. Panda Wood cutting is over. To keep the cat houses warm, we surrounded the cat houses with nylon. Bandit(Çiçek) is eating food Sarı Kız (Blonde girl) Andy Karam Thank you for watching the video. These cat houses and cat food were purchased with donations.

55 thoughts on “For Stray Cats And Kittens New Cat Nests | Angry Kittens

  1. Hellooo…please look at my youtube channel, my channel.also about my pet is 27 cats, 10 cats on my home n 17 cats on my mom's home,n lets make a frien in youtube channel.. i hope i can be like you until more than 1K,thank you.. ???

  2. Sedat bey minnaklara ne kadar güzel ve korunaklı bir yuva yapmışsınız çok çok çok çok çok çok çok sağolun ??

  3. Hi, Sedat! Your father likes to help you a lot. This place will be comfortable to the winter. That grey cat is always asking your attention. Have a nice Sunday!?‍♀️????

  4. Bonjour Sedat !
    C'est vraiment du très beau travail car maintenant ça fait comme une petite maison et je suis sûr que ça va leur plaire une fois terminé ! ♥♥

  5. They look very nice, warm, comfortable and a really good cat sanctuary…Good job Sedat, to you and your dad!! ??❤️?

  6. Thank you so much for doing all this great work for kitties with modest resources.. love to all cat lovers in Istanboul ( nickname: Catstanboul)??????❤❤❤

  7. Maybe you mean "hungry kittens" because they dont look angry at all with you taking care of then so well ☺️??

  8. Such wonderful work u and ur father have done,Sedat.It means alot to know the babies will be warm and cozy this winter.God bless u all.??????

  9. Good work sedat. GOD bless you and to you amazing father. He is priceless like you. U cats are very lucky. They ar safe there. Thanks.

  10. Wow, what a wonderful place for the cats to stay warm and dry! Excellent job! I really appreciate all you do for the cats and kittens!

  11. Wow Sedat i'm so proud of u lil brother : ) & can u come fly over here to Sacramento & build me a cat sanctuary too lol Allah bless u lil brother: )

  12. Wow, the shelter keeps improving! You have come so far Sedat! You keep improving the cat’s quality of life! You’re so awesome and dedicated, thank you!

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