Footage Shows Military Plane hitting WTC Tower on 9/11 – 13 Witnesses React

I never saw second one I saw was big definitely enough it was no cessful no well it didn't have any markings on the plane circle around and actually come on for the opposite side of the building and smash into the Trade Center it was great to be honest with you big great plains mark were you close enough to be able to see any markings on on the airplane it definitely did not look like a commercial plane see any windows on the side that was a black plane it looked like a fighter jet there's a fighter jet and it didn't look like a commercial jet there was a military plane good could be a drone aircraft that's an aircraft that's a guided electronically to its target without having a pilot we were in the lobby gathering to go officer start doing a search on your cause as we were getting our gear on and making our way to the stay away oesn't uh have you do the explosion everybody just started running for the door everybody was trapped doctors treating the injured here say most of the 100 patients treated so far are suffering not just smoke inhalation and am i damaged but fractures many of them have told the doctors that they were responding to the attack on the South Tower when they were suddenly trapped by the second explosion and many of the fractures they're suffering come not from fall and debris but from the concussive force of the explosion which slammed them against walls knocked him to the ground or slammed them up against their own ambulances he thinks that there were actually devices that were planted in the building he says that he probably lost a great many men in those secondary explosions and he said that there were literally hundreds if not thousands of people in those two towers when the explosions took place he said there was a lot of talk there in New York the of a another explosion prior to the collapsing of the first building whether it was a bomb or whether the first plane that crashed into the tower had somehow been booby-trapped with a bomb that was timed to explode later after the crash and occurred but CNN is reporting that there was a third explosion that caused World Trade Center 1 to collapse within itself and then collapse on other surrounding buildings 50 consecutive bangs and it went fell down like a waterfall and we heard the noise associated with an implosion

23 thoughts on “Footage Shows Military Plane hitting WTC Tower on 9/11 – 13 Witnesses React

  1. All this happened while our banks and govt were under investigation for misplacing nearly 3 trillion dollars. ? Bin Laden's and Bush's are business partners with oil company's in Texas and a resort in Panama.

  2. But the woman on the plane that called for assistant is very calm in my opinion it was fake it was totally military faults there hideing something from us the government can do whatever the hell they want

  3. Imagine thinking that the government would use a military plane to crash into the towers to make it completely obvious that it was an insane job. Rip iq

  4. Lol I'm pretty sure that the smartest people of this nation and possible the world would know not to us a us plane if they did do this. But i think they did not.

  5. Actually you know what I’m sorry I said that I think you would be right because they never mention United airlines 175 they’ve only ever talked about 93 and 75

  6. It was a commercial airliner you just made it look like it was gray! Trust me I know because i have done it with a plane crash

  7. Look this up folks an those that DON'T believe this shit,that thermite people keep talking about that was found after the Towers all fell down they had a LEASH in 1 of the Offices @ 1 of the Towers an was TRYIN something New they were making a PAINT Based Bomb an all you had to do was Paint the Item/Items you wanted to Blow to hell…Now I find this WAY to funny that this Company was Trying this an then 9/11 happened I DO NOT believe just Regular Jets took these Towers down I believe that this Video is either RIGHT on the Money or that those 2 Jets had a Missiles attached to them so right before they hit the building they could blow the freaking Whole Floor !!! Just do some Research Folks an Oh by the way these people you see in Video's Claiming they were Bombs inside the Towers are ALL Dead they winded up Dead soon after 9/11 an NOTHING to do with Lung Damages!!! An also look up Whistleblower for 9/11 she was either Ex CIA/FBI an said there was a NEW damn Weapon that was used on 9/11 that is why everyone from that day that were on the Streets an breathed that shit in are now Dead/Dying of some kinds of Cancer !!!

  8. You fucking nut job stupid ass put your own recordings of people with back drop of attack you piece of shit nut job

  9. I am confused.!!!!I read comments of people who where there and they say they did not see any plane and no in this video I see people who say they saw a military plane?!?!

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