Follow up on starting your own pest control business ( Episode 28A)

Welcome to the past posse I’m Culley and we are here to bring you the best most accurate information for the pest management professional if you are new here consider subscribing below today Jake Goodwin from Bug Masters of Santa Clara County back in the house Jake was in episode 5 where he taught we talked to him about starting his own company Do you want to know how it’s been going for him well let’s jump into the interview and find out Jake Thanks for being back with us absolutely. It’s pleasure So as everybody probably has known or maybe you haven’t Jake’s first video how to start a pest control company is our top watched Video at this point he’s got over 600 views by the time this airs who knows it could be over a thousand it the way it’s going so we thought it’d be great to have him back on and So let’s get started with the interview and get up to date on how his company’s going so how did your wicker go Jake? Winter was great? Surprisingly, I was a little scared. I was tepid I was I Was I was a little worried concerned but for some reason just the way it worked out things went just fine all of those got paid actually January was um My second biggest month since I started January yeah very good for January, so I’m thinking this summer if things keep pace. Just slowly, but surely It’s gonna get it’s gonna get pretty hot and heavy mm-hmm Yeah, just true to me that partly to the fact that we haven’t had a lot of rain Yes, no. I don’t know january was a lot wetter than that’s true then this particular month And and December is actually kind of a challenge getting everything done because I took a lot of time off early in the month and late december to see family and I Might catch up and call recharge. Yeah, what would being a huge month good? I’m very I’m very very grateful for that alright, and have you bought any new equipment to prepare for the new year Yes, I bought a brand new B&G sounds simple yeah, but How much was that? I you know? I think I think I think I got a fairly good deal on it I think I got it for less than $300. Yeah for less than $400 I’m like yeah I was piecing together a lot of equipment grabbing a part here and a part there and a donation here from a friend and Etc I only went hey Yeah, I’m just gonna get a nice new one and hey doll spend money on parts for recycling the old one when I get around To it I got a couple other pieces as well nothing really denote But I’m planning on getting some weed specific Lawns with so perhaps write with some ink to some good angles and flow rates on them there you go And and I need to get a new tree injection kit because my truck was burglarized okay it was taken about by dirty thieves and I Bucks, that’s the way it goes yeah So what are you planning to get I? Am a stick with arbor systems for now and unless I run into really big problems trying to do large volume jobs, huh? I’m gonna stick with arbor systems. I can go grab an arbor jet at any time But for me and for the customer base I’m going after with the size of trees and the age of trees. Uh-huh And I’m dealing with with Oaks feel like the urban systems is the best choice yeah Further for the marketing purpose people people don’t want that drill bit in the tree all the time, right? You some of them don’t and so I figured just going arbor arbor systems is easier to say hey This is just an injection no drill no tissue damage possible not then not that I’m saying Arbor Jet does any damage, but it’s just in the consumers mind right right all right and How are you going about planning for your spring summer? Planning are you I am I am planning for my spring and summer My my ideas so far is to keep the the focus on chasing small accounts Down not that I’m not gonna chase your everyday recurring services down But I’m gonna kind of let them come to me seems like the phone rings things are fine I’m gonna do a little bit of targeted advertising for that. I’m gonna focus a lot more on subcontracting and Trying to get very large jobs Where other people need my services and they’ve already done the marketing for me And I’m gonna try and focus on that so I’m gonna go against the grain a little bit this year And see how it works out there you go all right and are you gonna be running a social media campaign not this year Okay, I’m planning if I do end up launching one. That’ll probably be 2019 okay right now I don’t feel like I can handle sometimes social media You don’t get any hits at all mm-hmm and everything is low and you’re just there It’s just there like an exercise almost and then sometimes it just blows up out of nowhere And you know I’m not a national company. I’m trying to keep up with people with messages and questions I don’t think I can handle it this second just in case it gets big right so I’d rather not launch a social media campaign until I if I if I hope I do grow enough to have a couple other people On crew where I can attend to social media typing Oh, yeah, absolutely, and we have found that that can just like in your personal life. They can really easily be a time sink yeah And are you going to be using any other forms of advertising? Yes Mostly targeted internet marketing and once I get my website up proper I’ve got a lot of ideas for it. I’m gonna be mostly trying to game the Google algorithms Yeah, I’ve been the website pay for it, so he’s actually who blog or the elusive Google algorithms. I have a friend I have a friend who knows about these things. I said she’s like help me out. Oh, she can get it done. Thank you I’m gonna try and keep marketing low and try and keep networking high That’s actually my plan for 2019 okay, and so how have you been pulling in your accounts because I know you’ve gotten some you obviously had good months so you’ve done more than just Your base route that you purchase that is true most of it has been honestly friends networking and referrals I’ve gotten a couple great job mouths yeah I’ve gotten a couple of going kind of old school this second to like till I get some money to spend I don’t ya want To spend money, I don’t have right so going old school. It’s working. It’s where you’re growing yeah Yeah for instance after that burglary happened which was unfortunate really upset about it. Yeah, right about the time I’d calm down about it and said hey between the damage to my truck shell and Oh, I got a new truck too from the last time. We spoke sorry That’s that was a new piece of equipment right that all pretty big one Yeah, because the truck I had it was kind of you know it still got a lot of life left in it But if I keep driving it it’s not going to anymore so I figured I’d save some In it because I can’t just get rid of it without permission from the bank Unfortunately right so I went ahead and got another truck to put more miles on for now and I’m gonna repurpose The other truck I had to mostly being herbicide treatments in large volume liquid treatments, okay Yeah, right around the same time. I got burglarized. I was upset it was around you know. Let’s say $1,000 total between lost equipment and damage to the shona and a friend of mine got me a rather sizable job that more than made up for My lost dollars from that so that’s great. Yeah. I’ve been getting a lot of rata random stuff like that It’s good to have friends. Yeah. Don’t burn bridges right that’s good here, so You said specific internet marketing What if you don’t mind what exactly are you talking about with that? So I am NOT the internet advertising expert right from three different people that I that I know personally that work in and for internet advertising they can run different programs for turning advertising on and off for certain times a day okay days of week and Zip code specific now that can get okay a little complicated because sometimes on people’s phones You know they’re they’re trying to look up Let’s say 9 5 o 7 0 right But they’re currently looking it up while they’re at their job in San Mateo right and so it is so that I’m trying to figure out the exact kinks to work out it right in the system there I Haven’t quite got to the bottom of that, but there’s there’s a lot of Very creative stuff you could do without spending a ton of money for broadcast internet marketing right to be a lot more targeted and keep The money or spending a little lower, and maybe get a little more hits in the areas you’re looking for it Let’s say you’re trying to lock down a certain zip code right or there’s let’s say you’re trying to there’s a you’re trying to go for dusky footed woodrat word well guess what there’s not a whole lot of that in Sunnyvale or Milpitas you got to go to the west foothills etc, so I’m trying to sacrifice it yeah, right? okay, that’s interesting and Anything new that you’d like to share anything new anything new Learning a lot about myself learning learning a lot about People more about just the consumer industry in general people’s psychology. Yeah, when you run your own thing Your perspectives constantly changing your so I’m trying to keep the state very open-minded And learn learn more about myself and my faults and my weaknesses that I’m going to being by myself right now have to prop up I’m personally not a huge believer in Constantly strengthening your weaknesses. I’m more of a believer playing to people’s strengths correct unfortunately. I don’t have the luxury of doing right this moment Exactly yeah, that will play into my or him out when you get yes, you can afford to hire them out Yeah I am whenever I get around to being able to hire some people I’m gonna be looking for people that have that Are strong where I am weak sort of? very specifically That’s what I’ll be looking for so I wanted to learn that I’ve learned a lot about my own weaknesses and strengths through this process That’s awesome. All right. Well. Thanks for share that remember Past Posse, if you’re not growing you’re dying So keep growing as a person All right, well. Thanks again Jake we appreciate how many bonding people. Hope you guys enjoyed that we’ll be glad to keep up with With Jake and his process if you guys like hearing about it We’ll just keep bringing him back every six months or so, thanks Jake for letting us follow your progress in the industry Let’s show Jake how much we appreciate him being back on the show by clicking that like button below Let him know you appreciate it. Also. Tell your friends about the episode and Check out The Pest Posse YouTube channel. Thank you for your comments on our social media feeds we really appreciate all your feedback and Keep it up. 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  1. Great information, thank you for your work. Can you do a video on the cost of starting a PC business and all the details from beginning the process to opening doors? Thanks.

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