FNAF 6 Easter Egg – Candy Cadet Story – The 5 Kittens and The Rattlesnake

now I will tell you a story about a little boy he had a red a snake that he kept in a metal cage whose hunger could not be satisfied one day the boy found five baby kittens outside his house he brought them inside and kept them in a shoebox he knew that the snake might kill them but could not bring himself to get rid of the snake he knew that if he chose one kitten to feed to the snake it might be satisfied but he could not choose so he went to bed leaving the cage open the snake went to the shoe box chose a kitten at random and at it after five nights had gone by the boy was full of regrets and cut snake open he pieced the remains together and put the kitten back into the shoebox if we heard that one yet interesting thanks candy cadets you

27 thoughts on “FNAF 6 Easter Egg – Candy Cadet Story – The 5 Kittens and The Rattlesnake

  1. Uh…i…i-im just speechless…what…the hell…that boy…has problems…AND WHAT IS WRONG WITH CANDY CADET?!?!?!

  2. I think it’s kind of obvious… kittens 5 kids, snake, purple guy, boy, that dude that was partner with the purple guy

  3. "He took the remains and remade the kitten, and put it back in the shoebox"

    That's really sad, actually…

  4. Who else has noticed Every one of these stories always involves 5 things and putting them back together as 1 whole

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