flying squirrels as pets? watsupwidat?

hey what's happenin Barnaby here another flip does your a nighttime version because here the carry household Kelly likes to tape the shower curtain to where the door used to be what is going on here kind of a weird ritual here's Nate alright what are you gonna do here buddy Oh what is that well that is a flying squirrel they have flying squirrels in their house everybody's got a pet that they know and love but look at these things this place is got little baby flying squirrels giant flying squirrels how far will these flying their name um and a while they can fly up to 100 feet really and these are native to Michigan this thing's all over yeah yeah these are the southern flying squirrels and Michigan we also have northern flying squirrels and it's one of the few areas of the United States that have both species of squirrel really and they go where they want to go right and they are going at Mach so I mean Kelly I don't know about this this doesn't seem like a lady's dream you know he wanted one for many many years and and so finally we found somebody we we were having a really difficult time trying to find a breeder who did them and we actually ended up going all the way to Texas well we didn't we had it flown up from Texas so that we could get them ya know look at these things that they're so cool and so whoa whoa whoa I mean they'll just jump anywhere won't they how disconcerting on me whoa did you guys actually just sit down and watch TV with these things out that's what we do really we uh we let them go and do their thing and squirrel in the bud yeah okay when we're trying to run to another room in the house that hasn't been like squirrel proofed by that I mean like we close our heat vents and stuff so they can't get into trouble um it is it's a it's a care take my squirrels like a quick run to the bathroom and then they're flying honest we've got to hurry always in there and look at this you have the next generation of squirrel right here these little baby flying squirrels are also very cute and you know you might think wow that is absolutely unique but there is all sorts of stuff right here those tarantulas they're scorpions there's all manner of Michigan frog in the kids bedroom over there so I mean you guys are just like supremo animal lovers correct well our son is allergic to cats and dogs and we really love animals and we also have a very small house so we started exploring some other options and and that's how we got bunny over there well your name when he was two now check out bunny over here this is a you see about what money does the most mellow one that is a giant French lop right there but I tell you what the true charm of the household would be the flying squirrels who would know in the carry household at nighttime such things go on and they call it fun oh whoa whoa squirrel to the crotch just another Barnaby flip this your

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