FlexZone – Cable Conditioning

For FlexZone sensor cable to function
properly, its center conductor must move freely inside the insulating tube. This
video explains how to prepare the FlexZone sensor cable prior to installation.
Before attaching the sensor cable to the fence, it must be conditioned. Conditioning the sensor cable ensures that the center conductor is loose within the clear tube. It also matches the length of the center
conductor to the overall cable. Conditioning requires two people, and
usually takes less than 10 minutes per 150 meter reel. You will require a one
meter wood dowel or rod to dispense the cable, a utility knife or coaxial cable
cutter to strip the cable, and two pairs of pliers to grip the center conductor.
Remove and discard the packaging. Be careful not to cut into the sensor cable, retain and refer to the conditioning procedure included within each reel. Dispense the sensor cable and a straight line near the fence. Expose approximately 30 centimeters of center conductor at both ends of the
cable do not Knick the center conductor or it may snap during the conditioning
procedure. At each end of the cable cut a two point five centimeter length, of the
removed cable tube thread the exposed Center conductor through the cable tube
and tie it off near the end. This will prevent the inner conductor from
accidentally slipping into the cable tube during the conditioning process. At each end of sensor cable use one hand
to grip the black jacket and use a pair of pliers to pull back and forth on the
center conductor until it moves easily. Initially there will be some resistance
but once the center conductor is conditioned it will move back and forth
easily. Typically on a hundred and fifty meter reel you can pull out ten to
thirty centimeters of extra Center conductor. Once completed fold the center
conductor back over the black cable and secure it with tie wraps or tape so it
cannot move during installation. The cable is now conditioned and can be
attached to the fence

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