30 thoughts on “Five Ways to Know Your Dog Loves You

  1. My 8 week old puppy hates me. All I do is show it love and try to train it but all it wants to do is run from me. He only listens when he knows I have food. When I call his name he just stares at me and bolts off.

  2. Love this vid! I have a 10 month old white English lab..He follows me EVERYWHERE! even the bathroom..but when we snuggle, he will push me away with his paws, but when I turn away, he lays soo close! He doesn't do this with my wife at all! Note* he does sleep with us at the foot of the bed, on his back feet up, but when i call him up to us he wont move. Question.. Does my pup hate/ disrespect me? Plz advise

  3. Nothing sadder than when I get home just as my youngest dog is about to tuck into a big bowl of chopped liver and lamb or something. He does a little panic jig all up on his toes like "Oooh yay you're home but oh… oh man look my food is nicely warm and smells ace but… but you're home oh GOD WHAT DO I DO????!"

    Quickly trot over to ruffle his head and give him a quick cuddle then "OK get your food sweet.. good lad"

    The look on his face when there's at least one cuddle already banked, bowl full of food is still there and I'm home now too.

    Eats the rest of his meal wagging his tail contentedly he's such a simple, grateful happy little soul it's heartbreaking.

  4. Whenever I'm upstairs in my room and my parents are gone my/their 2 dogs Charlie and Zoey start howling like it's the end of the world. and when it's nighttime, Charlie comes upstairs with my dad but Zoey stays downstairs in the dark. And last of all, Charlie is SUPER protective. Whenever he sees a family member, he completely loses it. He barks and barks and dosent stop XD it's cute tbh. And we tell him to stop and then Zoey starts barking and then soon enough (3 seconds later) they start howling and we have to scold them to stop XD I love my dogs

  5. According to your prospects my dog loves me more than I love him. I hit her, hard but she cuddles over me in return. How would you explain this??

  6. My dog sleeps right under my chin unless I'm annoying him then he sleep by my feet. He is also sad when I leave but doesn't bark much I think lol

  7. My beautiful Lab has 4 beds and 2 chairs. He has 3 beds inside. 1 in the Hallway, 1 in the living room and he pretty much owns my bed. He has another in the outdoor area for when he feels like being outside. He has 2 chairs in the lounge room. The one closest the window seems to be his favourite. I hope he loves me. I think he has a reasonable idea that I love him.

  8. Its so weird my parents two dogs loves me more then their orginal owners for some weird reason :S only reason the dogs loves me is that i take care of them whenever my parents arent home so i feed them and keep them company and take them out for walks as well 🙂

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