Five Crazy Bridges for Animals

Why did the chicken cross the road? We may
never know, since she probably never got to the other side. In the US alone, about a million
animals are flattened by passing motorists each day – and that doesn’t count all
the bugs! Animals are constantly confronted with barriers,
some of them completely natural, and others that we build that are barely barriers at
all. As we build our own infrastructure, we’re also adding to this obstacle course without
meaning to, and these unintentional fences are some of the most effective animal barriers
out there. Roads are just the beginning. Take high-tension power lines, for example.
They may look harmless to us, but many other creatures steer clear. We can’t say why
for sure, but these animals’ ultraviolet vision may mean that the UV flashes discharging
from the cables make for a very scary sight. And even weirder stuff can get in animals’
way. Many hoofed mammals are hesitant to cross linear features like clear-cut corridors,
pipelines – even rows of rocks or painted lines on the ground – leaving them psychologically
stranded on one side or the other. While one stranded cow might not be a huge
problem, if enough animals become isolated from food, mates, and protection, entire populations
can dwindle and even disappear. One solution would be to get rid of all these
obstacles, but we aren’t likely to give up roads, power, or pipelines any time soon.
And even when we remove physical barriers, their stopping power can stick around. The
“Iron Curtain” between the Czech Republic and Germany was torn down more than 20 years
ago, but red deer still won’t cross that divide. Generations of fawns learned to avoid
the barbed wire fence, and even with it gone, the lessons live on. Luckily, a little ingenuity goes a long way
in guiding animals over, under, or around the obstacles we put in their way. Just as
a footbridge helps us cross dangerous roads, we can build overpasses that help deer, monkeys,
and crabs do the same. Elephants go underneath , and we’ve even engineered salmon cannons
to help fish sail past dams on their way upriver. We can bridge mental barriers too, encouraging
animals to cross obstacles that could otherwise psych them out. In the end, even if we don’t know why the
chicken crossed the road, at least we can help her get there safely.

99 thoughts on “Five Crazy Bridges for Animals

  1. I thought this was going to actually talk about bridges for animals that have been built. Still interesting. But, not what I thought I would be watching based on the title and thumbnail.

  2. the fact that animals can figure out what we've built for them. that's so amazing to me.

  3. Huh, that first photo of a highway was one a couple miles from my house that I use regularly… its on the east side of the San Francisco bay.

  4. how can I just click one button to like every single one of your videos? They are all so amazing I cant stop watching over and over

  5. We've got a lot of those bridges here in Holland, we also have small tunnels for when toads want to cross the road during mating season. Some volunteers even help them get to the other side by letting them run into a barrier and led into a bucket, and then crossing the road with the bucket, setting them free again every now and then.

  6. but they shouldn't put animal crossing signs in high traffic areas. That's very dangerous for the cars and animals.

  7. the chicken did cross the road to get to the other side. get it. because the chicken either gets to the other side if the road or does and crosses over to the other side, of life.

  8. If you've ever had to raise chickens, you know the answer to why the chicken crossed the road. . xD
    To peck at the butt of the chicken on the other side :l

  9. Animal bridges Can also be beautiful, but arme people oppose them because of the cost. Fair enough, it seems like a log of money, but it is nothing in a budget of a big construction like a highway.

  10. That was so awesome! Now those are intelligent humans that know how to use their brains for more than a hat rack!

    I know that our current generation is nothing but a bunch of killers! We have our blood thirsty hunters and then we have our ranchers & farmers who are also killers of wildlife because they are too lazy to find other options for wildlife issues, but kill, kill and kill some more. Then we have our sorry-ass politician's that won't pass laws to protect our wildlife because they're corrupt and in the pockets of the NRA that wants people to keep buying guns and killing so they get richer! It's a completely embarrassing generation of humans and I just hate what the history books are going to say about us. One thing's for sure, this generation will hold the prestigious honor of the only generation (since the dinosaurs) to have killed so much wildlife that we now have multiple species's on the verge of extinction! Good Going Baby Boomers.. what an awesome legacy, right?! Bet you're real proud… good job!

    However, I'm really, really hoping that our NEXT generation of young men and women will be different. I really hope they will look at what the baby boomers have done and decide not to repeat all our murderous ways. I'd like to think they'll choose to respect wildlife and want to protect them rather than kill them all… and they'll look for other ways to deal with any wildlife conflict and not want to be such bloody, killing barbarians as the last generation was! This is my hope.

  11. So there are two stupid chicken across the road, one says how do i get to the other side?
    The other says you are on the other side

  12. Famous in The Netherlands:
    A beautifully expensive bridge, only for squerls…
    But the most funny thing is, they don't like to cross this bridge. lol

  13. So… What, a highway or railway with automated vehicles would've worked better than a rabbit proof fence?

    (probably not. But if they are some of the most effective barriers…)

  14. Would be interesting to include this in a game. In which the game would have animals trying to travel around. Then have someone who would show up watching them. Only to later have that same someone build a way for the animals to travel over roads. The animals would be like "Who is that shadowy figure and why is he watching us" and then "Where did this bridge come from… did the shadowy figure build it"

  15. I want a salmon canon now "sionara salesman". I would be great for being pranked called and getting a random pizza boy showing up at your house. Aim "asta lavist pa pa pizza" fire

  16. I might have gotten lost in the middle of the video, but where are those bridges that he mentions in the tittle?

  17. the chickens want to cross the roads since it's one of their extreme games. Dead or Alive. or maybe it's part of Truth Or Dare.

  18. Clicked on the video wanting to know five crazy bridges for animals.
    Left the video wondering about five crazy bridges for animals.

  19. I actually know the joke behind why the chicken crossed the road, if you want me to explain it plz reply

  20. Like the kangaroos,snakes and koalas in Australia there’s now SO many signs saying to be careful of them.PS today’s my mummy’s birthday ???

  21. 1 month ago, you made video about trying to fence an animal

    but now you try to help animal crossing fence

  22. Why do they not learn that roads will have cars that kill you, in a lot of cases they are too stupid to look for potential threats before crossing them.

  23. Remember the squirrel bridge in the netherlands? It cost a quarter millions of dollars and only had like 3 squirrels cross it in a year and even fewer the next. If you're going to share great infrastructure changes you should mention their effectiveness first.

  24. I don’t think that the “Iron Curtain” is between the Czech Republic and Germany
    I think it’s between West Germany(no not berlin) and East Germany(I SAID NOT BERLIN)

  25. Per the thumbnail, I was expecting several description breakdowns of these crossings; instead, I got a light overview of the concept.
    not pleased

  26. In Sanford, Florida on the S.R. 46 there is a patch of protected land that this road travels through. They built the road up above the ground level in spots to allow for small and larger (like alligators) to pass under. The rest of the road is fenced off on both sides to help funnel the animals toward these u dear ground passages.

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