Little kids don’t put their hands in the fish tank do you understand? H: Good morning box I hope that you guys are having a lovely day. K: I don’t know why but I read some sort of crazy baby creatures robot dinosaurs are part robot part dinosaur just kind of a little bit of everything terrifying. That’s why she’s a wizard. R: Boo! Boo! H:Boo Rosalind K:Ah! R: Sorry I don’t mean to scare you guys! H: a couple things you’re going to notice Rosalind is wearing a summer dress for dressemember last time I checked we have raised $225 our goal is $800 so if you guys don’t know what dressember is we’re wearing dresses for the entire month in order to raise money to help end human trafficking and a link will be down below Irene on the other hand is just in a diaper because it’s hard to crawl in a dress. K: Her dress just is invisible do not like Irene’s dress? Look at irene’s dress today it is a lovely transparent lovely dress today it flows very nice and we all see H: It is like the Emperor’s clothes. K: Although right now i’m i’m doing some more training we all saw what happened when i did the crawling training so let’s see how we can get a walking now you know come on push your limits go! Ok so today in class and an opportunity to do something hilarious so i get a phone call in class and so many of the office and so when I did is I sit I understand that real serious i understand course Yeah right there hung up. I was like everybody listen up. They all got quiet looked at me everybody needs to pack up their stuff we all need to the office and they’re were like “Really?” And I was like “Pack your stuff up we all need to go to the office.” so they start packing their stuff up and I was like “Oh wait not your table or your table not your table either or your table or your table or your table and not you or you or you.”There was just one student that was like “Uh?” & I was like… finally i was like, “You’ve been called to the office.” and they go “Oh okay.” If you don’t get that that’s a reference Austin Powers H: Oh I didn’t get the reference. K: Yes no I didn’t have to make that up I stole it from Austin Powers but I had the opportunities in class and I thought it was hilarious! H: You’re such a troll. So I wanted to give you a fish tank update. A couple of updates that I did. I added some sponge media to the filter intake I got this new plant I’m trying to make it a planted tank. That plant looks really sad but we’ll talk more about that later but the biggest update on this tank that I am displeased with… right there we have at least three snails that came with the plant. I was trying to be cheap so instead of buying the snail free plant which is what this plant is, this plant that’s turning brown, I was like oh i should buy one that’s actually living in a fish tank because it will be used to growing in a fish tank and it won’t die like that one is. But those aren’t guaranteed to be snail free and snails are huge problem in fish tanks. Um, not all snails but these guys little hitchhiker snails because their pests. We have snails! K: Snails? What is snails? H: It’s literally what it sounds like. Uh, Our fish tank now has snails. K: So…? More stuff now that’s good? H: No it’s not good because they reproduce like crazy and it will have like 30 snails in there tomorrow if we don’t take care of it. So I asked on my handy dandy… What is Rosalind doing? No don’t get in the water. R: I’m so hungry. H: You’re so thirsty. H: Anyways so I asked on a Fish Tank group that I’m on facebook and here’s what we need to do honey we need to go to the store… K: Get like pesticide? H: No that’ll kill the plants. we need to get an assassin snail K: A what? H: an assassin snail. K:What? H: It’s a snail that kills the other snails K:What is it called again? H: Assassin snail K:You know what comes in mind I’m thinking of the little Assassin’s Creed a tiny little snail with the little Assassin’s Creed hood like crawling slowly and then like that slow assassination. H: So it looks like today’s adventure is going to be a trip to the pet store to get something to get rid of those little guys. K: I’m gonna go ahead and get one of these snails out so I can take a closer look at it becaus I’m curious because science! R: What are you doing? You got it! Don’t eat it! K: I’m not going to eat the snail Rosalind. It’s pretty small actually H: Yeah but there were three that I saw and now we’ve seen five they reproduce in mass quantity and I read on the forum that they’ll do like a hundred in eight days so we need to kill them like right now. K: Rosalind look at the snail. R: Don’t eat it! K: You don’t want me to eatt the snail? Are you sure? Why it’s perfectly good snaill? R: Just throw it in the trash. K: Why it’s a perfectly good snail? H: it is not a perfectly good snail. Just throw it in the trash Ken. K: I’m just gonna nom it real quick okay see what taste like okay? R: Yeah! H: Ah! don’t do it! She was gonna let you do it! K: This is my daughter. In the name of science father make this sacrifice for us. I could gross Heidi out right now. H: No just throw in the trash. d=Don’t eat the snail. Don’t eat the snail. Don’t Ken K: Oh it’s stuck on you now. See it’s cool right? Okay only dada can reach in there and do that okay? H: Little kids don’t put their hands in the fish tank do you understand? R: It’s going to be alright! H:Okay. Thanks for the comfort. R: I want you to feel better mom. H:I want to feel better too! Thank you honey. R: I want to feel better too. H: We’re heading into our local pet store K: Can I just comment that I think it’s hilariously awesome that it’s just called the pet shop. It’s so descript. H: This place is called the Pet Stop yeah right here. I called to make sure that they have assassin snails and you guys everytime I have had a problem with this tank it’s been because i’m going to petsmart and petco so go to your local pet stores they know what they’re doing. I called and I’m like we gotta get there really quick before they close. So here we are R: I’m scared K: Oh what are you scared of? R: I’m scared of the real dragon K: oh the real dragon? That’s a frill dragon. It’s actually a small lizard it’s okay okay come here. R: I’m so scared! K: So if you go around the corner right around that way you’ll see what she’s scared of. K: do you want to go say hi to the snake? R: I’m too scared of the snake. K: Well you can say it from here. Say hello snake. R: Hello snake! K: Say how are you today? R: How are you today? K: Ask if it’s a nice snake say “Are you a nice snake? R: Are you a nice snake? K: Or are you a mean snake? R: Mean snake. K: It look pretty nice to me. Dada knows those snakes. You’re scared of snakes? R: Yeah K: That’s a pretty natural fear of things. H: Let’s go get a snail Rosalind. R: Snail? It’s so pretty! H: It’s so pretty? So we have a new little friend for the fish tank. We’re going to acclimate him. So we’ve got to get the water temperature in the bag to the same temperature that’s in there. So he’s just gotta hang out there for a little bit while the temperature gets the same and they don’t come back and acclimate them after i get her to bed. H: So it’s been sitting in here while I was putting Irene to bed so the next step is now that the temperature is the same we need to put the snail into the water. You take the bag out what we’re gonna do is we’re going get the net & we’re going to put the net over this basket over this bucket okay. Good. Now we’re gonna open it so next what we’re going to do is we’re going to pour the water into this net ok gotta put it in the fish tank. R: Oh, oh me want to. H: Very good Rosalind. Look he’s got his new home. H: Ya got under feed them while we’re in the cycle. That’s enough. Looks like he’s right at home. These things are kind of cool-looking. Oh the platies are very interested in him. They’re like “What are you doing here buddy?” Thumbs up for our new tankmate and hopefully he’ll take care of the pests. You have to subscribe to see what happens tomorrow. Let us know in the comments what we should name our new snail because we don’t have a name idea yet. Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video if you did give it a thumbs up and we will talk to you tomorrow because we do this every single day. Bye guys.

28 thoughts on “FISH TANK SNAIL FAIL + Petstore Haul

  1. I do not have enough patience for a proper fish tank. I have a 4' aquaponics system right now that my husband bought off kick starter and it is a pain. I guess if I had more love for it, I would enjoy it. It's hard because I can't really do anything because the fish fertilize the pepper plant I am trying to grow, so no chemicals can be used to help the fish/tank.

  2. Snails aren't a bad thing. You won't have a population problem unless you overfeed. I like having pond snails in my tank.

  3. I have plants in my tank. They turned brown when I first put them but after I trimmed the dying leaves they went away. Now they're bright green and healthy!

  4. Totally agree with the Assassin's Creed name! Either Desmond or Ezio! You could also choose Altair or Connor, as they are all main characters and related.

  5. Large pet store chains are all about sales. I've always had better luck with healthy animals and pet information at small, local pet stores! I would name the snail Terminator!

  6. those snails can be fine, everyone thinks they are bad . All they do is clean the algae and waste they are good !!!! I have had snails for every in all tanks and I do clean outs (not water changes) only 2 to 4 times a year …. fair enough if you get too many , but about 50 is fine and very helpfull.

  7. Snails are good! even the hitchhikers. if you get too many you can always take them out by hand. and the plants that are "snail free" in the store are grown above water and when they get into your aquarium they die back before coming back with their specialized aquatic leaves

  8. Excellent joke Ken!
    I'm sure I'm too late and he's already named, but you should name him after Assassin's Creed. Maybe just "The Assassin" so he's sneaky and mysterious.

  9. You could get a loach! They eat snails, and are super fun. Tadpole snails do a GREAT job of cleaning algae, but also a great job of taking over. Assassin snails are great, but they too will take over :/

  10. Do you know what the snails were? I've run into a problem here. I have with me a dwarf puffer and I need snails that can reproduce in mass quantities on a daily basis so it can eat and keep it's tooth worn so it doesn't cause an overgrowth and die. I don't care if infestation happens, I have a small tank just for those types of snails so I can scoop a handful out and feed my puffer daily. They are great hunters and I know if I just put them in the tank with the puffer, the puffer will eat them all before they can even reproduce.

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