Fish, Reptiles, & Bird- Disinfectants, Cleaners, Pesticides, & Sterilizers

Hey guys, Devon here. Interesting question today, which is trying
to keep things more sterilizer for fish, but also reptiles, and birds. I can honestly say, I’m not the expert on
this, so you’re going to see me read off something, but I felt it was really good information,
I wanted to get out to everybody and and you know this is a real good avenue to do that. So, I’m going to work my way through this,
if you guys have any questions about this, leave them in the comments below and take
a look at the resources below. This is typically not talked about in the
hobby for fish, but I want to make sure you guys know which ones are safe for fish and
which are not. So, talking about being sterilizer, antibiotics,
disinfectants and sterilizer. Antibiotics are a soap, it gets rid of bacteria,
but not fungus and viruses, such as MRSA and other and it’s good for mild spills. These are decent for using around aquariums. It’s not going to be too harmful for fish
right if something were to get into the fish tank. Say use a hand soap , if you wash your hands
and put your hands in the tank, it’s not going to be a big huge deal. Disinfectants, these are pet safe, which are
going to be safe to be used around birds, some reptiles, dogs, and cats, but not fish. You do not want to get this in water, where
it could cause harm. It does kill pretty much anything. The thing about disinfectant is you want to
make sure it’s in a liquid state for about minutes for it to be effective, so if your
going to be cleaning something and maybe it’s a fish tank and it’s a dry fish tank maybe
it had a reptile in there before you want to put fish in there. You want to make sure it stays liquid for
5 minutes for it to be a disinfectant. This is almost like a sterilizer dwell time. You need to have it sitting on there to kill
bacteria and disease. So, lets see here. Sterilization, sterilizers, this is something
that veterinarians use for cleaning. There’s something called F10SC. F10 are disinfectants, it’s super concentrated. So, they’re going to use a small amount for
a huge amount of water. Very effective. Works on everything. Kills on contact, while it’s wet and this
will even kill things like the flu, MRSA. You want to be super careful with this and
of course as you can tell because of the extreme caution I’m putting on this around this, you
want to be super safe using this around fish. If you use this around water it will kill
fish quickly. It’s not just going to harm them, its going
to kill the the fish. So, be super careful about that. Pesticides. This is something we use for creepy crawlies
inside the house. These are good to use around everything, fish,
cat. I’m sorry not fish, let me get to that. You can use around cat, dog, reptile, birds,
but not fish. If its gets around fish, it can harm fish. But there is one, perithelium, which is commonly
used in you know a lot of pesticides, keeping pest away the house. Which actually seems to be pretty safe around
fish, not invertebrate safe, so you can say use it spray around the fish tank of course
in all these cases, use caution around fish. It shouldn’t be getting in the water with
them, but this is one pesticide that is a little more safe for fish then the others,
so these are some ways to sterilize areas around your fish tank or what you can use
for prior to your fish going in them, if the ones that are more extreme , say if you clean
your fish tank then you get them wet they will harm your fish. This is not necessarily what I’m talking about
is what I mean you can “clean” you fish tank, you can use vinegar, you alcohol, bleach,
things like that, but of course the ones, the bleach, that’s going to be a little more
harsher, vinegar is a good substitute for that. So, I think that pretty much covers it. Obviously, I’m not the resident expert, when
it comes to these type of things, but maybe it stuck with you and there’s something I
said that you said, that’s what I was looking for and that’s what I need. So, I hope you guys appreciate it. I got so much information, I’m just trying
to throw at you guys in a quick fashion and instead of being in a written format. Ask your questions of course. I’ll answer them and if it’s a real good question,
I’ll try to make a video around, so. Like, subscribe, share with your friends. You guys ,know the deal. I can’t do this by myself, so appreciate all
the support that I can get from you guys. So, I will talk to you next time. Alright bye.

4 thoughts on “Fish, Reptiles, & Bird- Disinfectants, Cleaners, Pesticides, & Sterilizers

  1. Try Chlorhexidine Solution 2%. 2 TBS in 1 gal water. I use this for sterilizing my Bearded Dragon's Vivarium. Hospitals use this for sterilizing surgery rooms. Most inexpensive place to buy is Amazon. Lots of reptile breeders/hobbyists use this or the 4% which costs three times as much. Studies show the 2% kills pathogens, bacteria's, and viruses and so does the 4%, but once its dead its dead the 4% doesn't kill more just the same as.

    I bought a used vivarium a little while ago and found out a bearded dragon died in it.
    LOL, I sterilized it three times before I felt confident enough to put my dragons in it. Over kill but better safe than sorry.

    Great video of something new hobbyist/pet owners need to know. kudos

  2. Great video! Would you do a video on tank disinfection using Kings Water Systems? We make a hand held machine that creates ozone , hydrogen peroxide and chlorine. It is designed to not only kill all bacteria but reduce orders and tastes.

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