Luna did fantastic on her first blade Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel. I’m Julia at Dallas based flight attendant However, today’s vlog is going to be a little bit different from anything that I have filmed before so as many of you know My boyfriend Erik and I have a two-year-old Golden Retriever named Luna However, what most of you don’t know is that she is actually Erik’s emotional support animal In short his Tonight we are traveling from Dallas to Denver Colorado. This will be our first time flying with her So we are both feeling a little bit nervous, but we know that she is well behaved She has a super-sweet temperament But I thought this would be a really interesting video to show you our first time and our first experience flying with Luna as an emotional support animal We have her vest right there And I am bringing her baby blanket to sleep on because I just think having something from home will probably make her feel more comfortable we also think that we’re gonna let Luna bring her frisbee just because she seriously loves this toy so much and It’s like a comfort blanket for her. You know, it’s kind of gross though and We just think that it will help her feel even more comfortable as well Luna has got her vest on and she is ready for her first flight We are taking her on a walk before our flight to hopefully get as much energy out of her as possible Made it to the parking lot and we are ready to go Someone’s excited to be here Leila She’s much more relaxed now They made it to Denver lemon I did great on the play It’s funny because she was actually way more nervous walking throughout the airport in Dallas than she was on the plane She was super calm and totally relaxed the whole time on the play Please keep clear and rolled up or departure to all be makes the Train Currently Eric and I are in Boulder, Colorado But I wanted to talk to you guys about a few tips I have for the first time traveling with an emotional support animal Speaking of our service animal you should come Hi, good morning The biggest tip I can think of is to get to the airport early We wanted to make sure that we got to the airport with plenty of time to find our gate get through security Check our bags make sure that the employees could verify her paperwork and to give Luna time to Maneuver through the airport as well since it was such new territory for her. She was definitely really nervous So we took it really slow the next tip I have is to make Sure that you verify with the airline that you are traveling with an emotional support animal and you research their specific Requirements research what you need to have with you to travel on that airline It is also really helpful to let the airline know at a minimum of 48 hours in advance That you are traveling with an emotional support animal This is so important because you need to make sure that you have all of the proper documentation required by that Airline for you to travel with your emotional support animal because if you don’t the airline has every right to refuse you and your animal from boarding and flying on that aircraft Another tip I have is to make sure that you bring comfort items from home for your animal So for Luna, we made sure to bring her frisbee and her baby blanket this way She had something nice and comfortable to lay down on on the airplane and something that smelled like home as well My next tip is from what I have researched It is not required for your emotional support animal to wear the vest that says ESA on it However, I highly recommend you get your emotional support animal the vest The reason for this is when your animal is wearing the vest People are much less likely to come up and try to pet them Try to play with them the more people that are trying to come up to your animal more nervous They could get they could get freaked out. They could be uncomfortable as Eric and I we’re walking through the airport There are some little kids that walks past us and they said to their parents They wanted to pet Luna they couldn’t because they saw she was a working dog So I highly highly highly Suggest getting the best for your service animal if any of you have ever traveled with the service animal let me know in the comments Below what other tips you have? I know but I’m going to conclude this video here But thank you everyone so so so much for watching if you liked it Go ahead and give me a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel So you never miss any travel tips and adventures. I will see you next time Bye

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