First Time Ever: Indian breed dogs become part of Indian Army

27 thoughts on “First Time Ever: Indian breed dogs become part of Indian Army

  1. I Am Proud of My Birth Place Mudhol & Mudhol Owned Swadeshi Hound Dogs who brought up by Raja Malojiroa Ghorpade. This also helped to Shivaji Maharaj in wars….So it's well known as Mudhol Hound ment for Hunting & Now Serving Our Great Nation ….. ??✌️✌️????

  2. Why this canine system can not be applied in indian police service….
    Each and every police station and sub stations….
    So that we have a uncorrupted,loyal,efficient police force….
    Even all the public places should be having canine security officer's on duty…..

    We can spend one percent extra tax for their salary

  3. Ek baat batana.. Kiya ye sab video Pakistan mein access dete hai India..?? Matlab Pakistaniyo Dekh pah te hai..? Ye toh chalo thikh hai but kuch kuch confidential cheez hote hai humhare desh ka Jo bhale hi YouTube mein publish karke humhe like share income or Khushi milti hai but Woh sab koyi aur dusre country ke logo tak pouchna Nahi chahiye.. matlab YouTube mein uploaded country ke confidential news bahar wale tak pouchna Nahi se samne wala bhi alert ho jah te hai.. Jaise chaina, Korea, Russia, USA ki aapni khudhki web channels hai jiski access dusre country ko Nahi.. is liye waha par har pal Kiya ghat rha hote hai Woh Kisi ko malum nhi rhta.. but India mein kuch bhi ghat Jaye net pe chodne ke liye bechaan ho padhte hai.

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