jeez why what's happening what's our babies talk I'll back y'all don't have to chop suey them videos up man the first drive in the hill Kesey let's get it let's go man about to be a legendary one got my guy bought right there with the drag radio let's put a help key in the back of that thing which I'm picking the LA man so state to bar Leslie County it seems like a dead lay well hope to plant when I seems like it there go to drection wait ghost I'm definitely in the dresser when I go to LA my car won't be a thousand pounds like like Bart had it pretty much but hey nonetheless y'all gonna get the logistics and the specs and everything on that little car stuff so I'm going to drive sure make sure y'all stay tuned for that man but without further ado let's go on the first drive in the Hill Kesey since that thing back back ain't had my car in about six months man so spot to be big-time legendary I might as you know Marvin L kid Jake Jack you ready got a red key back baby yeah go back to put it back to factory gan-chan I think I should wave actor Kevin like this well you said it's gonna be too loud that what you said the cops are like a villain I mean I hurt you terrible that's what I heard did I have a good time people who live somewhere safe was crazy look like the bottom what are you talk about you like to come hundred days some people say the cars ain't that bad I know right I was water Villa refresh wait I miss my hammock easy what about you is there cheese allama rare easy but ain't nothing like this babe really oh Jesus we you know the crazy part is I'm not even going that fast but the sound of it alone give no obviously with that sound we do like many times cuz that sounds so hopefully writing that later it's not all bad plus booster here I live here all that good stuff so however this becomes steady shot I got bored if I take Vasia be as they beat up happy then he'll kiss back I won't be taking the elk easy to drive I get to LA so make sure y'all stay tuned for that telling in this vlog is over with this drivers here here I see only minutes they buy so this is my favorite time there you go so today is a whole new day Jesus was about 6 a.m. right now man I got the RAM breezes sitting behind me and now we are about to go pick up the trailer and you get the hell Kesey sitting right there behind me look at that thanks and glory you're saying it who either co-star and that thing might sound crazy I didn't put it in the garage last night but uh about to take the RAM reuse you get the trailer put on it man the after that we got put the hell Kesey on it man so make sure y'all just stay tuning in the loop and don't skip no man I thought this whole video I agree they appreciate it I'll see y'all 1 minute 1 minute 37 seconds later King go clean jump come on girl I've been there you almost got it come on you can do it girl you can do it clean thank you ok fine I'll help ya you lazy girl there you go good girl look at you gonna ride anything queen bee chilli boy ok let's go y'all make sure y'all follow me on instagram snapchat subscribers watch this channel finally boring that young facebook man so now we are getting the trailer hooked up on the ramp breezy man you're gonna cry baby Lady Queen we are getting the trailer hooked up man and we are but they that rolled either I'm sorry I lost my voice man the grind don't stop if you follow me on snapchat Instagram then you don't want more voices of all bleep man the grind is never-ending man got to get to admit do what you have to do today so you can do whatever it is that you wanna do in the future man so we are back at the house man the trailer is on the RAM reason if you look right over here I almost ran into my dad male cat you got Kim's winter tires put my old truck mats you got the drag radials and other set of rooms that I have for two lkz right man but now let's get this cold start on the hell keys now we have to take the drag radials in these rims out of snow-white put them over there with those times until we are ready to do more both drag radials are over there it's going to need that button this will drop down tires there check no keys there check we're easily with the trailer there check check check check me and this beautiful woman just got back from having a phenomenal breakfast before I head out there late and she's gonna take the hell keys go hang out somewhere friends she knows that sounds so glorious don't look at it that big sound crazy daughter what's up in that corner Kesey queen wants your mama rolled off go upstairs upstairs and then you got King right there look at sit green don't be hard-headed good girl took you a little while down come on you get good girl he had you're good baby good baby girl you should go boy chicky should go boy well King is gonna be staying with Kim and Queen will be going with me and if you're asking why that is it's because King we paid about four thousand dollars first reigning queen has been trained slightly but not as good enough as Kenny Kings about two years old Queens about five months old or something like that so just Kia for understanding immature still immature but more mature than Queen so and he's more protected or not I wouldn't say more protective because she's actually ferocious if y'all follow me on Instagram or snapchat you already noticed by now but uh Queen you say a steel girl and the king you know he's just bigger more imposing and you know he'll be able protect them while I'm gone and you know he's honestly way more attached to him than he is to me as well and I think he'd be really depressed without him because you know a lot of times when I was traveling and moving all around out of state he was with Kim so you know obviously she laid a big imprint on him like he Queen would ya put me thinkin she sell for roaches I love them both man Connie courses may highlight my god Jimmy rough I was counting course so out in Cali obviously I'll be in LA so y'all go see a whole lot more on my guy Jimmy ever up house county course also be sure to subscribe to his channel and all that good stuff never without further ado you see I got a lot of packing and stuff I gotta do I you stop it don't be stubborn so uh yeah I'll see you in a minute when everything is all done take care of me so I'm getting ready to skedaddle about a Minnesota man happy Kalle everybody say what's up man time everybody say what's up over there fellas we got a Minnesota man say what's up got my brother life a DNA man we everybody say what's up over UT August to love this way to men we packed up and we bout to dip I'll go man they up in this thing heavy bad big hail cats big everything up in this thing I feel sorry shot I ever gonna wrap it over there so she squad if y'all want to know what's been happening what's been taking place that is what's happening and that is what's taking place man look at the hell Kesey and look at the rain breezy how legendary is that great Hill and look at the Queen the Gundy course themself good job baby good job got my dream dog got my dream car got my dream truck man like I said man how legendary is that man what more of a blessing could there be in life other than hitting the jackpot man cuz this is pretty much it in comparison to where I've come from man you know but uh Jesus call I greatly appreciates all of you clean queen heal Queen get I know come here good baby she's just everywhere right now she's doing really good though I'm so proud of her but um like I said man liquor where I've come from and look where I'm at now man you can't tell me God isn't great man but uh got a lot more of further to go man that's not where the Christ out Queen he'll come here come on baby come on come good girl that's not word of the grind stops man you know I've achieved some monumental things in my life you know but I got a lot more planned man I'm and I want to go a lot more further just watch but I greatly appreciate y'all for y'all support from the very beginning of my youtube channel to where I'm at now baby but we got a long way to go look at that man how lives day is that y'all seize drag radios and all that stuff back there man come on make sure y'all go ahead and get your boy I filed on the Instagram and snapchat subscribers watching this video and follow your boy on Facebook man cuz y'all got all the giblets on all the social media platforms before it actually went up on my YouTube channel and you know that if you fall gonna Instagram Facebook or snapchat or anything of that sort man but uh greatly appreciate y'all in a nutshell man we've come a long way jeez well but we got a lot more further to go we got my brother the life of DNA go subscribe to his YouTube channel we got my mom in the back seat as well huh you really lost the money oh you're so embarrassing you're not to give you that cash that boy will lose his name if it wasn't attached to his ID man and sometimes we lose his ID good thing for the memory man but uh like it clear like how alert she is and what the hell's wrong over there what's that baby together like she does DJ down but no man appreciate what we had man you know you got it comfortably before you add life right now but at the same time you gotta always think about the future in your next move and trying to make your next move your best move man and that's all I'm trying to do right now man but I greatly appreciate some support from the jump and I greatly appreciate all y'all continuous support man because I'm gonna need it for where I'm trying to go baby but anyway we're moving the grooving man just getting some gas by the going here grab a few snacks and all that and what not just getting hurt let it burn our energy out right now and go crazy then after that we getting back in the RAM breezy tone elk easy and we're heading back to LA and right now we're actually in Iowa so see y'all in a minute baby


  1. What you know about Yung Bleu? Alabama stand up and if you haven't guessed it I'm from Alabama. Boy that Hellcat sounds good.

  2. I’ve been missing your videos lately but I’m back, just bought at 5.0 and I’m coming got you. Congrats to all your success .

  3. I just wanted to let you know i’ve been watching your videos for a long time now and you just keep me motivated

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