First Grade Students Convince Their School to Adopt Dog–Their Story Saves More Animal Lives

– In one, two, three. (yelling) We have a $100,000
Holiday Wish gift for the Humane Society and Animal
Rescue of Muskegon County. On behalf of the Petco
Foundation and our Petco partners all across the country. This group of course in large part because of the story that you all shared of Buddy and how much
Buddy means to you all, and how much love that
you all have for Buddy. – I can’t breathe. Thank you all so much for welcoming Buddy, and making him a part of your school, and your family. This money’s gonna help
support our organization and continue to give
homes to animals in need. (upbeat music) He really found his purpose with you guys, with a little bit of love
and patience and training and we see that kind of
potential in every animal that comes into our shelter. Every animal deserves a chance, and there’s millions of
Buddys out there in shelters and it just takes people
that love ’em and wanna find their purpose and
we appreciate you guys doing that for Buddy. – How many of y’all were actually ones that wrote the letter for Buddy about needing a buddy at school? – We have something
special for you today also. You’re gonna get in your
classroom this great bag, a pair of socks, and this
cute little plush toy from Petco Foundation. It’s really cool to watch
this whole journey unfold and know that it started
with first grade students writing me letters,
persuasive letters to try and get a therapy dog here at the school. – [Girl] I like having Buddy here. – When kids aren’t doing the right thing, he’ll get upset about that. – I was so excited for the Humane Society. I saw them crying, I
was so happy for them. – These funds can help to go
make more adoption matches just like Buddy’s, possible. At organizations all across the U.S. Every dog that we get
we see purpose in it, and we see potential and
every dog could be a Buddy if they’re cared for and
if they’re given a chance. (upbeat music)

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