FIRST 48 HOURS!! Body After Birth + Bringing Our Newborn Home | Baby & Puppy Meet!

morning Sarah is a felon mama bear I fell last night shanigan I'm so excited and I had a bit of like period pain uterus cranky when I was feeding him but he fed baby latched on and it was so cool my belly is like so squishy it looks small already no it's not and browned yes so Brown oh my good a little pretty boy these days not good for me now okay okay you can do it look at him all swaddled up so when can I put you on a surfboard sweet you don't even look like you have a bump anymore it's so so so much smaller like 12 hours after birth just want it like I'm not trying to be like come on oh look at me I'm just I love when people are really real and raw I have like the biggest pad on cuz I'm bleeding so much and these are just like really high waisted my pain scale has definitely changed since birth but I'm like its days away painful like I can't move properly and I confident down I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I look an episiotomy and woops sorry the noises just came in to assess me yeah my butt that's my butthole it's in I'm not gonna say so much pain that's like pretty painful because I think it's command forceps and like just having baby in general um so I had a catheter in yesterday and then all last night so my goal now is to pee on my own so I'm just gonna drink lots of water go for a walk and see if I can pee I'm a bit scared it's like I could also feel aware that pees on me cutters so yeah I just think it's really important in birth blogs and my other youtubers who have babies I feel like it looks so glamorous and like I'm having the best time don't get me wrong but I also want to show you the afterbirth stuff would be real so it's like it's it's not as squishy as I thought it was gonna be up here squishy cuz normally that would be abs yeah but my abs are definitely separated because when I go to get up it cons and then every time i breastfeed I get like period pains and that's your uterus contracting back but like I'm loving breastfeeding I love it so much further my question of my my rash yeah you need to like lay down and I just I'm sure that for good ones it all wet for paying now yeah and I know it would be the time but like he's feeling really well good me but right now he just gets colostrum like my buddy's produces and then around the third date I guess milk feeding like every three hours and just keeping him out he's blood sugar every Sunday PS I have like bruises all at my back in my butt I'm sorry no no sorry from when I'll cut was like always been pushing my acupressure points like massaging me I was pushing pretty hard some stage it's like just trying to sector yeah around 2002 lost like this whole process he just mean it's like so incredible with the female butter you can go through like what it enjoys to like have a child and like how it just keeps ticking on like it's like indestructible it's so it's so I'm grace I'm awake like that and I feel like alert and I love him so much like it's my heart I have this friend Steve and they just had a child recently as well and he said to me that it would be one of the most epic things I would ever witness hands down jumping off buildings go surfing crazy adventure sports that I do hands down the craziest thing I've ever witnessed you were so right he was so so right it was crazy even when we're not pulling him out of me I was like we're just so is just so full on one last ticket before it's gone one last summer before it's fall turn your strings and play your game so we're trying to work it out but yesterday we fuck she was born so today's your first day in the world yeah all right so it's kind of like confusing and I'm putting its first outfit on Emma Oh mate good you know I'm officially allowed to do bad jokes and not be shamed for it now so this is a triple five because he's quite a small baby I do this I feel like you're too too soft with him and I'm like a little bit more like you know finding it I'm finding this bulky nappy difficult bright looking fresh oh yeah it's your hand through there all right you get your hand through and all right hands on three properly but what adds this you little one it's all right daddy's got you looking fresh it's getting real yeah that we're going higher I can't wait to see a bee oh yeah and I be with you hmm snuggled up movie Oh big blue eyes it wouldn't be the tills household if Sarah wasn't taking photos of him I'm gonna be that mom with like the whole gallery home time this is so weird baby very small we did get a lesson from like a train safety person of how to do this but which how to replicate it luckily he's being really chill I think that's pretty good yeah he said two figures no is that too tired on a safe night hmm there buddy four fingers under there okay let's go stop being that mom yeah I think now you're being that mom he looks so silly in this seat is too small what's wrong with you go a little bit mate yeah get him in there aha look who's here hello hey you don't know what's happened yet do you just excited is it serious and until you can get a suit buddy and then I grab my walls like yeah I'm gonna go get a coffee it's not following me I think you need to watch the bunny [Laughter] what are you doing anything at me I'll become young sees okay what's that just a little brother to little brother interesting to see if she notices if he cries don't some babies stress me out a freaking hate it at least at least she's like the moose she's nice oh why you feeling like that this is what you don't see about post-baby well it's what everyone is it's just me um well forceps deliveries an episiotomy they're a hard time I thought told that was gonna be like a lot of blood and you'd be in a bit of pain for my stitches if you tear off again episiotomy the pain is worse than I thought I don't know I'm going to scare anyone on sometimes it's good to be mentally prepared yeah it's kind of being pretty buddy he's so fun no I know I will I totally will look am um just lurking in the background I mean ceremony felt my belly before I left and they said I have like a three centimeter gap between my abs which is apparently normal so I've got to do like nice controlled exercises more like breathing to try to bring them back together no situps no yeah not even sitting up for baby is so cute I just can't wait till he starts talking so we know what he's thinking about gulping it down Abbi hi beautiful he's so good get that lads you're so clever come on good boy that's such a good supply so you can hear him gulping it it's so good that's your brother made I think she's come the realization now she can actually see she can actually see him he's not just wrapped up now good girl she just wants to kiss me she likes him okay no more just looking no touching okay it's now ten days later so Fox is 11 days old so he doesn't sleep in this this is the dacha top that he just like chills in when I'm like cooking Oh bless you or if I'm editing and then he sleeps in the Moses basket which I'll show you in a second every time he's in this Abby displays next to him she loves him so much and she's been so good and so gentle so obviously for the past week in a bit I haven't blogged up to spend time with folks and Curtin kind of like not getting into a routine but just kind of like coming to terms with my new life and getting in this new groove I've read a lot of books about like newborn life and talked to my mom and my friends who have kids and I've just kind of come to terms with the fact that I'm gonna have no routine and no schedule for at least like the first 12 weeks and honestly so far I'm loving it and he is such a good baby like I don't know if he's just like still asleep to the world and I did read this really good book called one two weeks and it gives you an insight into when to expect your newborn to kind of like be a little bit fussy and when they're going through a label changes so I'm just trying to enjoy now while he's like super easy to take care of because he just basically sleeps and eats Abbi you're really in the way doll you making me get creative a way to hold the camera I'm sorry it's just just like walking around with my camera like looking normal but I kind of hard with a newborn what's wrong are you getting overtired anyway as you can see my rash is still kind of there you can see like a red kind of ring but it's definitely gotten better since pregnancy as soon as I pushed him out pretty much it was gone and then two days later it came back which was not great but it's fine honestly there is just so much I need to update you guys on I really want to film a vlog a full like 24 hours in the life of like a mum of a newborn does that make sense because now that we're kind of like in a semi routine and schedule and like I know what to expect and feel more confident looking after him as opposed to in the hospital well we'll just like learning how to put on a onesie but all in all I'm seriously loving it I'm so obsessed with Fox I'm not going to sit here and say it's easy but it is a lot more doable so far than I thought and the sleep deprivation isn't as bad as I expected because I'm a bad sleeper anyway like I've said this from day one if I'm ever like stressed or worried about something whether it's like a new project or my ebook or editing I just cannot sleep so I feel like my normal self like waking up every few hours to feed him because I'm the bad sleeper anyway so I'm just yeah I feel like I'm kind of living my normal life but with a baby and obviously I've gotten so many questions about like fitness and food and how my body has responded since giving birth to Fox and all of that stuff will be in my next vlog and I'll show you a full body update compare it to when I was heavily pregnant and like my last photos with Fox in my belly but anyway that was like the first 48 hours with Fox and introducing him to Abbey and the house and Oh before I go I'll just show you how a room is set up it's probably a messy story of my apartment right now no it's okay my bed what a legend so that is our bed there and he sleeps here in this Moses basket which is really good because obviously he feeds like every three hours or so roughly so in the middle of the night I can just kind of like roll over pick him up on swaddle him I feed him and then we did end up moving his change table into our room which I'm so glad we did it's just so much easier so anyway that is it from Fox and and if you're interested in following my journey with the newborn and getting back into my health and fitness lifestyle and definitely subscribe because i'll be uploading new videos normally i do new videos every three days but we'll see how I go with Fox just cuz he's my priority and I'm just kind of like editing when I can but hey I'll talk to you guys in my next look bye

46 thoughts on “FIRST 48 HOURS!! Body After Birth + Bringing Our Newborn Home | Baby & Puppy Meet!

  1. I'm slightly obsessed with your cute sweet little Fox. It makes me slightly broody ??? but I think I'm at my max capacity with 2 chickens ????

  2. I love Kurt, he cracks me up. Loved this vlog SO much. I can't wait for more yay
    Welcome to the milf life ??

  3. Sarah we need an update video!! I feel so grateful to be a part of your life even though I’m just watching from a far. Your journey has inspired me can’t wait for the next video. I hope you and your family are doing well! ❤️??

  4. Kurt is hilarious… You're being that mom. Kmsl. Something my husband would say… He always tells me calm down lioness, your cub is fine. Sarah thanks for being so honest.

  5. I had forceps delivery with my little girl in January so I know what you mean by having to like roll on and off the sofa just to sit down comfy it even hurt sitting for long periods of a time aswell the pain was just so bad and then people look at you as to say what are you even doing no one can understand the pain unless they go through forceps themselves haha x BTW your little boy is adorable x

  6. I loved this video soooo much, my heart!!!!!! Abby is such a sweetheart ?? so happy for your little family, Fox is a beautiful baby boy!

  7. When you breast feed, your body releases oxytocin. But oxytocin is also a vasoconstrictor and causes the uterus to contract, which is probably why you were getting pain while breast feeding! but you kind of said that in the video (anyway science is cool!)

  8. You look so beautiful and the baby is so precious, I'm so happy for both of you in this new exciting chapter of your life!

  9. Hello, I had a question about the ebook but the email on the website doesn't work. I also DM you hopefully you get the chance to help no rush but thank you. 🙂

  10. How are there so many thumbs down on this video ??
    Seriously an amazing and raw video Sezzy and Kurt. Fox is perfect and you have a gorgeous family ?❤

  11. Hi Sarah!!! when will your body bloom restock??!! I am really looking forward to trying it for my perioral dermatitis!!!

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