Find Out Why Your Cat is Being Crazy!

Why does your cat
climb the curtains? Why does your cat
scratch at the couch? Why is my cat trying
to make me crazy? If you are asking that question,
this episode of Cat Mojo is for you, people. Are you set to take a deeper,
deeper look at catification? Let’s go. [MUSIC PLAYING] OK. So today, we’re going to
talk about solving problems, but solving problems in
a way that you might not have thought before. We have already talked
about the 360 mojo, people– the big mojo up
there and your cat. But this is the
next step– cat mojo 102– being a cat journalist. I just got a picture in my
head of a cat with a fedora on, and licking the pencil,
and like, come on, now– give me an exclusive. I really need this scoop. I mean, my job is
depending on it, Charlie. That’s not what
we’re dealing with. We’re dealing with you
being a journalist– writing a journal– writing a
story like a journalist. So to be a cat journalist, the
first thing– the biggest thing in the picture, here,
is a little dose– just a teeny little dose
of objectivity. If you are using language
like, my cat hates me; my cat hates my boyfriend. If you make it about your
relationship with your cat, you’re already too deep
into this whole thing. Get a little bit of objectivity
about what’s going on here. But look at this story from
the perspective of somebody that you have empathy
toward, right? You can’t cast your
cat as a villain and expect to get anywhere. No behaviors are random. If you’re saying, my cat
randomly attacks me– no. If we’re not dealing with
a bad tooth or a tumor or a chemical imbalance,
the rest of it comes from here, within
these four walls. So to be a cat
journalist, you have to pretend you don’t
live in those four walls. Say your cat did
something randomly. You have to take a look at that
day, and really take it apart. Anything out of the ordinary? Anything energetically
in the house that may have just come
to a head that day? Let’s do that with the
what’s, the wheres, and the hows of your
cat’s couple of days, couple of minutes,
couple of hours, from the moment that something
went really bad in your house. What threatened the territory? Now, another point in cat
journalism is patience. Being a cat journalist is like
being a cop on a stakeout. You’re going to sit
there and you’re going to eat a lot of doughnuts
and drink a lot of coffee and watch a whole lot of nothing
until something shows you what you need. So many of us would go to
this place of first, defiance, anger– why are you
doing this to me? Now you put on your
cat journalist fedora. What’s going on in your world? Tell me all about it. I’m all ears. Now, of course you’re
going to go to the vet. Of course. That’s part of journalism. OK. Well, clean bill of health. Nothing going on. No pain. No discomfort. What I want you guys to
do– homework, please. Pow. Tell me what is the most random
thing your cat has ever done. Write me something
right down here, or write it on
Twitter or Facebook. Just #TeamCatMojo
and I will see it. And make sure that you
include how old they were, what their names
are– the basics. I want to see a
whole bunch of these. And then together– I’m
going to take a few of these. We’re going to go through
some of the story lines, and we are going
to work this out. I’m going to pick three–
count them– three of the most random
cat things that have ever happened in your home. And I’m going to give away some
serious prizes on this one. Folks, the party
is just starting. If you go to Twitter, or
Instagram, Facebook, Google+, YouTube– we are everywhere. Team Cat Mojo in full effect. All you get to do
is #TeamCatMojo and I will see what
you’re talking about, and so will the rest of us. And keep it coming, man. Subscribe to this here channel. Let me know what you want
to see during Cat Mojo, because that’s how
these episodes are born. And don’t forget, My Cat From
Hell, season five premiering just in what, a month or so? We’re going to have some fun. All right, folks. That’s it for me. Hey, listen. Be good to each other. Be good to the
animals in your life. And hey, be good to the animals
that are not even in your life. You’ll feel good about
it, and hey, that’s what Team Cat Mojo is all about. Until next time, all light,
all love, and all mojo to you. THEME SONG: You’re a bad cat. I’m not a bad cat. You’re a bad cat. I’m not a bad cat. You’re a bad cat. I’m just misunderstood. Meow. [ANIMAL NOISES]

100 thoughts on “Find Out Why Your Cat is Being Crazy!

  1. I just addid a new kitty to our family, our one year old cat is not having it. I didnt introduce them right! I regret it….

  2. #teamcatmojo my new kitten Luna runs around the house crying, but not at us. If me and my girlfriend are both in the bathroom with her she does the same thing…

  3. I hope Jackson or some other cat behaviorist is still reading these.
    comments. I need some advice really bad.

    I have a 1,5 year old neutered male cat who clearly loves me. Daily
    cuddling and if there happens
    to be enough room in bed between me and my fiancee, he will come
    and sleep next to me. Usually on my pillow. We even go out daily
    for about an hour in harness in a quiet neighborhood.

    Today however when we were out he got completely crazy. Hissing, growling
    and making attacks on me. He started fighting so hard that he's sturdy
    harness broke open… Long story short it was my fiancee who was able to
    pick him up and carry him home but he was still growling in her arms.

    At home he seems to be fine and like nothing happened. I have noticed
    that he get's aggressive near this one bushy are near our home. the Area is
    full of stinging nettle plants, if that makes any difference.
    These plants however aren't stinging him.

    Is there something in this area that could explain this or is it something
    else. Like i said, the only one still pissed off is me and he is chirping for
    a playtime like usual.

  4. HI Jackson,
    I'm trying to give my cats confidence so they can owe the house. And sometimes they go crazy, they start running inside the house furiously, up and down, like they are in some sort of drugs. That's the craziest thing they ever done

  5. so, about half a year after we got our cat she had a very weird phase. in her dreams she would meow and fling her paws and make funny noises… at first i thought she had a bad dream but then it happened 2 more times so i was like what and why?? but since then she never had those dreams and i still wonder what was going on with her

  6. #teamcatmojo my 1+1/2 year old cat called Pandora was sleeping and I accidentally stroked her on the neck (which she hates) and she hissed at me but then I stroked her again and she went purring

  7. So my boyfriend and I recently adopted 2 cats. One female and one male but both fixed and from the same Forster home. They've been getting along well and have both come out of their shells since being introduced to one another.. until a couple days ago. Our male cat has begun odd behaviour : he is wailing during the night, has become occasionally aggressive toward the female ( but not causing any fights or injuries , we think it's his play ) and recently my boyfriend had to break up a small altercation between the two cats upon which the male very aggressively attacked my boyfriends hand to the point of severe lacerations, punctures, swelling and now limited mobility. We have secluded him and he is obviously quite reclusive from my boyfriend now, although he still loves me.
    Any advice on what we could do to repair the relationship between him and my boyfriend or what could be going on with the cat would be greatly appreciated.
    We think hormones but we are by no means cat experts.

    Thanks muchly!

  8. My cat's namr is bella and se get soo hyper, she bit herself on her fot and me. But when she get tired she go to sleep thank god

  9. My kitten fell asleep on my head once…it was very uncomfortable for me…I was reading on my couch and he just climbed up on there. awesome pictures. My other cat "likes" cream cheese. He will beg for it and then try to eat, but as soon as his nose gets near it, he gags. Every time. My other cat chirps at the birds in the window. And lastly my oldest cat got stuck in our grand father clock. We were very confused on how he got in it, but apparently the small hole under the legs has an opening on the bottom…

  10. When I first moved in to a new apartment, my cats, 6 & 4 AND my dog (4yrs old) all stopped nosing around at the boxes I was unpacking, went and stood in front of one of the walls, in line like they were watching someone, then all sat at the exact same time, as if they had been directed to. Super scary to watch! They sat there for a good minute or so, all looking at the same spot on the wall… then, as if nothing had happened out of the ordinary, they went back to exploring and playing with the packing stuff and boxes.

  11. Hey Jackson followed your tv show and now this. Have what I hope is a simple question. I took in an abandoned cat , sweet loving cat. She made a home with us. Found out she was pregnant. So we still kept her ,and all four long haired fur babies. We live in the country and sdome people are just not nice to cats. And considering she was jusst dumb off in the woods her self we didn't want the same thing to happen to the babies everyone is fixed , health and happy. They are 8 months old now. And they are really showing difference in their personality. But magnolia has an obsession that drives my husband crazy . She likes to knock over glasses when they have liquid in them. And has broken two glasses, and has spilled countless drinks directly on my husband..hehe, and on his chair, and table. Now I know it's not just him because I find her messing with glasses in the other rooms to,but because we are aware of thus habit, I do not leave her the temptation. He forgets he poor a drink gets up walk in the other room and ..splash there it goes. I know I shouldn't laugh at it but I do find it a little humorous ,only because she never does this to me . I told him it's because she feels,left out of the attention he gives Shelby her sister cat and his favorite. If I'm wrong can you please tell us why she might be displaying this behavior and how we can help fix it.

  12. Just have to add, to all cats lovers, please, keep them indoors only! They will be much safer, happy and healthy! Cats are too tiny and delicate to be out dealing with cars, and streets, and need our protection. Thank you.

  13. I adopted a 3 month old cat about a month ago. She was so sweet, but now is a total ass-hole. She keeps doing that weird hunch back walk on back legs thing and growls at me, a few days ago she ran up to me and bit me hard while I was sitting down. Her pupils are dilated about 90% of the time. I don't know what is wrong with her. It's not petting induced, and she has toys and I play with her all the time so can't be boredom, she's spayed, but she's still being aggressive. I'm really getting tired of it. I don't hit her, I try not to yell (unless she hurts me), or anything when she does this. I ignore her and walk away, but she isn't changing. I don't want to return her to the shelter because it's a kill one, but I don't know if I have another choice. She's turning out to be a nightmare and it's stressing me out. Any suggestions?

  14. My cat went to the vet for a head injury. Brought him back and kept him in a kennel in my room let him out for one sec and pissed on my favorite sweater. Put him back in and won't shut up.

  15. My kitten is so hilarious sometimes. The main thing that comes to mind is that he is just chilling on a chair all calm and regal like he is… then he pounces at an invisible bug on the floor lol. Cracks me up every time.

  16. The most random thing that happened to my cat (I can't think of a single random thing she's done) was my two year old tabby started having seizures. She had two in a week before we were able to get her into the vet and then had two more when we were there (because she was so stressed I'm assuming.) They did various tests on her but couldn't figure much of anything out, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. There were two other tests they could have done but it was out of our price range I don't remember what they were because this was six years ago and I was 13 at the time and I have a terrible memory. But we ended up having to give her seizure medication for about half a year (maybe less?). And we were supposed to keep giving it too her for her whole life but they had us stop to see if she'd be okay. And she just never had any seizure sense then and we have no clue why they happened or why they stopped. I'm always worried they might come back. But she far she's fine on that front.

  17. After I play with my cat she comes and jumps on my lap and starts tilting her head side to side ? IT FREAKS ME OUT

  18. Muffin my cat is 15 this years I wish you could talk about the older cats. I'm also disabled with cerebral palsy and thank you for the tips and tricks on cats

  19. Cats name is Kitty. She urinates in the litter box but, poo's in the bathtub? Why? I do have a cat that when she gets a UTI she sleeps in the bathroom sink. So, why is she pooing in the bathtub?

  20. Most random thing my cat has ever done:
    Jump a foot or two into the air and run full speed out…even though nothing moved, no random sounds (that I could hear anyway)…nothing Im aware of that triggers this.

  21. My kitten is about 9weeks now. He sleeps, eats and mostly (only when im home) runs around crazy, no eye color ALL pupils and also attacls my hands n arms. I tell him gentle but its like he just cant settle down. I need help i can see him becoming a evil car when hes grown up.

  22. Why does my cat always attacking random cat outside? My cat is indoor cat since he is little boy and never meet another cat at home. But recently i let him out and he always try to find another cat and attack then brutally. I tried many time to Encourage him to play with me but it just doesnt work. I tried fishing road and making ball from paper. He play… But just for a moment and then his bored.

  23. My cat climbs on top of our cloths thst are hanging up in our closet& just walks back & forth on top of the hangers lma0

  24. Hey! My cat considers me to be her property! Moreover, she apparently considers me to be somewhat helpless, & in need of her protection. She's a beautiful, loving, adorable cat. #TeamCatMojo!

  25. My cat was a mean little cuss when I first got him. He was 2, and he would bite with no warning every time I went to touch him, and hard enough to draw blood. My boyfriend wanted me to kick him to the curb, but I said no, I wasn't going to give up on him. He was extremely abused and neglected by his past owners. He had ptsd, and I know what that's like since I have ptsd myself. I couldn't give up on him, I knew what it was like to have ptsd, and have those closest to you give up on you because of that. Thanks to my patience and persistance, I don't have a mean little cuss, I have a little lover cat

  26. My cat is a real weirdo. No matter if I'm in my bed sleeping or at the university, she loves peeing on my sheets and my pillow, even if I'm under it. But that's not all! She now also pees on my flatmate's clothes and in the shower. I had a doctor check her, she's absolutely healthy, loves her food, loves the other cats in the flat, has enough space, even a balcony, but she won't stop peeing everywhere.. HELP! 🙁

  27. Most random thing my cats Muffin & Donut (4months, domestic shorthair, adopted from shelter) do: sneak quietly behind me and my husband and bite our butts as we are having meals, sitting on a stool.

  28. My cat loves to sing and dance. Every time I have on an upbeat song, preferably with a female singer, he meuws right along and swishes his tale to the beat.

  29. My cat climbs on everything in my room and makes a lot of racket and it's annoying and it's mostly at night and recently he chewed my keyboard up and so now can't play that and he just now chewed up my laptop cord so now I have no way of charging it and no money to buy one and I have homeschool on there and I can't edit my YouTube videos w out my laptop so idk what to do I'm so frustrated and annoyed and so I threw him outside

  30. My cat stands up sometimes when he poops. He will also dig a hole and poop in it when I take him out for his outside time.

  31. Okay, I know that old post is old, but still.
    Kaycie the cat
    6 months old
    Orange short-hair tabby, female
    I rescued an abandoned kitten (around 1 month old, he was nearly starved to death. I couldn't let him die). Now, she keeps "stealing" my figure of C-3PO. I have A LOT of Star Wars figures, why does she keep singling out C-3PO? Is it because he's shiny?
    She also will not come downstairs (where he is). It's like she's scared of him, even though she's over twice Henry's (new kitten) size.

  32. I hope someone can help. We adopted a new kitten from our local shelter, she was brought in as a stray. She is a very sweet cat and loves attention and to be petted. But i don't pet her in a way that gets her overstimulated. When i stop petting her, she starts to rub her face on mine, then she bites my face or ears. She almost broke the skin once and Im scared about infections. Ive been researching why cats bite and it says that love bites are supposed to be gentle, they bite when their overstimulated or to tell you to stop doing something, however in the moment of the bite, im not touching her and her body language is saying shes happy (tail up, ears forward, purring, etc.) Ive had cats all my life and never had one that bites. I'm stumped.

  33. So I found my cat aproximetly at 2,5-3 months old with severe infection to her eye (one was already missing). I took her and I treated her infection so everything is fine now. Perhaps she will need an eye removal surgery but I dont think she is in pain. So she is totally blind. She is really playfull and agressive. Even on days that we play a lot and she is really tired she bites and scratches me (i had to start triming her nails) People stoped comming to my house bc of her unpredictable behaviour. Sometimes she will just come and start attacking me really aggresivly for no aparent reason. She has food, water and I dont touch her when she doesnt want to be petted usually all the time exept when she is sleepy. She is really cute and cuddly then. She also loves to bite my head and hair. I got another cat thats the simmular age in hope that it will help with her aggresion. The second one is really sweet and calm doesnt show any type of aggresion towards me. She is still being treated bc she is a rescue too and they still haven't been intruduced. I am now fearing that the blind cat will kick the crap out of this sweet new cat when they eventually meet and are together. I REALLY NEED HELP AND HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO.

  34. My new kitty obviously has been allowed a bad habit. He literally won't let you touch him with attacking you. Can this be reversed. 10 weeks old

  35. #teamcatmojo my cat constantly bites me and she is normally home alone. When I get home I make sure to take care of her and play with her. She is like 1.5 years. I dont understand what I am not doing or doing improperly

  36. Why is my cat always emptying his water bowl and food bowl ALL AROUND with his paws? Regardless of if it's plastic, glass, stainless steel, whatever, (even his fountain! yeah, already tried…), or whatever food that is inside (dry, wet, even the food he usually loves), or even if he hasn't eaten / drank for a while #help

  37. My cat Charlie likes to tell me he's Done on the toilet and I just have to accept that he likes to announce his shit. Loudly. He's 10 yo and he's done this ever since his two friends died a couple of years ago.
    I think just analysing behaviour and trying to understand where its coming from does wonders for any problems.
    He bites me and I know its because I forgot to greet him when I come home.
    He pees in the hamper and I know its because I forgot to change his kitty litter.
    He keeps scratching my legs and I know its because he has arthritis and can't get up as well by jumping anymore.
    He doesn't do these things because he hates me. He's just trying to communicate and it's my job to know to watch for it.

  38. My cat Brookie is 1 yo and he loves to bite the couch (the edges) and the blanklet covering the couch. I don't know what I should do to make him stop. Thanks

  39. My cat scratches our french door and she SMILES while doing it. So I'm in the living room and she's in the hallway staring into my soul and ripping up the door.

  40. How do you know if your cat is chemically unbalanced? My vet believes my cat was the runt and abandoned by her mother. She bit the vet and now they won’t treat her unless she is sedated which I do not want to do to her at all. I rescued my cat when she was roughly 2-4 weeks old, she was found on the street but a family found her and I saved her from them. I’ve never hurt her in any way yet she’s pretty angry most of the time, even wakes up in the morning and will bite me before the day has even begun. I love her and I do not want to give her up but I do not know what else to do. SOS help me. #catmojoemergency

  41. My cat Ozzy oriental Havana short hair age 2. Is a lovely friendly cat and lived happily with Harry also age 2, oriental Red short haired. Ozzy sucks on his own teats when he is tired and ready to sleep. Harry sometimes joins in? Do you know why this happens?
    Love your channel and have learnt so much from you.
    Regards Marvic.
    I have filmed them but not sure how to sent it to you.

  42. Ahhh, Vader, 6 yo miniature panther I've had since he was 2 mo has tried murderin my boyfriend since the very 1st time my bf stepped 1 foot thru my threshold. He still does this is my bf tries interacting, even so much as looks N his general direction, I'm talkin, rushes at him screamin bloody murder with full paws & claws. I shutter 2 think about what would happen if Vader found a knife N the middle of the night! Me & my bf just moved N 2gether & its ok 4 the mosy part as long as John doesn't look at him or god 4bid, talk 2 or about him.
    On another note, a few months ago Vader began hoppin on my back, piggy style & nuzzlin my neck, we've began a strange series of habbits out of the matter that I get such a kick out of. It's like havin s parrot cat that hangs out , even stands on my neck & shoulders as I walk about. 2 this day he's suckles my earloabs, has done this since he was a baby. What a special bond we have, he has such a wonderful personality! Cant believe Im so lucky 2 he has me N his life!

  43. My cat had this trouble about a year back, she started peeing in our clean laundry. It turned out that because she normally pees in the back yard. (Her previous owners trained her to do this and she is microchipped and well known in the neighboorhood.) It turns out that the reason she had started was because she didn't like peeing in the snow. She still prefers to be outside though so we keep a litter box on the back porch so there's a roof to protect it from snow

  44. My cat made me cry cuz he acted weird but then I read somthing he stopped acting crazy. It’s called frapping

  45. My cat keeps scratching at my Sonic Colors poster. I think he thinks it's another window and he wants to go into the poster. That or he really likes the wisps on the poster.

  46. #teamcatmojo My cat Archer is 11. A month ago we adopted Natalia. Outside of hisses nothing, seemed cool. This week Archer got cold symptoms. Went to vet. He does not have a allergy. Or a cold. He is stressing over Natalia. Our 20 yr old is cool w N. I'm not sure what to do. I've spent 20 min at a time playing w both of them, gave them rewards when they are played w Together. Archer spends lots of time w me. Any idea to undress Archer? [email protected]

  47. My cat, male, is 6 months old, he likes to bite every cable tv in the house, my housband goes crazy about that. We have another cat, female, she is 3 years old and she doesn't make anything like that and my housband always says "she is speciale, he is a bad cat". How I can solve that problem? Biting cables is also dangerous…he does that even with the iron, with the oven. I'm worried

  48. I was palying with my phone when my cat runs like crazy and jumped on my face. What the hell is happening to him?

  49. I have been following your advice for about 4 years. It works for a while…
    She has ruined everything I own. More than once.
    I also know if I get rid of her she will be put down. I am the only one that is going to love her through this.

  50. #teamcatmojo
    My cat MJ Purred at me and rubbed against me. Just as I feed her, it felt like she was thanking me and loving me up. ❤Cats

  51. I don’t have a cat and I’m watching this…well I’m gonna get a cat SOON so I hope it’s not crazy like me

  52. Last night my 10 year old cat (female, fixed, and loves pets) was running around very fast through the hall to my bed. I didn’t think much as I was very calm before she did that. Then she did the same thing but ran in my room then ran to the door again, the again but to the side of my bed. Then she stood on her hind legs with her front paws on the edge of my bed and went down again then did that again. Then she finally jumped on my bed sat and I started petting her. Then I noticed she was looking at my door and growling. She never growls especially when she’s petting pet. There was nothing at my door but it really freaked me out so I slept in the spare room and then in the morning I came here. Can you please tell me why she was doing that? I mean we have a stuffed bird that she “catches” and then she purs and brings it to us but she didn’t have anything this time and she wasn’t purring.

  53. ;)) listen my cat is a psycho at night I’ve tried everything I’ll never be able to figure her out One moment she loves me the next she is psycho and afraid of me haha ?

  54. One of my cats decided one day that giving me a dead mouse wasn't good enough, so she brought a live mouse in room instead and another cat actually ate it (well they played with the mouse first. Kind of felt bad for that mouse). When I was a kid, I used to have to have a cat named Autumn and a canopy bed. I woke up one day when the canopy collapsed and fell on me. Autumn climbed up and broke it. She seemed so pleased about it too.

  55. I once played with my cat until she got tired. Five minutes later she bit my leg when I was just walking in my bedroom 🙁 (she is very loving and totally a mojito cat, I don't know why she randomly attacks)

  56. #teamcatmojo most random thing: peed on the spare room bed (when he’s never had any marking/peeing problems).
    Homework: took him to the vet, but physically he’s all good so it’s behavioural and we cleaned using stuff that prevents remarking and breaks down pheromones. We tried anxiety stuff since he’s anxious anyway from his previous living situation, that helped but didn’t resolve it, tried to be more strict about the routine (not that either), so we got him a second litter tray (made a difference but he still had to be supervised in the spare room), THEN I saw him climb into his original litter tray and realised that I was being an unobservant cat mum. He is 9 months old, he’s grown much bigger than we expected he would and he still had a kitten sized litter tray ? i would be pretty upset if I, as an adult, had to pee in a children sized toilet! So we got him an appropriate sized litter tray, as well as keeping his second litter tray and no more accidents!! Back to his usual self

  57. I'll be sitting on the couch, playing a game or watching tv and Shadow (my cat) will be lying next to me all calm his head near my arm and then he'll not necessarily bite because one i flinch to fast for him to get a grip on anyting but he also doesn't seem to be doing it quick enough for it to have been a violent act is there a reason he's deliberately I'm going to describe it as scraping his teeth on me but with an open mouth that he's slowly closes.

    Which you know it hurts it startles me a Flinch and then he does it again.

    Why? Does he want me to pet him?

    He'll also do it to my legs sometimesbut that's a little bit harder so it hurts more and I can't tell if it's because he wants my attention or because it's play aggression. it does seem to be more common around the Times where I've been ignoring him because I don't have time at that particular moment for maybe an hour.

  58. My 2 female cats both got on their hind legs and slapped the shit out of each other for about 5 seconds. It was so funny I had to laugh. They were both unharmed but not happy.

  59. Not to brag here but as I'm watching this I'm going "Nope…nope…not my cat…"
    Have I raised a perfect cat? I think I may have.

  60. my cat is 1 year old, and he likes to bite me on the neck if ill let him. he never hurts me, just applies gentle presser. He dose this every night while i watch TV.

  61. My cat Dio collects teeth flossers and Jiji collects straws. They are both obsessed with the ice maker.
    They are also balls of endless energy. Right now they are both 6 months old and they are litter mates. We call them the twins even if they don’t look a like

  62. kitten was on my chest staring at me in the morning which i thought was SO cute!….til he quickly bit out my Monroe Piercing right out!!! 😀

  63. Whenever my cat sees another cat outside she forgets me n runs away from me. It's just ruins my day n breaks my heart deep

  64. Help please my cat who is usually sweet just slapped the blood out of me while I was sleeping. Why would she all if a sudden do this. She usually just gently touches me when she wants my attention and I'll rub her and she will lay down or go on about her way but tonight she slaps me hard and runs away no where to be scene like she knows she did wrong.

  65. My buddy Caligula, who I got in 2013 and was born in 2011, cropdusted me. He must have been living with me for 2 years or so. I was lying on the couch, he was lying on the other end of the couch. He just got up, approached me, looked at me and returned to his spot. Then I smelled the silent but deadly fart he left behind. Funniest thing he ever did.

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