Find a Pet Sitter – Holiday Travel (2 of 3)

welcome to part two of our travel trio series and in this video we'll be talking about getting a pet sitter for wire away in here with simpatico dog training and before we start choosing a pet sitter please make sure you subscribe so you never miss any of our videos and don't forget to check that YouTube description for notes links and resources about this stuff we talked about now this is the second video in our travel trio in yesterday's video we discussed leaving your pet at a boarding facility today we're going to look at leaving them with a pet sitter all the videos will be linked up in the YouTube description it's worth saying again like we said in the last video that proper identification and up to date vaccines are must-haves this is responsible pet ownership now if boarding isn't a good fit for your dog or you just don't feel comfortable with any facilities in your area then you're going to need a pet sitter this has several benefits just like us pets are more comfortable in their own home where they know the routines and may be getting attention from someone they know while you're away also any non dog or cat pets you have that can't go to a traditional boarding facility can also get proper care this includes fish tanks small animals like hammies rats or guinea pigs reptiles and whatever else you may have as with dogs and cats make sure whomever you kindly ask bribe or pay to stay is familiar with the care and feeding of all the animals they will be responsible for the most convenient option is to get a trusted friend or neighbor to stay with your pets these are people you already know so the vetting process is much easier assuming it's not a burden on them and the care of your pets is not a full-time job this is a viable option barring someone you know hire a professional pet sitter a professional may in fact be a better option in some cases over a friend many professional pet sitters come with additional skills like pet CPR and First Aid how many of your friends know how to do that professionals also network with other professionals in the pet industry including vets dog walkers trainers and behavior consultants they may even be part of the same business or even the same person in fact some pet sitters offer affordable add-on services such as in-home grooming walking and even training many will also bring in the mail water plants and other small things to make your home less inviting to burglary as we talked about what the boarding facilities get recommendations you can start with asking people you know but better resources will be other pet professionals you may already know and use like your groomer or Rayner definitely ask your local humane society to you can also contact the National Association of pet sitters or pet sitters International check these people's references and do your research visit their websites which they should have and troll through their Facebook feeds look up everything in the best cases a professional pet sitter will be bonded and insured and I would recommend you use someone that is if at all possible not only does this protect you against many unfortunate circumstances while you're gone but and insured and bonded professional is someone who's serious about what they do and is taking the necessary steps to be a professional insurance covers accidents and negligence for both parties bonding protects you against theft from the pet sitter or their employees also check out their training and experience how long have they been doing this what professional organizations are they a part of as you narrow down your choices then of course call and schedule an interview have them come over and meet your pet if they have not already see how your dog responds to them and of course see if you like this person's vibe now whether you choose a professional pet sitter or have a friend help you with it you need to get your ducks in a row well in advance you have some responsibilities in this relationship to make sure your pet is socialized as we talked about in part 1 make sure your dog can handle being left of someone most healthy well behaved dogs can be left just fine but if your dog suffers from some isolation distress a boarding facility may be the better option a dog with real separation anxiety as either going to have to go with you or you will need to stay home until the dog is really built ated make your reservations as early as possible have all your documentation and other bits straightened out before you leave leave complete vet information instructions and resources for your sitter seriously guys don't half-ass the stuff at the last minute we tend to take the routines for granted because we do it every day someone else though isn't going to know all the nuances so you're going to have to leave detailed instructions for them what does your dog eat how often how much where do they sleep where do they walk how far how long where is all the dog stuff kept you should also leave a document authorizing the person to obtain veterinary care should the need arise a professional should have all these necessary paperwork ready for you to sign but if you're using a friend you'll need to write up a few of those things to leave with them make sure they know which that you use and can administer medications if your pet takes any are you providing amenities to your sitter oonh spare room access to your DVD collection list these things and delineate what things are off-limits show them where the circuit breaker is if a circuit pops in the middle of the night they're gonna need to know how to turn it back on have extra supplies on hand in case you get stranded where you're at car trouble delayed flights inclement weather are all possibilities you should account for and following that line of thinking what happens if the sitter has car trouble or an emergency or becomes ill do you have contingency plans in place if not make them make sure you both exchange reliable contact info this is a two-way street are you giving your sitter a key how will you get it back make sure you show them the ins and outs of your security system if you have one and along those lines introduce the sitter to your neighbors if possible or at least tell your neighbors about the person so they don't call the cops the first time they see someone strange going into your home also please understand that a pet sitter probably won't stay at your home 24/7 they do have obligations and family of their own you can expect that they'll spend most of their time there but there will need to be times when your dog is alone for short periods and this is reasonable don't expect 24/7 care unless you are willing and able to pay handsomely for it even a friend doing you a favor deserves some compensation so good luck selecting a pet sitter if you choose to use one let us know in the comments what your experience has been with a sitter or what questions you may have about getting a sitter let's connect in those YouTube comments in part three we'll be looking at some important things to consider if you decide to take your dog or dogs with you when you travel please give us a thumbs up if you learned something useful and as always keep learning keep practicing and we'll see you in the next video thanks for watching Oh

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