Finches as Pets : How to Handle Finches

On behalf of Expert Village, my name is Laura,
and i’m here to talk to you about finches. Finches are very small and it’s very important
that when you try to handle them you’re very very careful. The best way to approach them
is from the back. Make sure you wrap around both sets of feathers because they can get
away very easily.
Finches have very very small wing spans and it doesn’t take much for them to escape. If
they do escape, a net is a very easy way to catch them. You may have to chase them around
your house for a little while but thats the safest way to get ahold them. Once you’ve
got them in the net, place your hand over the net, hold it tight, and you can transport
them back to the cage.

47 thoughts on “Finches as Pets : How to Handle Finches

  1. What should be added is to close all curtains and blinds to prevent the bird from injury by flying right into the window thinking it can escape. Also not to hold the bird too tight or it will suffocate.

  2. cages with the "guillotine" style doors (slide up) like the ones you have are the most dangerous because birds can get trapped in them if they happen to get the door open…..

  3. A tired bird can be easy to apprehend depending on the situation. A hand held water spritzer is another method to limit their mobility if they prove too elusive, since the extra water weight makes them easier to catch.

  4. This video is so worthless! She doesn't even show how to pick up a finch — only how to handle one after catching it with a net! She says, "The best way to approach a finch is from the back." Then she edits out the most important part — how to get a finch in your hand so that you can handle it! Also, the resolution is less than 360p. Rating: one star.

  5. The best way to handle a finch is to dim the lights in the room and use a towel. If you find the bird is hard to catch, don't try to chase it down for more than 5 or so minutes. They are capable of stressing out so much that they literally go into cardiac arrest. Once you manage to catch the bird the only restraint you should ever use is from the neck up. Place the bird's neck between your fingers and their back against the palm of your hand. NEVER PUT PRESSURE ON A BIRD'S CHEST.

  6. an easier way to catch them is to throw a light scarf or some sort of material on te bird and it stops moving so u easily grab it and put it back in the cage

  7. Someone please help me idk if my finch has died in the nestbox and at the same time I don't want to disturb them because some have eggs

  8. blueyellowassassin watch your mouth you have no idea who she is or what she is and if you have a problem with it talk to me.

  9. This Is just plain wrong. They'd trust you if you properly tamed them not grabbing them from the back it. It scares them and reminds them of being hunted by bigger birds with claws.

  10. PLEASE HELP ME:I am a bird dealer & here in my town no avian vet available
    I generly treat my bird with medicines from my own experience & didn't have
    any problem for many years, I am doing it for few years, but recently few of my finche's
    droppings are exactly look like the seed they r having,thr dropping are not normal
    and looks like the same seed I feed them, and they fluffed up and sit and don't behave
    like before, I never encountered such problem, and donno how to treat it properly
    thats why seeking help from you, I am from India(from a small town),please suggest
    proper treatment and medicine's name for my finches,awaiting your reply and thanks
    in advance.

  11. Birds do not like being grabbed and it may scare them which may cause them to be scared of you and maybe peck you and if they do escape I would suggest putting treats (not to much) in the cage if they still don't come back try waiting till they are asleep (these are tips that I would suggest)

  12. U are SO wrong. I literally just came from a bird video about how to properly bond with ur bird. It scares them even more with a net or chasing them around with ur hand. All u really have to do is place ur hand in the cage and let them know ur not going to chase them around (what u just did). They will bite if u do that. But they'll bond easier if u give them some time to adjust. Plz, don't do that

  13. The best way to grab a bird is to put your hand in its cage every day for 5 min until its comfortable with you. Thwn try giving it some food from your hand. After that it should willingly step up and you wont have to practice being a hawk this is the LEAST effective way to handle ANY bird. Hand train it you fucking goat.

  14. You are wonderfully calm with them! How do you get them out of the cage without chasingbthem around and stressing them. Mine are pretty chill when I'm reaching in to clean or change food and water. They mightbeven briefly sit on my hand!

  15. Everyone! This lady is showing you how to handle an UNTAMED BIRD. It looks like a pet store so of course they wouldn't freaking be tame. These are aviary birds, most finches are aviary birds. These people wouldn't have time to tame their birds. Can you guys at least be nice about this? This is how I would grab a bird if I couldn't catch it. If you open the cage and you need to take it somewhere fast or it flies out, your not gonna just sit there and be like "Come here finchie finchie" holding you finger out say "come on, I won't hurt you, I won't use the bloody net because IT WILL SCARE YOU!!!" It is already scared ya dumbass. Grab it and go!!!!
    If you want to tame it the do what ever you want, this video is about handling aviary birds, not tame.

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