Finches as Pets : How to Determine the Sex of a Finch

on behalf of expert village my name is Laura and I'm here to talk to you about finches sexing finches is relatively easy in most cases the male of the species is a lot brighter and prettier than the female in this case this is a female Finch ly Tosh is brown the male of the species is white with black wings and very very long tail feathers some cases are you a little more difficult to sex the best way to set your birds they should check the egg area a female bird will have a very very wide pelvic area and a male bird can have a very small pelvic area if you still have trouble setting your Birds you can take it to a vet they should be able to tell you if not the next choice would be to have a DNA test this is a male pin tail white owl notice the difference in color age and feathers where the female with a light brown the male has very bright white and black on a male in the pelvic area they will have a very small space between their pelvic bones unlike the female who has a very wide space so that they can lay eggs

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