FINALLY GETTING MY PUPPY!! Cutest Blue French Bulldog Puppy Reaction

oh my gosh good morning dog of good morning happy June 30th hacking June 30th dog ah how's your day so far dog oh you really stopped today Dargo what condition you you ready start today also what day it is today picking up blue today okay so the legit plan today it one we need to go to pretty cuz Chloe you need to dress for some reason no – we need a some Chloe's video I Disneyland because she's doing it's a special to do at Disneyland and then number three I had to hang out with Michael who is amazing and it's basically the reason why me and Tiffany are even getting puppies like he set up this whole everything he's amazing and I'm so excited to read him finally and we've been talking for so long on Twitter and everything and he's like the most amazing Idol angel of life for pick up below with give her hugs and kisses and then five we drive home and we set everything up for let's get this day started Party City check thank you we're bad good at Disneyland check its glistening oh my gosh oh my gosh this princess on girly I don't ask for photo cuz I'm too nervous oh my god there's so many celebrities I had to I had to get it it was like so good and I mean it it's fruit it's healthy awesome same mode mode so Chloe's filming her video at Disneyland I was bored so no downtime to see you I'm shopping is that so adilyn does I want to get his fast pass though all three of us so you can all go on a ride Fidelio but Chloe filming grace with me that's me and that's Anna Friel doodled up damn habit get me and Anna up on there also irrelevant and like a big roaster believe me I don't know whatever why you great gross awfully kind of natural but I think I'm a hippie because my legs are just good I think it was supposed to be a hippie show anything for world peace I don't really I don't smoke though so if you do they just smokin what world peace didn't have hairy legs I Sam Chloe wants to meet at the teacups to get philip video I hope you know that what I say say have my belly big serious or Lego it like I say oh it's Donald and Pluto oh my god please Pluto I'll have a dog Oh soon to flick guys like I'm ready to boundary and Leslie they are vases let me help you Thalia beautiful in this behind-the-scenes how we film this is how we do bro tradition it is Swede cup coffee okay and grab the coffee tea and desserts oh girl oh girl oh girl oh girl look who I found I'm Michael Emily yes they are the best guys Michael's like basically the reason my knees are getting hit everything else you'd like the best right now we're at this like taco ice-cream place I said that right choco ice cream and this is their menu I think I'm gonna get the Monsters Inc one because it was really cool they colorful and as arias on it what do you guys mean yet the cookies in green piggies ink reading for work a strawberry shortcake [Laughter] yes I do Oh baby that's so satisfying this is ever-expanding subscribers oh my gosh it's taco ice-creams though mine's always last always last but we'll take a photo with all three MA oh my gosh like you know pretty they all like with the Powerpuff Girls except not green it's green instead of purple but it's okay I'll make a special okay day um okay my first bite into this amazing taco I'm literally sitting on the ground to get this angle damn that's what high-quality ice cream right here I'm trying to taco part I think I mean you about la do you need to talk the last week halfway done I don't want the taco to get soggy though sounds like it doesn't taste like a talk with it tastes like hell wait for like you know those I got mom home yeah like a waffle but it's such a cool concept taco ice cream it's been alright eleven I decide okay it's fine I'm getting my car cleaned up for this trip okay Paulina okay adilyn don't worry about it I'm literally gonna get it cleaned like right after okay what's about to happen in like 20 minutes how are you feeling feel real because you haven't seen her yet oh my god 20 minutes yeah oh my god I'm so excited like in 20 minutes there's gonna be a little dog in there are you gonna put her in the cage how long have you waited for this moment all the t's tea towel she has so many clothes for her dog yeah I have like butterflies hi I'm Chloe yeah oh my god you're the cutest little thing ever I'm sorry are you gonna cry okay I can walk I can about so you didn't pay a fee to oh my goodness they just snuggle with their little I think she's just cold Oh it's probably scared it's a lot to take in little blue she's so little I do it really doesn't [Laughter] it's more fat than I can get on my double chin oh I feel like she's like warming up to you she's laying out relaxing she's fine she's really sleepy there what did you just say before this where's yours that you're excited to it I'm excited to see your fire she's excited so we introduce blue to the apartment do you like it girl do you like it we think she may have but I haven't started you poop okay you're so good there was a little toot okay so we thought it'd be cute to let her roam around on the carpet for a little bit the carpets clean so are you ready are you ready to explore I know look at Schiele blends into the apartment oh she's feller just gonna sit [Laughter] she's a shiny eat the good no no not good no no no no no no eating no he's in the carpet she put it on the wood she moves around let's go via dovey oh she's so active I thought she'd be so sleepy right now oh do you like it yes oh god yes I'm talented you're such a talented dog oh oh gee you can walk come here we're spending on a towel I think yeah little tail besides we're gonna get a little teeny-tiny it's a busy time for blue Oh it's on the light it turns it on one foot one foot inside inside the hole inside though hi guys my name is blue and I like to dress up and dress you up yeah this is how I keep one because little baby blue blue means that you have one less layer of fur on your skin for the header blue relax oh girl things are good oh oh I'm happy you like it I'm actually I'm so surprised she's so calm and good oh my god her eyes are so pretty oh my you got that used to these camera launcher blue is so smart she's already playing and it's only her first day your Kobe says magnet teach you all the trainer's I just wanted to take note of how blue her eyes are what what why'd you see we're just waiting for her to poop like wouldn't think in the habit we all know it's about her pee her eyes are so much bluer than I thought that they I know ain't no light you can see it yeah your hairy legs [Laughter] let the baby come me you look so perfect [Laughter] it's a party it's a puppy party puppy puppy puppy party it's a puppy party they're kissing each other and then little pisses little sister kisses oh my gosh love each other I promise we'll have lots of puppy dates I wish to have this level of comfort look at the plane kiss again kiss again miss again ah stop eating her she's our sister she's your sister manatees they don't look like manatees Chloe okay what I said no but I said I said it was like a mix of Dumbo stitch and Yoda don't look like a – eat I need a whole belly are you doing yeah I know one of them your deck Enoch yet it was but you don't you don't arrest one big happy family he's the dad yes well they're different colors wait no you tell me I didn't miss you between your stripers and then I don't go in the air why did you steal I think those acrylic nails blue that's that's not your toy I gave it to Zoey I'm mixing up all the names right now blue I just peed right here and we put little was it's cold it's hot spray spray walk away Oh blue Zoey peed why can't you pee girl this is the cutest thing ever muggy I got distracted you got it come on blues under oh oh we get it we get a little a nip at the leg oh we got a smack of the but we got a sniff of the tail Oh someone got little bit distracted okay take a break a water break yeah what outside of the Ring just kidding distractions it's okay fight fight fight fight there's play fighting bro that's like no that's like asking the mom to play Jenga with their two daughters come on fight fight fight I know they're gonna pee so we should watch okay so I think the difference is blue is a little bit chubbier and there's always a little bit taller so mines like Kylie and hers it's like Kendall you know sayin but they like lick your face it like feels like what it don't like your manatee maybe Tiffany was her birthday made for 20:17 you guys a wittle baby's a 20-17 OMG go bye-bye should i say bye see you soon she's sleeping in her crate I hope you guys enjoyed in today's video um it's probably my favorite video that I've ever filmed my blog channel ever and I'm so excited for you guys to see this is oh my gosh and I can't wait for you guys to see the puppy blogs that are yet to come and I just I feel like I feel like I I can't believe it like I still I believe like I just like stole someone's dog like it doesn't feel like it's my dog I don't know if that makes sense like I don't know when it wouldn't I feel like when you when you buy something big like a huge house or a really life-changing thing happens in your life it doesn't feel real like getting into college like it doesn't feel real or like I don't know like something that you've been wanting for so long and then you get it it doesn't feel over like do one thing that I can tell you I was like when I went to Greece me my friend Isha have been wanting to go for like five years and we went and it didn't feel real it's the exact same and I'm so so I couldn't be happier about my perfect perfect perfect little pup her name is blue and you guys can follow her at my friend she you name blue it on Instagram I let you care at least agree my friend she made blue that's her hope you guys enjoyed my tip of the day is to never lose sight of what makes you happy and I know with like school and stress and jobs and all that stuff you kind of like lose what you love and focus more on making money or any other thing and I just want to remind you to keep doing the things that you love I'm the biggest dog person ever and I didn't think I would be able to get a dog because like my moms like retake my brother's a large egg and I I don't know I just always always always remember what makes you happy and always do what makes you happy and always surround yourself with things that make you happy because what's the point of life when money's not the point of life you know it's just being happy surrounding yourself with good people another good tip of the day today because of this this vlog means so much to me also I don't know if this counts but happy birthday Canada it's like 1:00 in the morning so technically counts of tomorrow but happy birthday Canada you're a hundred and fifty dude from crotch I'm a hundred fifty dude you're as old as Sandy Plains in no wait crash crash providing no fighting going Finding Nemo yeah also one thing that I forgot to show you guys that I opened up I got this is the dog food that I've done research on and they're really really good there's human grades so humans can eat these like they're really really good for your dogs and I also got some training treats so I can obviously teach her how to you sit and stuff like this and I got a goat's milk to add to her food and I got a Sunday costume so I could be like guys check out my sunny Sunday video this looks a tad big but she'll grow into it I'm gonna eat my Chipotle I hope you guys have a beautiful magical wonderful day never lose sight of what makes you happy so stay tuned

45 thoughts on “FINALLY GETTING MY PUPPY!! Cutest Blue French Bulldog Puppy Reaction

  1. The poor baby is scared, over whelmed & exhausted, probably thirsty & these girls start dressing her in stupid costumes smh what is wrong with people?? Stop dressing your dogs in clothes! It’s nothing but uncomfortable & annoying for the dog, also very hot, they already have a fur coat, chill. I’m not saying people don’t mean well or don’t love their animals but it’s not right, it’s all just pleasure for the human, the poor animal hates it.

  2. She's the cutest little thing I've ever seen my mother has been dying to get a blue Frenchie they're just so darn cute but we can't afford to get one

  3. I remember when i had been asking my mum and dad ''MUM DAD I REALLY WANT A PUPPY'' and my mum and dad get bored a and say where getting a puppy so n about 4 week I'm getting a PUPPY OMGGGGGGGGGGG IM THE HAPPIEST PERSON IN THIS WORLDDDDDDDD AHHHHHH I LOVE YOU GUYS SUB TO EM THERER SOO BEAUTIFUL,JIND,RESPECTFUL AND FUNNY AH OMGGGG

  4. I've been subscribed for literally years and I have never seen this video, omg, Blue was so freaking cute and adorable!

  5. Omg i’m watching this in 2019 and Adelaine looks younger she is so cute ? like her voice is so cute

  6. Okay….

    Your beds lava,
    Your couch is lava,
    Your toilet is lava,
    Your floor is lava,
    Your chair is lava,
    Your stool is lava,
    HA got you
    I bet you didn’t move…

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