FINAL Adopt Me Pets Update – Guess My First Pet?

hi guys its let's do this gaming back with another roblox adopt me video and today I'm in the test server again yeah finally got access to the test server and I'm gonna check out this new pets update so let's take a look alright guys so here is the new nursery this is the test server so oh look at that there's people with these egg cute eggs how cool is that we'll go inside and see what this is all about alright so the initially has changed a little bit the baby section is over here and it's a lot smaller than it used to be oh and Anna's still there so that's a big plus she hasn't been sacked oh this stuff up here oh I can't even get in there so we'll go down this way because it says a pets obviously we don't have the VIP we're in pass so let's just keep heading down this direction and see what's going on so here is a sirwoofington why hello there human you look like the type of chap who'd help a friend out mind looking after this egg take good care of it and it'll hatch into an outstanding pet oh ok so oh I'm gonna look look at the little egg that's following around how cute is that Oh what does this do oh we can pick up the egg yeah oh that's nice press r2 let him down and what else is he gonna follow me around yes so it's like a little where is he gone basic on there years so do we want a hatch now we could name him or we can actually feed him so let's feed him and see what we can we've only got a sandwich let's just throw that down and see what he does oh my goodness he's actually eating the sandwich oh wow he must be hungry anymore so that's pretty cool now what do we got over here oh he looks like he could be thirsty so let's give him a drink the starter egg yeah so that's the starter ink hi he's having a little drink of water so this is just totally weird I don't know what this is over here this is a lot of Easter eggs so maybe I've got some of those in my normal account so I wonder if we could exchange them for something later so let's let's go over here and pick up our egg again and just take him around oh he's so cute so let's go up here and see what this is about this is the chocolate egg area by cracked egg for 350 oh I wonder why we buy the cracked egg for well let's just buy one of them now it's unhatched oh now I'm getting really confused should i hatch it now yeah I don't know your egg will hatch by itself if you take good care of it or you can hatch it now with roebucks and it's gonna be 95 roebucks but we're not going to spend that here because this is just the test server so let's just wait and see what happens now this is Doug oh hi Doug ah so this is a Doug a from the other world what wolf he looks at egg and points wolf he gestures for you to buy an egg woof woof he looks sad as if he'll be upset if you don't buy an egg woof he'll notice you understand him but he's just barking maybe you're part dog or wolf oh okay so okay so the egg I've just bought there has a 1% chance of being legendary 6% ultra rare and 50% rare 33% uncommon and a 45% common so let's just see what happens here now what else do we got over here this is a Holly hi Holly oh so Holly's selling eggs too so we can buy her pet egg for 750 and each time the egg looks like it's actually getting replaced so I'll quickly just check my pets and see if I've still got those eggs so yes I do which is cool so let's just see what Holly has to say now Holly has the 2.5% legendary eggs so let's see her spiel cats cats cats I love cats want cat buy an egg and you can maybe have a cat you have a cat you have a cat you have a cat oh did I just buy a cat okay well for a dog lover I'm not so happy about that I like to switch eggs let's just go check this other hole here and all this looks fancy this is the what is this this is the Royal egg for 995 Wow that is a lot of money but there is a 7.5 percent of getting a legendary and more importantly if you've got all the comments and this is the egg you want to buy so let's go ahead and we'll grab this egg and we'll actually try to hatch this one I think to see what we can get let's go and check out the board here so this is all the Commons and yeah so let's just scroll down obviously that's the uncommons then we've got the raise and then there's the ultra rares and there's a couple of Legendary's which looks like the dragon and unicorn so that's pretty cool so I wonder what I was supposed to do now I have all of these eggs well maybe I'll keep my egg a little bit of watering so maybe he wants a drink let's give him a little bit of a drink alright so he's had a little bit of a drink let's pick him up let's go where we kind of hatch him now because we have to pay roblox so let's try and pick him up and we better go get some food for him Oh cash out there's another 20 well anyway this is the hew updated area where you buy all the eggs you can buy one which is a chocolate egg which we've seen before in the Easter update and they're fairly cheap you could buy another one from Holly and she sounds like she's selling cats and then there's the Royal egg too so let's go back outside and look after our egg so it's an unhatched egg at the moment and I think we need to go and look after and feed it hmm so cat made a royal egg seek I don't know what's happening there maybe we need to go to the pet shop oh yeah that's a great idea your egg is hungry tap them to feed them okay so we'll come into here because this looks like a good place let's just drop the egg Oh dogs gonna smash then let's just go in here and we'll just see if out egg can get fed as well oh sorry did I just cut in it oh look at that oh he's got a sloth on the back I thought we were getting free sloths alright so he's having a drink now and now we will get him to do a little bit of a eat as well so it looks like we're gonna have to buy one of these pet bowls so it's got food and water in it so he looked quite it's quite content to do that doesn't he what if we could actually put him inside here let's see what he does in a second let's go and put him to sleep oh isn't that cute alright well oh he's hungry I've just fed him is that not food alright let's feed him again goodness me let's see it's very hungry oh here we go now the hungry meat is going so it looks like it's one of those abilities and up we fixed him oh I've got money that's nice so you look after your pet and you get money as well so that's pretty cool now he's unhatched he's still pretty eating though let's give him some drink it's got to be thirsty so it looks like he's only a little bit hatch so we've got to go look after him a little bit more maybe he'll tell us what his needs are very shortly so starter egg made Royal eggs sick oh I don't know what's going on there now these are some of the toys you can get Oh looks like we can get some frisbees as well and what's over here we got some a pet food so we'll just buy that in fact we'll despite a few of these because we probably have to come back so we'll head over to the pit and we'll feed him here oh that's a oh it's like a doggy biscuit or something oh oh okay let me just let me just not do when you think at the moment all right so let's pick him up and we'll go over here so what else we got over here maybe we will give him some food let's buy him some more food and we'll just pop that down like that tap to feed okay well somebody's got Oh got the stroller out okay okay okay tap on your pet to feed them all right so let's feed them let's see what they're here he goes he's gonna go for the biscuit mill alright okay so he's had a little bit of a feed let's just check out some of these other things we've got a sparkly bone here we've got a biscuit bone maybe these are bones to eat on or yeah they must be for eating because we've got doughnuts here as well so let's go oh goodness be it's quite a busy time all right well the good thing is my eggs gonna follow me and I've got some food for my egg a few moments later alright here have some water yeah drink drink yeah drink drink drink Royal egg all right there doesn't say it's thirsty anymore now and I've got a bottle of water that's not helping me at all come on just drink up ah are you hungry guess what guess what guess what we're in the right place yeah eat some eat something yes all right now it's making sense you've got he's got needs or is worse than a baby these pets are worse of babies they have got needs and if you don't meet their needs in not hatching anytime soon you got to get on to it kids you gotta get on to it early all right he's all done there let's just see what he wants next I'm gonna buy some more of this food just so I've got food on the go I've got so much money I can just keep buying all this food oh it's getting dark now I bet she's gonna get tired now come on campy let's go camping yes all right here we go pick up let's go looks like you're not gonna follow me so let's just copy it I'm gonna have to get a scooter I think the scooters gonna be a much better option all right things down let's go get B go through yeah yeah that's what I thought oh no the car disappeared this is good sign it's good sign all right let's go and yep yep sorry about that Oh Oh kind of stuck sorry sorry I am in a hurry trying to get campy oh and sleeping I'll get two things done or we might be getting close to actually hatching this egg so let's just leave the car out here because we know what's gonna happen yeah we're not going to be able to get the car outs oh yeah we know kids all right everybody's here at the camping site and he's having camping fun at the moment this is amazing and we need a bed we need a bed let's buy this thing oh no oh no we can't get in it's taken what about this can we sleep in here Royal egg sleep go sleep sleep your stuff your food for you waiting camping and sleeping at the same time we're getting close to the egg oh my goodness I wonder what I'm gonna get come on come on sleepy alright sleep is almost done how many more needs Oh give about one more need after this Camping's almost done where is he gonna need next we should go to the school actually wouldn't be to school for a while so let's go check that out in fact it's nighttime so he's probably gonna need to have a shower or something like that alright so let's go now hang on where are you you're following me or not you're still sleeping you come geez these particles people you like it less bad ackles there we go oh let's just pick you up it's too hard oh I can't even see where you are now let's pick you up let's get you out of here let's get you out oh it's crazy time on the server Oh alright here's the car I reckon I reckon take a bit what do you reckon guys let me know in the comments what you think it's gonna be is it gonna be what's his need now is it gonna be to get fed or is it gonna be to go home and have a little sleep or something no we've ever sleep so maybe a shower in the morning but I do want to go check out the school so I feel like we should go do that so let's go pack the car around here somewhere yep and yeah shower I told you okay yeah people we're coming through sorry there's the police guy again we coming through we need one shower and we're done all right here we go cashier now what happened there there goes my car oh my goodness if I've got my glider we can do this we can do this alright let's do this yeah yeah let's let's get up into the air and stuff apparently I can't glide while I've got an egg alright let's just run we can do it we can do it's gone stinky on me oh we gotta go to the hospital as well alright let's go this is the hatching we can quickly get into this shower oh no don't tell me I've just moved out where's mr. egg come on mr. it come back where is he pets mr. Royal egg it's time it's time to have a shower come on have a shower that's it giving the happy shower happy shower and then hatch and then it's hatched come on come on come on come on come on waiting the shower needs gone I've missed it we don't even need him in there anymore alright now we're going to find out what he needs now it's hard work this one this Rover he's very hard work alright so it's a pretty early so it's probably gonna be maybe school or something I'm gonna get this car out again and I gotta give myself a smaller vehicle let's just go and do that because like seriously this vehicle is just too big I don't even know why I paid money for this thing alright here we go here we go I'm coming through people I just feel sick gotta go to the hospital quick oh no I'll sorry will Barret egg crash alright Hospital disco it's done it again can you believe this car it's hopeless oh I feel like I've got a want to get a car but I was whoo I'm just gonna buy a car or a scooter or something I gotta get this but that's scooter yeah it's good a scooter it's quickly oh oh where are we now oh my goodness I am never getting there all right I'm gonna transport myself to the gifts area and now we're here now we're waiting for another need for this egg so let's get the egg out again and see what its needs are let's go to the hospital okay hospitals over here let's go let's go we can do this ah people blocking me all right which way do I go is it this way for the nurse yeah hi all right I think we have to go this way come on mr. egg so if we can get you fixed up all right can we get can we just come through oh goodness this sparkles again what's happened hang on what's happened oh oh we've got it it's hatched oh my goodness look at this oh let's pick him up oh how cute this is a good a fox to sit fennec fox down he on is this my Fox is my Foxy Loxy all right I gotta get out of here I can't even move now what's I'm sitting ah fennec fox or how cute is that you feel seagulls just in those middle with you where is the yeah where's the yeah we're waiting we're waiting hang on yeah we want to fix my family cuz they were all sick at the moment fennec fox yes heal him okay yeah I think we're good oh yeah getting the magic spell well how cool is out let's get out of here peeps how cool is that he's still a newborn though he's so cute how cute is this I got a little foxy Fox I could put him down uh-huh apparently everyone wants to be here thank you all right let's just try this again I'll stop it people Oh get out of my way I'm coming through with a small baby oh stop it oh yeah all right let's just get away from everybody come on Vinick I want to put you down but I really can't put you down because I haven't figured out how to do it drop the pit okay come with me we're going to school let's go let's go all right here we go oh this is the playground inside here how cool is this what's this sleep all right what else have we got here we got food and water yeah what else can we do here what does this say turn it on yeah I've got a great laptop yeah okay well yeah Wow these are all the animals here look at all these animals guys that looks like a little doge and we got there someone's got the red panda over here which is pretty cool yeah I got the Fox someone's gonna roll egg there but I've got a little kitten cat over here I know what's that is that like a oh let's just see if we can get into here and have a look squeezy squeeze what do you think that is guys it's a puma no it doesn't look like a puma to me okay so well that's pretty cool all right well I've got my first pet so let's hop out of here and what else can we doing here Islands a bit of school action oh goodness it's quite busy just someone hasn't jumped on my back have they alright guys so that is let's do this gaming with the first adopt my pet and its Finnick the Fox so that was from a Royal egg I'm pretty happy and he's still a newborn so he better be following me right now yeah look at that I really like it maybe I'll just try to run so you can see him running with me oh this is gonna be awesome I'm gonna have a so much fun and you guys gonna have so much fun too so that is a fennec the Fox which pet are you gonna get I wonder so I've got a few more eggs here and I might just try to hatch them a little bit more alright so there is one thing that I haven't done and it's the Trix so we gotta have a look at the Trix and he's got no tricks to unlock this and visit the pet trainer at the school so let's go to the school again and we're gonna go find the pet trainer alright so we go into here is there a trainer here yes alright so here's the trainer pet trained to Shane g'day mate you want me trying your aina moll yes alright alright let's begin sit oh hang on see it see it see oh see oh see even guys there we go so am L sit oh cool oh good fennec fox good right that's it for now tap your pet to try the new trick alright so let's come over here fennec fox let's get out of here oh yeah bit stinky again alright let's try it over here fennec fox let's if you're a well-trained tricks and sit oh wow you are a very good fox look at you in your little waggy tail i love it alright guys well that's it for today hopefully you can get onto the test server as well if not you have to wait till June the 15th but it's totally worth the wait now I'm gonna go ahead and try and hatch another egg because well you can only have one pad out at a time so there is that too so anyway guys until next time it's bye for now

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  1. Guys, can you timestamp the different pets in the video? Just reply to this comment with pet type and timestamp. Thanks (Win 30 ROBUX if you are first to find a UNICORN )

  2. Guys just to let you know in the pet store if you do a quest from this dude you get a pink egg you have to time travel and tell this dude for pets (sorry I don’t know there name) I got pink egg can’t wait to hatch it hoping for unicorn ?❤️??

  3. Can I please have a pet egg to send it through to my account my username is princess ali my password is hermione 797

  4. We can't play the test server when we join it says we're kicked out, But we are just gonna wait for the new update and we are so Excited

  5. hey i found a secret in meepcity school go to the basement and go to the vent right beside the pipes and keep going and u will find a secret room i think is like a detention or something idk but its amazing

  6. Why I can't join the test server I just report abuses BC I'm like very sad BC I want to check out the pets can you ask the creator why you get kicked out off the game and why sometimes people can get in

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  8. It’s actually spoiling my thoughts, but thank you for thinking of us. Though, I’d rather not to watch this.

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