FINAL ADOPT ME PETS UPDATE! Do you think I'll get a unicorn?

[Applause] hi everyone it's me Jesse B I was able to sneak in to the test server for the pets coming out and adopt me I've been trying for days I am so excited we're going to find out what's out there what have they done right so this is just a test server ready to adopt a fluffy puppy I'm just really curious what's all going to be there oh my goodness there's pets I was a starter egg pets it's all different but that's pretty cool I'm gonna go ahead and get my carriage try to drive there don't have my carriage on my normal one anymore because I traded it so drive it here when I can what kind of pets do you think is gonna be there I'm so excited so many people this is why I couldn't get on okay so first this is like the nursery slash pet shop together so that's really cool so new nursery let's go in welcome to the nursery I love that the VIP oopsie I was so excited I walked out I love that the VIP is in the middle let's go take a look real quick on the baby side Wow I really love these windows it's like a window slash painting awesome really like the stairs okay so it's nice and small in here which is probably a lot better the other nursery was really big still has a Joe Maddon so that's really nice but let me let's go check out the pets that's why we're here why hello there human you look like the type of chap who'd help a friend out maybe mine looking after this egg take good care of it and it will hatch into an outstanding pet oh so it's gonna be a hatch amol like we really have to take care of it you could hatch now your egg will hatch by itself if you take good care of it or you don't get hatchet for some robots of course why not so we can name it Muffy good name for an egg hmm mystery no how about just Iggy we'll call we'll call it a key for now because we don't even know what kind of pet we're gonna get it says to feed it uh-oh it it's eating my sandwich oh wow that's really cool so you can kind of see some different pets right here but it's hard to see I really love the whole look of all this so let's come over here and talk to this person what is that Holly cats cats cats I love cats one a cat buy an egg and maybe you could have a cat have a cat how much is it 750 dollars it better for sure give me a cat if I buy that I'm not gonna buy it yet because we still don't even know what I have so I guess that's where all the extra eggs will go or went up there's Doug is that for Doug the dog oh I remember this egg see what it says well well he looks at aegon points woof he gestures for you to buy an egg wolf wolf he looks sad as if he will be upset if you don't buy an egg wolf well if he he notices you up Oh too fast yeah no I didn't get nothing that one was a little cheaper though so it's basically just like all luck like you could buy a cat it seems and you could buy a dog any of the other ones is just luck it's how I took it we're just gonna go to VIP we need to take care of this egg so it could hatch and because this is a test server I don't have any food so we're gonna go to VIP and get our eggy some food feed a lots of what ham why not so we're just gonna stock up and try to take care of our Iggy as good as we can you know I really really want to hyuna corn do you think this is gonna happen guys we're just gonna stock up on food and drinks so we are ready for everything and unfortunately earlier when I recorded this you didn't get to see but inside the school you could train your Iggy / pet not Iggy and I would say your pet to do tricks I thought I was recording during that time but I guess my recording stopped so definitely be on the lookout for that when this does hit all right so he is loving the ham and try to we're just gonna keep feeding it no I'll pick it up and see if it needs anything else it's kind of like a baby just got a now take care of all of its needs I've already fed him so much I don't think he needs any more food but better safe than sorry all right so it looks like his needs are pretty good right about now let's go ahead and get out of here Wow there's just so many people it's getting a little laggy just because how many people are in this one server oh no no trades that trades we're just gonna wander around until something pops up we want our Iggy to hatch what do we do oh okay let's a puppy why is this girl following me who are you I'm just gonna stop like I'm gonna say something I'm your fan hi alright so it looks like we have some fans we're just gonna let them know I'm recording you got some Royal eggs like I don't even know how that one happened I'll think it a boil egg so just how good they took care of their egg like I'm trying cash out my money oh my goodness we are getting surrounded I could barely see like people we are trying to hatch of my Hachem a pet right now okay just chill we trying to get a unicorn today all right just leave me in my Iggy alone how long does it take to hatch no we're not trading no cool rainbow stroller though but no we are trying to hatch my eggy come on people all right I just keep feeding my eggs I don't know what else to do at this point just eat and hatch just eat it all they're saying is up to Jessie thank you so many people we're gonna feed it one more time cuz I don't know what else to do my little eggy over here Oh oh my gosh is that mine oh it's mine I got a dog it's not a unicorn but you know we'll take it it's a cute little puppy why not looks like the puppies are pretty common I've seen a lot of doggies around here have not seen a kitty even a kitty yet I mean so it looks like the other pets might be a little harder to get I'm trying to figure out how to take a screenshot cuz you know we need that thumb now it's that way you guys will click on my videos and watch it my goodness it's so cute we're gonna go ahead and take a little couple photos right here and fret on the pet shop I'm not even gonna name it not right now dog you know he looks pretty cool right now we're gonna leave it like that eggie turned into a dog that's just me having a hard time figuring out the screen shot still because you know I'm new to the laptop life hmm let's go it's a big fan she really wants to be in the thumbnail and I'm just like I need some space give me some space for one photo I need my fans to click on my videos please Oh what is that a buffalo oMG I did not even notice that earlier oh did you see that Buffalo bro that was a crazy bump you better get out of my you bout to put that car on my new dog Shh who do you think you are that is just rude we're gonna go in front of the new nursery we're gonna take a little couple screenshots here doc you're in my way now we're supposed to share the photo oh who are you okay doggie come here come here no you're standing way over there alright I'll pick you up there and spoil puppy all right and then we're gonna take some more photos smile such a happy little dog look him he has so many needs right now like a baby but you know I'm just excited we had to do it let's go into the school see I did go into the school but I didn't get a recording of you go into the right right there the very first room the one that used to be an exercise room and that's the one where you can this guy will help teach your pet some tricks so that's really cool huh you kind of see a glimpse of it but I didn't catch that on the recording the school is very crowded like it's more popping with animals than it is with their babies I'm trying away trying to get this school need out of the way but just way too many people will try that later let's go check out some of the guys so many people we're just gonna go to yeah well go to the pet shop so you could buy anything yet okay so it looks like everything says coming soon les shrine which I clicking on it no it looks like we can't get anything oh I can get dog food

41 thoughts on “FINAL ADOPT ME PETS UPDATE! Do you think I'll get a unicorn?

  1. For anybody in adopt me does not have the update its because she is in test server and i always get kicked from the game

  2. Early!!! And yes I think you will get the unicorn because that my birthday wish for you and me. My birthday is on June 22
    My roblox user: BeautifuL154902

  3. hey nice vid but i have a question i just can't go in adopt me test server it's keeping kicking me out can you help meh? plsss

  4. Jessi when will i be able to give you the money for bloxburg. I really wanna give you it. When ever I join you they say it's not you on your account. Like the first time the person. Was building for you. A d then the second time there was someone I think midnight working as a Fisher men on bloxburg. I want to give you 300k. Just let me know when I will be able

  5. Oh nice your on computer. Since you aren’t on mobile anymoreeeee, could you please tell me how your screen dosent tilt when u used to record?

  6. And I tell you I’m a biggest fan you tell me ok thx and you leave me and my wish was I see you and we be friends but you Brooke’s my heart ?

  7. I saw you today and I tell you can we we be friends in adopt me you tell me no sorry and you was running frome all the people what happens pls add me

  8. Hello Jessi B,How to play testing server i must kicked help me plsss answer plss Jessi B btw I like this vid I hope you aswer my comment

  9. What happend to you acc? Last time you uploaded you had 200,000 bucks? Can you also tell me how do i get to the test server

  10. I cant join Test server XD I wish i could it's just kicking me out of nthe game for no reason today i gonna try again
    I hopefully i can get in the Test server :3333

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