Fieldsports Britain – Luck of the Irish: Simply Red’s salmon, grouse and stag

[Music] Welcome to Fieldsports Britain. Coming up
we have got Hunting Youtube, Hallo Charlie and news of a man who catches fish with his
hair. We are banging heads together. Roy Lupton is showing how to boil out a roe buck. First
I am off to Ireland where we are after a salmon, a stag, a grouse with a pop star. We are in Ireland. We have 12 and half hours
of day light. We need a grouse, we need a salmon, we need a stag and the luck of the
Irish to complete the O’Nab. The man facing this great sporting challenge
is Chris de Margary one of the world’s greatest saxophone players. He hits the big time with
Steve Winwood, but for most of his career he has performed with his good friend Mick
Hucknall in Simply Red. I have never heard him … never regardless
of what happened the night before. In 2005, Chris and Mick bought the Glenmore
Estate in Donegal which includes the River Finn, one of the most productive salmon rivers
in Ireland. It has grouse, deer and a link with the Baronscourt estate across the border
in Tyrone, Northern Ireland, owned by the Hamilton family, they are the Dukes of Abercorn.
Chris and Mick are the Dukes of Earl. It is quite incredible Charlie, I spend most
of my time pretty much every day up in the hills one way or another. As a boy Chris wanted to be a gamekeeper but
sage advice from TV star Phil Drabel pointed him in a different direction. A direction
which has now given him the means to come back to his roots. And he looked down at me and said now listen
young man he said old money is running out and most of these shoots are now syndicated.
So your position as a game keeper is not secure. Is there anything else in life that you like
and I said well I don’t mind playing saxophone. I have just started to learn to play. He said
get on with that and see how you get on and he said as you get older you can pay and go
do it yourself. Unfortunately he passed away before he could have seen what happened. He
was fantastic. You turn into the one of the world’s most
successful musicians, would you have been one of the world’s most successful gamekeepers. Probably I would like to think so. The cockerel sounds the start of the O’Nab. It is not the time of day that musicians tend
to see very often from this end. Morning so what are we going to do today? Gosh, we are going to attempt to catch a salmon,
shoot possibly a brace grouse and then on to deer and hopefully get a stag. Is this a Mac Nab or a O’Nab or a Paddie Nab
or something like that. This is a Mac Tired. A Mac Wornout. We leave the lodge and the first stop is the
river Finn and it is a beautiful spot. While Chris works the river I chat with Sim. It is feast or famine with this. If you hit
the time right, around let’s say end of June, we have been known to get ten plus fish per
person. I think our record day this year was two of our season rods, Kerry Hardy and Andrew
McGool had 27 fish in about four and half hours and they just hit the run absolutely
dead on. Situation so far. Not bloody good. Seen a few but they are not
taking as such. Maybe it is the temperature or maybe it is me. I don’t know. I am going
to try again. This is the graveyard. So why is it called the graveyard. Because it is next to a graveyard. Unfortunately there is not much life in the
river either and it is time to move. We are off to Glenmore’s other salmon stream, the
Realin a much more exposed piece of water that needs stalking. Chris is an accomplished
salmon fisherman, learning his trade in Iceland where he used to escape the fast pace of touring
to guide clients. Iceland is very much the education centre
really, because you are seeing everything. You can see the salmon, you can watch their
reaction to pace of fly. Because the water is so clear. Yes, size of fly whatever. It was gin clear
and guiding was the best use of it, like camera work as you are in the best seat of the house.
I spent those years literally studying their behaviour, watching them and it fascinated
me. On stretch of water number two the pressure
is starting to build, but Chris is feeling feisty. I am not going to give in. I never give in
with salmon. Well time is ticking away, 11.30am and nothing
on the board. Sim goes off to make bacon sandwiches, but So on a day when you really have to keep a
move on, what is one thing you don’t want to do? Lose your keys or have your ghillie take your
keys away. Shall we film him coming back. So it is back to the ranch for a very quick
and delicious bacon sandwich. Next on the list is grouse. So for an Irish Mac Nab that we are attempting
today will you be satisfied with any flying bird. Yes, if a snipe gets up it is going to get
it. We should see a few grouse up there. We have left them alone pretty much for the last
five years. So this will pretty much be the first time we have lifted a gun to them. So
we will see how it goes. So carry on with your bacon sandwich. Chris’s
characterful terrier Reginald is also keen on bacon sandwiches. He will follow the scent
of a good sani right to the source and in this case it is the front seat of the landrover.
However Regi is keenly aware of the perils faced by little dogs that thieve and he knows
that he is on CCTV. With Regi in the dog house we use a thoroughly
more professional bratchet for the grouse. The setters look beautiful sunlit on the moor.
Everything looks right we just need a bird to show itself. Just one bird. With nothing
in the bag and tired legs it may be time to start the blame game. In our sights is the
estate manager Sim. All good things come to those who wait. Does that work with all the guests. Every time. It would just be too easy if we
went out and did it all at once. So you have got to have a bit of an edge to it. Pressure,
I work well under pressure. It is a long, long walk. The setters set,
but tail wagging usually means it is a cold trail. So why do these handlers stick to a
breed that has almost been replaced by pointers in Scotland. I would say because where there is scarcely
game there is heart in them they will go. With other dogs they will get fed up, but
they will go until they are done. On rough ground, all weathers. Stamina. Stamina that touch of madness that will keep
them going. With other dogs they have the sense to stop which you need on rough terrain. Every one is doing their best to keep their
spirits up, but this moor looks bereft of grouse. With just a few hundred yards of moor
left the unluckiest grouse in Ireland breaks cover and finally, and finally it is game
on and we are chasing the tail of the O’Nab. I am so pleased, you have no idea. Very happy. Is that what was supposed to happen. Yes. Perfect. Well done mate. Everyone gathers to admire the bird. That is the hardest I have ever worked for
a grouse in my life. This is all a bit more rock and roll. So how
did Chris go from talented musician to touring the world. I was very, very fortunate. I got picked up
by Steve Winwood which then started the whole ball rolling. So I pretty much owe most of
it to Steve who is actually a very good sportsman himself. Fine shot, very fine shot. Well that is a very relieved Chris there.
We have got the grouse in the bag just as we were hoping. Now just the small matter
of a stag and the fish. Back across the border at Baronscourt the water is low but this is
a river you can catch fish in low water. So finally we are catching fish, but catching
a trout does not mean a salmon will follow. Then Chris is in. Grassing a salmon tempted
by a sunraised shadow is by no means a dead cert. Don’t be fooled by the big take you
lose as many as you hook nor is it easy for the cameraman. I fall in. I just knew there were fish in there, but
I wasn’t a 100% convinced that we would get one. But once that trout took I thought ok
they are seeing us. There is no logic to that because the trout
taking has no relationship to the salmon taking does it. Nothing at all. But you just felt better. Yes, suddenly the whole pool felt a little
bit more fishy. Is it about confidence? Yes absolutely if you go to that pool and
think you won’t catch anything, you bloody well won’t. The most welcomed salmon in the
whole of Ireland. Telling me. Right now stag. Robert walks us up the track and tries calling
in a stag. It is up to the high seat and it is make or break time. There are seeker deer
on the ground but nothing with antlers. Then the emerald aisle magics up a stag for us.
The strike is good. The stag is 20 yards beyond the fence and incredibly we have done our
Irish Mac Nab. My god Charlie we did it mate. That is bloody
incredible. Everything was good as well, big grouse, big salmon and big beast as well.
Everything was perfect. What are you going to do with it. This will go in the game larder at Baronscourt. Will you keep the antlers. Yes, I will keep the head of this one. It
is not every day you are going to do a MacNab is it. I don’t think it is every day I would
want to do a MacNab. I am spent there is only one thing left and that is the pub. Chris has made it in the music industry and
now he is making it as provider of great shooting and fishing. Would you do it again. Now that I have had a night’s sleep yes I
think I would. Yes, I think I could try it again. It has been something on my mind for
a long time. That I have wanted to do, just to see if it is possible and it was genuine,
a genuine dusk to dawn and we did it. For more about shooting and fishing at Glenmore
and Baronscourt, if money is not too tight to mention, visit And if Chris didn’t make that abundantly clear
we really did work very hard for that O’Nab. Now we make a lot of films of celebrities
and if you would like to see one of them you can click on the screen that has appeared
up there behind me. Let’s go to somebody not so well known. It is David on the Fieldsports
Channel News Stump. [Music] This is Fieldsports Britain News. One of the Miss America 2014 candidates is
a tattooed army sergeant who enjoys skydiving, boxing, vehicle mechanics and bowhunting.
Crowned Miss Kansas 2013, 22-year-old Theresa Vail made the top ten, losing to Miss New
York in the final. London 2012 Olympic double trap gold medallist
Peter Wilson has been accused of illegal whale hunting. He was travelling to the World Championships
in Peru to coach British junior James Dedman. Peruvian customs officers at Lima airport
saw James’s shotgun and immediately detained Peter and James for being illegal whale hunters. England won both the men’s and the ladies’
at the Sporting Home International in Northern Ireland. Husband and wife Richard and Tania
Faulds were on both winning England teams. A state school in the South of England has
attracted praise from shooting organisations for taking kids aged between eight and 11
to a clay ground to try shooting. Head teacher at West Rise Junior School in Eastbourne,
Mike Fairclough, said the day’s shooting in July, which was organised by BASC, helped
educate children about the food chain and instilled skills such as 壮elf-discipline’
and 祖ommitment to a task’. The Angling Trust has appointed fishing pioneer
(not steam pioneer) George Stephenson as its new chairman. With several decades experience
of managing safari and fishing businesses around the world, he spent 25 years in Africa
running safari camps before setting up the successful Roxton Bailey Robinson sporting
agency business. He is also chairman of the Save the Rhino campaign. It is bad news for the RSPCA, which is facing
turmoil. A leaked memo from an RSPCA deputy chairman says that senior figures fear that
an exodus of disillusioned staff could leave it with just a “rump” of people “who cannot
get a job elsewhere”. Paul Draycott, also speaks of a “scary and dangerous” lack of
planning, concerns about management and difficulties attracting new trustees. The organisation
has directed hundreds of thousands of pounds towards taking hunters to court in recent
months. And finally, is it fake or is it reel? A lad
called Jake with long hair puts a hook with a worm on it and, in this video, catches a
fish. Will this ever catch on? – probably not. As a technique, it’s on the fringe. You are now up to date with Fieldsports Britain
News. Stalking the stories. Fishing for facts. [Music] Thank you David. Now let’s find out what everybody
else has been up to around the world. It’s Hallo Charlie. [Music] Here is what the world is up to this week. Hallo Charlie. It is me once again from Montreal
Quebec Canada and even though the duck season just started I sadly don’t have any shoots
for you guys but I should be getting some over the next couple of weeks. It should be
a lot of fun. Hallo Charlie. This is Nick from Oxford Ohio
going dove hunting. Should be a good one. Hallo Charlie. My name is Jack Fellows from
Shropshire currently walking a load of pheasants back in the rain. Great. Send us your own Hallo Charlie. Film yourself
on your mobile phone with a sentence saying Hallo Charlie who you are and what you are
up to. Then share it or email it via Youtube, Facebook, Dropbox, Younameit, Yousendit to
[email protected] Now the legendary Roy Lupton, the theseus,
the last … has brought us many videos on how to shoot, stalk, call in and round up
a roe buck. Here is how to boil out its head. Not everyone is a bone collector – usually
because they’d prefer not to be single. 選’m not having that thing in my house’ or
層ill you stop stinking the place out’ comes with the territory. But if you are willing
to buy your way out of trouble or you are indeed single and happy, boil and bleach away,
and here’s Roy to show you how.. First, here’s what can go wrong. This is one of the worst examples of a skull
I have had back and this is a kudu from South Africa and you can see they really have done
a terrible job on it. It is split, wrecked and there is not a lot you could do on that
to rectify it unfortunately. A few mistakes there – all of which we’ll
try and show you how to avoid. Now it’s time to clean the heads while the water boils.
Roy has thawed two roebucks over night. So the most important thing to do before you
start boiling is to obviously make sure all the skin is off, because trying to boil it
with the skin on really does become very tiresome. So again you have got to cut round and try
and get as much of the flesh off as you possibly can and then all we are going to do is bend
the knife in and cut up along the pedicles again keeping it tight in and then cutting
up into the base of the coronets. Roy does his best to clean the heads – but
don’t bother with the eyes. They are easier to sort out after the boiling. Roy removes
the jaw bone which he’ll also boil and bleach. They hold lots of information about your deer. So here we have got one skinned off head and
one jaw bone. Again just got a little bit of excessive meat left on here. Just put my
knife up there and trim that off. Again making sure to be very careful with your fingers. We head outside and it’s a quick dip in some
cold water, taking care not to damage the nasal bones. Just give them a quick dip in just take any
excessive blood out that we can do. Again just be very careful when you are immersing
them in water, even like this just to keep the coronets above the water if you can when
you are leaving them overnight, because you don’t want any of the scum collecting in the
coronets there because once you start boiling you don’t want to be cleaning the coronets
off because you will lose colour. Normally he’d soak them like this overnight
but today it’s a quick in and out.. Drop the head in and again I want to suspend
it and what I am going to do I am actually going to bring the water level up to the coronet
rather than push it down because if we push it down all that is going to happen is we
are going to be pushing the nasal bone against the base. With the water boiling we can add the heads,
and jaws, and something a little extra – normally it’s bicarbonate of soda, but needs must… It is going to have to be a Finish Power tablet
to see if that works. I don’t know what will happen … ooh that has made it bubble. That
is interesting. You can see all the scum starting to form on the top here. What ever you do
don’t think it is soup. Roy regularly checks the water level. It needs
to boil for 25 minutes – enough time for a cuppa in a very special mug. After 25 minutes they’re done and Roy has
made a slight boo boo. He says it’s probably best to cut the skull before it gets piping
hot and the bones get brittle. When you are working on the heads, bear in
mind all this sinew dries on incredibly quickly if you keep it out for too long. So you want
to get it all done and off as quickly as you can as soon as you take it out from boiling.
I am just trying to cut through here. As I say I am not sure if this is going to work
because the skull might be a little bit fragile. I have got to try and remember my woodwork
classes and there we go. So we have met up. So you can see from the back there that we
have got quite a good line and it should lay pretty much flat. Luckily he gets away with it and the skull
is starting to look the part. Whilst it’s piping hot it’s vital that all the leftover
flesh is removed – including the eyeballs. It might be worth investing in some dental
equipment to assist with the smaller orifices. Pick up all your bits as you go as the dogs
like nothing more than eating all the bits and then regurgitating it in your living room
later on in the evening. So like horses hooves they are drawn to them. With all the obvious bits gone Roy needs to
secure the head – a drill and 4 well positioned holes in a piece of wood make it easy. So all I am going to do is put the antlers
in like that and that will act as a bit of an anchor point for when we are cleaning. Roy dons shades and a mack. :Looking like
an extra from the Matrix, he powerhoses the heads. Be very careful when you are pressure washing
because you want to get rid of all the material which is tucked up under the coronet. So we
are going to tip him back over again and wash quite heavily under here but you don’t want
to be taking any colour from the coronets. It’s an effective tool and all that’s left
to do is the bleaching. This is the most surprising tip of all – this gem came from his hair stylist
– yes, Roy’s hair is professionally styled and possibly dyed…. With the liquid peroxide if you just pour
it on it will just roll off. With the cream peroxide it stays on there and froths up.
You just pour it on. Make sure it is in all the nooks and the crannies, leave it over
night and wash it off in the morning. Obviously when handling peroxide just be aware because
it is a bleach. I am just going to tip him upside down and again being very careful in
this process, making sure we don’t get any on the antlers because if you spill any on
the antlers it will take the colour completely off there. Put that on there like so, making
sure that a lot in there, in the brain cavity. You want to make sure you build it up under
the coronets there so that you get all that bleached. All down the nasal bones. On the
eye sockets all the bone there. Up into the eye cavities. We did that when we had it upside
down and that is pretty much it. So all we will do is leave that over night, wash it
off in the morning and leave it to dry and away you go. It’s vital to keep this stuff away from animals,
children and tell everyone in the house what you’re up to – but they’ll probably work that
out for themselves. Thank you Roy. Now from one living legend
to another Max Hunt is still on his way to Kyrgyzstan. We now made it to Kyrgyzstan. We are in Uralsk
the first big city you get to when you enter Kyrgyzstan. The plan is to meet up with some
guys here who can help us around and tell us stuff and show us the city and after that
we want to go out and try and see if we can find the … antelope and see if we can film
it. Very difficult but we will see what we can do. Before we came here we went to Chernobyl
and Chernobyl was very mind breaking for me it was crazy in there. First time ever I experienced
fear like that. It is a scary place and I don’t think I will ever go there again, because
it really influenced me and we saw some evidence of wild life in there. We saw tracks of wolves
and moose and I was quite surprised how nature had taken over. That is all this week from
Max Hunt’s Ancient tour and stay tuned and watch my latest hunt from Germany. It is on
a black roe buck that I did with Michael from Germany and thanks a lot Michael for the nice
trophy you presented to me. Enjoy and stay tuned to Fieldsports Channel. See you later. Next week I am back
again. Thank you Max and we will be showing Max’s
black buck hunt on next week’s show. You will be able to see all Max’s adventures including
his experiences in Chernobyl on his own show on Fieldsports Channel on his return. Next the map that matters. David is back with
Calendar. Welcome to Fieldsports Britain’s calendar
in association with BASC, with dates for your diary, facts for facebook, smart phone and
postit note. Temperatures are expected to rise at the end
of the week with brighter weather over the weekend. The autumn equinox is on Sunday 22nd
September but it’s the spring equinox down under. We have a full moon tomorrow night, Thursday
19th September and thereafter it will be waning gibbous. All in all it will be good weather for ducks,
and the wildfowling season is well under way now with birds arriving from the Continent
and further afield. The odd woodcock is being spotted too. Onto grouse shooting and although some has
been cancelled in both England and Scotland, the season is generally going well. The main
complaint is that birds have been small, which makes the end of September a prime time to
go this year. Plenty of fun shooting events across the UK
on the BASC calendar in the coming week. We kick off in wales with the BASC .410 World
Championship at Mid Wales Shooting Centre in Powys this weekend. That’s not all: there are ladies clayshooting
days in Gloucestershire and the Bob Valentine Shooting School in North Wales; and there
are BASC young shots days at Riseholme College in Lincolnshire, Clevedon in Somerset and
Doveridge Clay Sports Club in Derbyshire. For more, visit the BASC website and click
on the events tab. Well let’s see what the world has been up
to this week in hunting, shooting and fishing. It is Hunting Youtube. This is Hunting YouTube, which aims to show
the best hunting, shooting and fishing videos that YouTube has to offer. AirgunNation is a new airgunning channel.
He does things like accuracy, rifle overviews, pellet comparisons and here he is making a
baking-soda vinegar bomb – handy for cookery terrorists the world over. Now here’s one I hemmed and hawed about before
putting it in – because he contacted me and I kind of felt sorry for him. Airgunner FLCamera
is carrying out an amateur ballistics test of some of the many .177 pellets on the market.
He is a lot more pro than AirgunNation – he is older, and he is almost as annoying as
me. No – don’t be kind – he is. Of course, 疎s any fule kno’, the beating
heart of world airgunning is the UK, and that’s why EdgunUSA has been here in the last week.
Yes, I do mean Edgun, Ted’s Holdover, top of the airgun pops, the Picatinny kid, the
PCPster. AirgunGearShow nabbed him to look at Daystate’s airguns – fast-forward to minute
number four to see him in action – but it could be airguns he is comparing, it could
be ripe fruit or ladies’ lingerie. This is Mr T Holdover and he is fab. Moving into fishing, Mike Peely aka YakFisherUK
sent me one of his kayak fishing videos where he is fishing for sharks. Sharks! Well, tope,
which are a kind of small, angry, Welsh shark. Love this film. Andy Blyth is into a large
salmon. In March 2000, England A centre Andy was injured playing for Sale in an away game
at Saracens. He spent 11 months in hospital and has recovered enough to live a fairly
normal life. He can drive a car, he has a job looking out for foul play in premiership
rugby games, he has a wonderful other half called Lucy, and he can continue his lifelong
passion – salmon fishing – though problems with movement mean playing this one is a struggle. ReivaxFilms2011 is from Spain. We have featured
them before and they are here again because they are among the best in the world, having
brought out their latest brag video. It’s about Ibex hunting. The music is a bit crash-bang-wallop
but the photography is extraordinary. Now we have touched on sika deer in this week’s
episode. So let’s go back to where they come from. The northern Japanese Island of Hokkaido
is stuffed with a sika sub-species and, in this film, a New Zealand production company
is following a resident hunter on a quest for trophy stags. Finally, there’s a big new trend for people
to give up their oldfashioned Daily Mail and The Times, and seek out their news on edgy
youthful websites such as, TheDailyBeast and ClashDaily. While the oldfashioned media
is dull and urban, these new newsgatherers take the world for what it is – and they are
always happy to feature hunting. So, forgive it for being a bit TV-showy, but ClashDaily’s
Hunting Monster Bucks & Eating Live Crickets, where they are after a monster whitetail buck
in the U S of yippe-cai A, ain’t half bad, featuring as it does the gorgeous single white
female Regis Giles from You can click on any of these films to watch
them. If you have a YouTube film you would like us to pop in to the weekly top eight,
send it in via YouTube or, bitte, email me the link [email protected] Well we are back next week and if you are
watching this on Youtube please hit the subscribe button that is somewhere around the outside
of this screen or go to our web page and you will be able to follow us on Facebook, like
us on Twitter or vice versa or scroll down to the bottom of the page and pop your email
address into our constant contact form and we will email you every week about our programme
that is out 7pm Wednesday UK time. This has been Fieldsports Britain with a lot of help
from Ireland.

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