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[Music] Welcome to Fieldsports Britain. Coming up
Roy Lupton he is a bit drab isn’t he? We are blinging him, we are pimping him. We are taking
him to the sweet shop that is the Webley and Scott gun making warehouse for the first in
our series of Pellets, Power and Performance. I feel like Harry Potter choosing a wand. Mark Gilchrist has the second part in his
series How to find shooting ground. We have got our regulars News Stump, Hallo Charlie
and Hunting YouTube. First, we bring you what we believe to be a FIRST for YouTube if not
TV. It’s ‘ferret cam’ This film is more secret squirrel than furtive
ferret. Thanks to years of research carried out in a bunker in where? North Korea – no
– more like Southend – we believe we have the technology to bring you dark secrets of
the underworld. We call upon King of the Ferrets Simon Whitehead,
who has been the brains and the money behind all this. Before he reveals all, he’s got
some proper work to do – checking the drop boxes on a fenceline on this particular farm. The drop boxes is an ancient method of tracking
rabbits or trip trap as some people call them. It is a box put in the ground with a trap
door and a tunnel and the tunnel goes through the rabbit fence so you are giving the rabbit
a way of getting from A to B and from B back to A and then you put a counter lever on the
trap door so when it goes on the plate it doesn’t move and it gets used to going through
and then when we want to harvest the rabbits we take the counter lever or the weight off
the trap door and every time the rabbit goes on there it traps down into the nice box on
the floor, then it springs back up. One customer in here. What you have got to do is make sure
he is despatched straight away. It is always important to make sure this is working again
and that is ready for tonight. With the drop boxes emptied we can crack on
with the main event -strapping cameras to ferrets and bolting rabbits to shotguns. We have been searching high and low for this
and it is a bit of a land mark in what I have been doing because as long as I have been
portraying and protecting ferreting in the media I have always wondered what it is like
to be a ferret. People have said I smell like a ferret I have got the ethics of a ferret.
I am even as feral as a ferret. Well now I am going to have the chance to see what it
is like to be a Perkfield Ferret. We have commissioned … Come on Simon – you have a reputation to maintain
– get a grip. We, or Darren has come up with the answer
to all my questions on what happens to a ferret under the ground. Does it fall asleep, does
it go and have a little word with the rabbit or is it just going to run about like some
people I know try to look busy without doing much. So today we are going to fit one of
the ferrets with the unit. I can’t say what it is called. It is just called the unit. The one thing he is serious about is not allowing
us to film the camera. Sorry about that. It has actually taken a long time to get useable
images in what are horrible filming conditions – firstly it’s pitch black, then there’s the
soil, lots of it, which tends to stick to the lens, then there’s the operator – who
does like to shake wobble and roll. Thankfully for us, some rabbits are camera shy and make
a dash for it. That’s when Simon is waiting for them with, of course, gun cam. [Music] Some of them need two barrels… Simon maintains
the first shot hit the tree – Nevertheless unlike Elma Fudd the Shooting Times writer
always get his wabbit. He is however keen to stress that bolting rabbits to shotguns
needs great care. He’s seen many a capable gun see red and go fairly feral with the excitement
of “the bolt”. Not only have you got the added distraction
of ferrets running up and down the ground, you have got long periods of inactivity and
then you have got a quick flurry of action and rabbit shooting I have found out over
the years have the ability to turn a surface of shots into a gibbering wreck and an unsafe
shot. So there are a few rules I always have with the few people who are allowed to shoot
over my ferrets. The person facing the rabbit holes is in charge of the ferrets, he tells
everybody where they can and cannot go. There’s no wireless picture feed to the surface
so we are filming blind, until we pop the memory card into the computer. We might as
well have given the camera to a mole – did someone say mole – we’ll here’s a man who
is also working to protect this newly seeded pasture and it’s another first for Fieldsports
Britain – a real life mole catcher. You have got to think like a mole to catch
a mole really. As you can see he is built for digging, he is mainly feet. He has very
small eyes, he lives under ground, but he has these huge feet for digging and scraping
away the earth. He has got lovely soft skin which is non directional so he can turn around
in a really small space. The tunnels are only about the size of the mole, but he is able
to turn around in that space without getting all the mud in his fur. So he is really built
for the job and all he does is he digs the tunnel which all they are is basically worm
traps and the worms drop down in front of him and he snuffles them up. I don’t know
whether we can see with this one, his teeth. He has got some pretty good gnashers on there
just for crunching worms. He has to eat a heck of a lot for the size of him there is
not much value in a worm. He spends all his time eating. They work in a four hour cycle.
Four hours off and four hours eating. That is basically his job. The moles are hung on a gibbet line – it used
to be a common site in the British countryside – showing the landowner just how many pests
had been there – and for people like Paul showing just how much money he’s owed. Back to the rabbitting, the ferreting and
the filming, we have a ferret/rabbit confrontation. It’s not easy to make it out – so let me talk
you through it: ferret sees rabbit – we think he tries to get the other side of it – there’s
a struggle then it goes dark because ferret has hold of rabbit and his face plus camera
lens is close up against the rabbit’s body. He tries to drag it to the surface with a
few shouts of protest, whereby he gets a helping hand. Ferret and rabbit are removed from hole
and eventually prised apart, and the miniature cameraman goes back in his box. Now ferreting at this time of year isn’t for
everyone as they do have young. But Simon’s job is to clear the rabbits – and a small
rabbit will eventually be munching as much foliage as a big one. A rabbit is a rabbit. This time of the year
this is the difference between out and out rabbit control and bolting rabbits for sport
and ferreting for sport. They are not going to grow up so there is going to be a gap in
the breeding programme in this area and with everything else that is going on around here
in a matter of time the rabbits will be next down to nothing. The final ferret filming foray doesn’t go
to plan and our cameraman goes first walkabout then layabout. The ferret finder puts him
at 7 feet – Simon does not shy away from a dig. Some even say he enjoys it. You’d have
to, especially when the little blighter moves as he breaks through. Eventually all are accounted for and it’s
time for a refreshing cuppa. All the animals are back, we have got rabbits
in the bag. I am now going to have my cup of tea and go home and have a nice clean up.
So until we meet again, bye, bye for now. It’s been a fascinating day, but after that
last performance we understand that this ferret’s career will now be in front of the crowds
with Simon at the game fairs and NOT behind the camera. Now to our very own news ferret, it is David
on the Fieldsports Channel News Stump. [Music] This is Fieldsports Britain News. Here is a picture that animal rights group
PETA rather you didn’t see. These rubbish bags filled with dead cats have led to claims
that the group is actually abusing animals rather than helping them. They were photographed
outside an American supermarket by Nathan Winograd of BASC has launched a new conservation charity.
The Conservation Trust will open up access to new sources of funding for conservation
work from landfill tax. Every pound that BASC raises allows the charity to apply for £10. It’s all about fishing at the Countryside
Alliance. Read the Alliance’s new magazine online. Download it from A 15-year-old girl’s plea to lawmakers on
gun control in the American state of Maryland has gone viral. Achieving … gun laws would obliterate any
opportunity I could have had to attend a decent college or shooting scholarship … The film of the unidentified girl’s succinct
argument that she needs guns to gain a college scholarship received more than 2 million views
in a week. It was not enough however to stop Maryland introducing a robust gun licensing
system and banning some guns, including some guns made by a Beretta factory located in
the state. New websites to mention this week: Are you looking to get involved in shootjng? calls itself ‘A Friendly Website for Gamekeepers, Beaters and Guns’.
And there’s a new closed group on Facebook called Lamping Foxes run by Fieldsports Channel
viewer Eddie Nash. Simple search Facebook for Lamping Foxes and ask to join. And finally, bucks can still fight even without
antlers. These two animals in Sioux Falls USA are a YouTube sensation You are now up to date with Fieldsports Britain
News. Stalking the stories. Fishing for facts. [Music] Thank you David. Next it is our series on
what you are up to around the world. It is Hallo Charlie. [Music] Here is what the world is up to this week. Hallo Charlie, my name is Ben. I am out doing
a bit of pigeon shooting on one of my permissions about 18 miles north of Cambridge. This will
be my last outing for a while, because I am about to become a father for the second time. Hallo Charlie, Greg Login here. It is my first
outing … , weather is not great, coldest wind, but hope to pick one up. Hallo Charlie, it is Matt from Essex I am
just out at Halstead at the moment see if we can get some pigeons. Wish me luck. Hallo Charlie, hallo Charlie, it is three
am in Dorset and it has been snowing all day, but we decided to go out and shoot some bunnies
and as you can see from here we have had a great day shooting 21 bunnies. However, we
were outfoxed by a certain fox. At one point we got two rabbits and left them by a gate
for collection later on. When we returned there was only one rabbit left. The little
cheeky thing had taken one of them away, but we will get him next time. The little bugger.
Bye, bye Charlie. Bye, bye Charlie. Send us your own Hallo Charlie – film yourself
on your mobile phone – just a sentence saying hallo Charlie, who you are and what you’re
up to. Then share it or email it via YouTube, Facebook, DropBox or YouSendIt, you name it
to [email protected] Now Mark Gilchrist on how to find shooting
ground. Tip number six tell him every time you are
going. You must inform a farmer even if they tell you not to, by email, phone or text every
single time you go. It is your firearm’s certificate, your shotgun certificate, if they go missing
when the police come out in the middle of the night and say are you supposed to be here
and you say yes and they have rung the farmer and he doesn’t know if you are here or not.
Do you want to be in that position? Make sure you know where you are going, make sure you
get a map. Going on to the wrong person’s land is armed trespass. That is six months
inside and no more shooting ever again. If anyone stops you in the middle of the night
and says are you supposed to be shooting, I live in that house down the road apologise,
get their phone number and make sure they find out every single time you go. If you
are going somewhere where they have got problems with poaching make sure you phone the police.
Don’t phone 999 it isn’t an emergency. Look up the telephone number of your local police control centre, or phone directory
enquiries. My next tip is set his expectations low. Don’t
tell him you are going to shoot all the pigeons, all the deer and all the rabbits. You probably
won’t and even if you can something will go wrong on the night. Tell him you will give
it your best shot and you will try and get 50% of what you think you are going to get.
Because it does look very embarrassing when you have to ring up and say I have had a bad
day and only got two. Also nobody likes a smartarse, especially farmers they love to
see other people fail. So don’t get big headed. If you think you are really good at it, don’t
start telling a farmer how to go on on his own farm, he will very quickly tell you to
go somewhere else and he will probably get someone who maybe not as good as you, but
probably just as good as you that will do it with less agro. They don’t want any more
agro they have plenty of that at home. If you are going to bring other people onto the
farm, tell the farmer who you are bringing. Give him the opportunity to say, no I know
so and so, I have had him on here before and I don’t
like him. Don’t surprise a farmer. The worst thing you can do is turn up with five other
mates and turn the whole thing into a circus. If you are treating, your shooting like a
jolly on his farm he will see it. He is looking for a professional service and a job done
properly. You need to supply the farmer with the information, accurate information of where
you have been and what you have shot. He needs to know where his problems are and where you
have solved them. He needs to know the hours you have put in. There is no point saying
farmers don’t appreciate what you have done if they don’t know how many hours you have
put in. They cannot possibly appreciate where you have been and what you have done. You
also need to see that you are on top of all the jobs. You need to pass all the relevant
information to all of the farmers. You need to pass it onto his farm manager, the land
owner anyone that needs to know. The game keeper everyone needs to have a copy of the information. Before I wrote my app I was doing
this by literally writing a spreadsheet on a database and emailing it to farmers every
month. And my last tip, farmers do not want to be
your new best mate. They want their pest controlled and they want it done in silence. You need
to really think about whether you need to make that phonecall to the farmer. Emails
and texts are great because they are unobtrusive, they just pop up and they have the information
they need at a time that is convenient to them. If you are ringing them up they are
stopping what they are doing to talk to you. You probably don’t need to ring them up to
tell them that you have shot three rabbits. That is not going to make their day, it is
not going to solve their problem. It is not even interesting. It is probably not even
interesting to your mates. So make sure if you are phoning him it is for something important.
Now the reason I developed my farmer feed app which is a little bit like a Twitterfeed,
but it is all the shooting that is relevant to that farmer’s particular farm, is that
I know that all my farmers are getting all the information that they could need, start
time, finish time, duration, bag, temperature and
a map of where I have been and what I have done. They are getting all that information
at a time that is convenient with them. So they are looking at it while they are eating
their cornflakes. So I am not disturbing them, but they are definitely getting that information.
That level of information and that level of feedback is what builds trust. You will find
that farmers will recommend you very, very quickly when they know they can trust you. If you have any problems then please follow
me on Twitter. I am @thegamechef. Add me on Facebook if you have questions you want answering
through the Fieldsports Channel send them to me and I will try and slip them in on the
next time I am on here. Happy hunting. Roy Lupton is in a sweet shop, well his kind
of sweet shop. It is the gun making warehouse at Webley and Scott. [Music] Some of our most popular films have been about
air rifles: the way we hunt with them and the fun we have can have with them. Over the
coming months our new series, Pellet Power and Performance will bring you more tests,
more hunting, more slo mo, more NV for night vision. But first we need kit to play with.
Roy Lupton has been offered a trolley dash with a difference at UK based gun and shooting
kit distributor Highland Outdoors I can’t quite believe that we have been invited
down by Highland Outdoors on the premise of coming into their warehouse and picking up
a load of new toys and tiny things. It really is like Christmas and Birthdays all coming
together. I have got to go in there and pick out what we will be using on our new series
of Pellet, Power and Performance and I really can’t wait. Roy has the chance of filling his boots with
pellets, knives, bags, netting, clothing and of course rifles. We’ll now be able to compare
the performance and knock down performance of 3 different calibre rifles and an air pistol,
giving us the fire power to explore the limits of air gun hunting in the backyard, the farmyard
and the whole nine yards. When Roy stops salivating he tells us what
we need and why Ok so what we are looking for with the scopes
here, is something we can use on the air rifle that we are going to be able to use with the
night vision and the difficulty we have got is that we need a scope that has got variable
zoom and has got a side parallax. So at least we have got a lot of scopes to choose from.
So we should be able to find something that fits the bill absolutely perfectly. So another
thing which I think will be very, very handy some of the canopy burlap here and some of
the three D fabric. Excuse me, but I am not 5XL. Not a chance. For rabbits I do like a
nice little blade so that you can put your finger in there and zip them open. It is always
good to put as many different types of pellets through your rifle because you can always
get different results like we have already proven. So I am quite looking forward to doing
some tests with these on target and obviously in the hunting scenario as well. We already
did the rabbit head tests and I think we have got a huge amount of possibilities
of tests we can do with these. While Roy releases the inner shoplifter we
can catch up with Highland Outdoors boss John Bright. If anyone knows about the health of
the shooting industry he does. The industry itself is fairly buoyant. We
have found a bit of a shift over the last couple of years, people spending, still buying,
but not spending the same money. So say three years ago if they were buying a new scope,
they might spend £200 on a scope. Now they still want to buy a new scope, but they are
spending £150 on a scope. So we have found that the dynamics there have changed, the
amount of new shooters coming in, our sales of gun cabinets every month increase, which
is always a positive thing and your entry level which means that new shooters are coming
into the sport. Gun bags, 1000’s of gun bags keep going out, I don’t know where they go,
but they go. Hmm. With Roy’s pallet starting to groan it’s time
to look at the Webley range of air rifles. There are some which can be seen, and some
that apparently cannot!! Plus there’s also one of the grandest names from the Birmingham
trade Webley & Scott’s range of shotguns -… but the boy needs to focus and as punishment for
going off piste he has to do some exercise – Roy is building up a sweat on a new pump
heading to a gunshop near you soon. I have always had concerns with using stirrup
pumps, just purely because you are pumping it in and you are not sure if you are putting
debris in there or moisture in there, but you reckon this one is a new improved version. This is our lightest version of the pump and
what we have done is we have introduced another filter. So now you have actually got three
filters on that pump. And you reckon it is one pump per shot. Within the normal working range of the gun
12ftlb .22 gun it is 1 pump roughly per shot. I am very embarrassed – let’s get out quick. This warehouse is a hunter’s paradise and
we’ve been very lucky to rifle through the shelves, so before they change their minds
it’s time for us to leave – we’ve got films to make! So from a tin shed in Leicestershire to wider
world of hunting on YouTube it is Hunting YouTube. This is Hunting YouTube, which aims to show
the best hunting, shooting and fishing videos that YouTube has to offer. The roebuck season is underway, so what better
way to whet your appetite than to bring you some of the monster bucks available in the
former Eastern Europe. ServalHuntingVideo has uploaded its new film ‘Best of Roebuck
Hunting’about roe in Croatia How can we mention Croatia without mentioning
Tomo Svetic, without whom Fieldsports Channel may not have started? His new film is Mouflon
hunt Croatia, showing a hunt from last month with a guest from Alabama USA. Staying in eastern Europe, Wild Boar Driven
Hunt in East-Hungary 2012 shows exactly that. It offers the crunch of hoof on snow, the
distant boom of other rifles but the noisiest thing in the forest is the camera motor zoom. Going into fishing and here is the story of
how 12 anglers battle against all the odds to attain carp fishing success in deepest
France. This film in English is by FreeSpiritFishing Peoria Carp Hunters II is a slightly different
take on the carp fishing theme, with these Americans going at the carp with bows and
arrows. Zac and Nate battle an invasive species. This is not fishing as we know it. This is
pest control. Soundtrack includes the Jaws theme tune. Now we’re after more pests. Out with the .177
is Wedge2409’s story about shooting ferals in a barn and rabbits in a field. It follows
the familiar pattern of stalk, shoot and slow-mo. For slightly larger birds, we move to Nebraska
where GrowingDeerTV an exciting start to the archery-only turkey season. Finally, we’re still in the United States
but at the other end of it in Texas for ‘bobcat down!’ by HogChaser85. This is his friend’s
first bobcat, called in and shot. You can click on any of these films to watch
them. If you have a YouTube film you would like us to pop in to the weekly top eight,
send it in via YouTube, or email me the link [email protected] Now if you like all those films you will love
Schools Challenge TV. This week it’s the university and college
clayshooting cup – the University Challenge 2013. Forget Jeremy Paxman and all that intellectual
bobbins. This is the prize that matters. There are plenty of teams in with a chance today.
There is a strong showing from the agricultural colleges, but Cambridge University, Aberystwyth
and Plymouth are all up among the prizes. That’s not all. this week’s Schools Challenge
TV also has News, a feature with doyens of the shooting competition world Ian Coley and
Doug Florent, and a lesson on how to improve your shooting. Click on the link on the screen
to watch it. Well we are back next week and if you are
watching this on Youtube don’t hesitate to hit the subscribe button that is somewhere
on the outside of the screen there or go to our website where
you can click to like us on Facebook follow us on Twitter or scroll down to the bottom
of the page pop your email address into the constant contact form and we will constantly
contact you about our programme which is out 7pm UK time every Wednesday. This has been
Fieldsports Britain.

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