Field Scouting Basics Workshop

So in text book and in class you all learned at one point in time, you learned that the auxiliary buds will come out at those cotyledon nodes at the bottom. Any of the nodes above that. So while the rabbits and the ground squirrels chew that off their re-growing out of those auxiliary buds. And so give these another four weeks and you will not be able to tell the difference without really looking down there. You won’t be able to tell this soybean apart from one that did not have it. Get in there right at emergence or right after planting,. You get a couple of zeros and then you” and then you’ll have a sense of if your sampling over time how quickly numbers are going up or down. Or maybe they are going up, down up. could be any situation. and so I want to get in there every 7-10 days, that would be the entomologist gold standard. That seems like probably like a real crazy
ask because I realize you guys have probably ten different jobs it’s more than just scouting insects. probably multiple fields, multiple clients
or your family, friends, spread out a couple different counties in some situations it’s
really hard. What I know about insects is that their population changes very quickly. Especially those with really short life cycles. So every 7-10 day gives you the most accurate way to measure their density fluctuation.

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