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– Hi, I’m Paris and this is Pierre. The last day of Pierre
Week we saved something very interesting to try out, yeah, you know what’s in that package. It’s this. It’s a Toys R Us dog toy. Did you know they were making dog toys? It sets the dog to fetching a ball and when they bring it
back, they get a treat. (acoustic guitar chords) ♫ Epic review guys The Fetch ‘n’ Treat. You can find it at PetSmart,
maybe at Toys R Us. It’s goes for about
$30 and I’ll put a link to it down below this video. Alright, Pierre, let’s see
what excitement awaits. The hard part I’m thinking
is going to be training the dog to bring the ball back. Pierre loves to chase the ball but he’ll never bring it back to us. Comes with a tennis ball. Here we go! Doesn’t this look exciting? Mmmm, smells like plastic. No inspections in here. You’ve got the right idea. Looks like a potty training
thing I had for the kids. Pierre, there is the tennis ball. You like playing with those, yeah? And, maybe it’s so easy to understand that there aren’t any instructions. Here, you hold on to the tennis ball. Okay. It’s made of very thick plastic, so it can withstand some chewing, I think. And I’ll get the ball. We’re going to play with
this out in the living room on the wooden floor, so inside,
the dog can drop the ball and there’s a little levery
deal that will come down and then let the ball roll out. And I think that lever that comes down, activates the treat release, the most important part, yes! It activates the treat
release and so when the dog drops the ball in, having
returned it from fetching it, it comes out the hole here. This is when it works properly. I have some little treats
that I think are the right size for that. You pour them in the top. Pierre, are you ready
to go play with this? Looks ready for a treat. I’m going to let Pierre see this part. Here’s where the treats go. Fill them in there. It seems awfully
accessible to dog or human. Pierre, don’t look. Pierre can smell the
treats in there. (giggles) Hey, hey, there’s a process involved. So Pierre, take it. No, take a look at this. See, this is a ball. Ball, Pierre, say ball. You aren’t going to say ball. Well look, we drop it in there. That comes through and look at that! A treat props out! So over here, three treats popped out. Okay, now did you see– (laughs) Did you see how that worked? See the ball, Pierre? The ball? The ball goes in, yeah, you lost interest already. See the ball goes in
here, and that’s when the treats come out. Bell goes in, look! Treats come out, whoa! Now, did you notice? You’re missing the ball, Pierre. You need to put the ball in. Pierre? You take the ball. (laughs) You put the ball in and
then the treats come out. You see, take the ball You want me to do it? No, you– You take the ball and put it in the hole. There’s no more food. Take the ball, here, look! Grab the ball. Grab the ball. Ball. Okay, here we go. Ball? Here we go again. Ball, ball, look look, watch watch Look, ball, goes in the hole. And treats come out! Amazing! And easily repeatable. Would you like more treats? Well take the ball and put it in the hole! See? There’s a ball. There’s a ball. Ball is related to the process. You’ve got to put the
ball in the hole, Pierre. Now you take the ball and do it. Take the ball, grab the ball, Pierre. The ball! No, not my hand. You need to do it. You need to do it! Let’s see how far the ball will roll. I need you to come over here, Pierre. Go fetch over there! I need you to scootch. Scootch, scootch. Okay, how far will the ball role. Well, when it gets caught
in the treats, not very far. I really can’t imagine it’ll
go any distance at all, out in the grass or even on carpet. It’s only going to foll
a few feet, at most. Don’t look at my foot, look at the ball! It’s the key to the treats! The key to the treats. It’s right here. There you go! Pick up, okay. Well, Pierre has decided this
is a better use of his time and figuring out about how
those treats magically come out every time a ball just
magically appears too. Maybe he’ll get it in time. Did you have fun on Pierre Week? Was it fun, Pierre? (laughing) This is the part you like best. Okay, if you’re interested
in the Fetch ‘n’ Treat, if you think that your dog
might figure out how it works and if you have a flat
surface you can put the toy on so that the ball will
actually roll some distance, this could provide some
entertainment to your dog. I don’t know, maybe when
Pierre gets hungry a little later, he’ll put a little
more effort into figuring out how it all works. Yes! Thanks to everyone for
watching Pierre Week. Pierre will be back when
he finds some more products he’s interested in and
decides, needs reviewing. Thanks everyone for watching. You can keep checking
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he watches our videos.

17 thoughts on “Fetch-n-Treat Review- Toys R Us Pets | EpicReviewGuys CC

  1. okay I think the entire point of this product was missed had I been the creator I'd say the instructions would go something like this and there for the dog and owner would get much more enjoyment out of it.
    1. get dog interested in tennis ball after machine has been filled with treats and placed on flat surface.
    2. throw tennis ball. allow dog to chase ball when dog returns with pall teach dog to drop ball in machine.
    3. as ball rolls out and dog is enjoying treats pick up ball and repeat.

    caution please watch what kinds of treats you use. as this could lead to weight gain.

    enjoyed the videos this week other then todays. keep up the work

  2. A cute fun video. Too many treat's come out at once. By the time he eats the treat's. He has forgotten where the ball came from. What bread of dog is that?

  3. Oh wow treats and a ball game that rewards the fetching how smart and fun. he sure liked the treat part of it LOL. he's so cute

  4. I think that you talk too much. You have shown you dog how it works. Leave him alone, let the ball beside and he'll figure it out. or not. Try another day. If you keep showing your dog how to by doing it in front of him/her, he/she will start thinking this is YOUR part fo the game.

    My dog is a fanatic retriever and figured it all after 2 times that we showed her.
    We looked away, just left the ball beside the toy.
    After waiting for us for a while, she took the ball and did it perfectly.

    But then… no treats came out. OK it was another brand, so I don't know for this one.

    We have tried it again, it never worked properly with humans doing it. She found a better way: she shakes the toy all over the place and does get some treats. That is probably what most dogs will do.

  5. Can someone help me out please! My Fetch n treat is stuck. The flap that launches the ball is stuck and takes lots of force to release and launch the ball. Please if anyone knows what to do let me know!

  6. The concept is good but the dog pays more attention to the treat than catching the ball. it will be better if the ball go faster and the treat takes a few mins to come down so the dog catches the ball without any distractions. Meh! … Cute dog!

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