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Family: Three days ago, I found out that its nose is wounded It hurts Which one hurt the rabbit? The owner goes out She left? Did this little prairie dog hurt the rabbit? I’m sorry… It’s probably not the prairie dog… Looking for me? The ferret is the one! Help me! Ferret under arrest why?! You had it coming! You little bastard! Ferret is boneless… Come out! Vet: Often, there are ferrets that are aggressive and have a lot of hunting instincts If there are animals that are stronger than the ferret, his aggressiveness will probably be reduced A cat trying to take care of the ferret So you are the one causing troubles? pretends to sleep New shelter for the prairie dogs Ferret’s new playground I’ll be a nice ferret from now one

60 thoughts on “Ferret Always Escapes From The Cage To Bully Other Animals | Kritter Klub

  1. stupid, ferrets kill and eat rabbits it's just dumb to have them both in the same room also its ferret abuse to put them into a cage

  2. The ferret is a predator and should not be in the same room as the other animals, he might kill one, lucky they haven't been killed yet. Not the ferret's fault, but it is not acceptable to let this happen!! Please get the ferret's oit of there, animals deserve to feel safe.

  3. Any of these animals WILL suffer worse if left in the same room. Adding stupid noises does not make this funny. I usually enjoy your videos, but this 1 is setting a really bad example to looking after different animal species. I'm unsubscribing, i cant stand this. One of the prey animals will die, even if it's from too much adrenaline @!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Isn’t this the story of introducing foreign species to try and control the native populations? It Hasn’t worked particularly well in most countries around the world. What do you do when the cat starts bullying one of the animals? Well, she then needs to get a dog. And when the dog starts bullying one of the animals? Well, she gets a horse. I think you see where this is going….

  6. Ferrets should NEVER be in the same room as rabbits or small rodents. They are ferrets' natural prey. Even if the ferret is in a cage the rabbits are under great stress because they can smell there's a predator nearby. This is really irresponsible and putting the ferret in such a small cage is abuse. A cat will not make any difference. My cat is even afraid of my ferret. It's not their fault if they harm the rabbits, it's the owner's fault.

  7. How about I bring in a bear and that will settle this household down. I am being facetious, of course, but my point is you can’t mix all of these animals In one household —-including a known predator of rabbits. This is animal hoarding and not safe.

  8. These animals shouldn't be in smelling distance of each other. Ferrets are meant to act this way, it's not his fault. Other animals know to fear the smell of the ferret too, especially the prairie dogs. Introducing an animal to also terrify the ferret is a terrible idea.

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  10. That cage is so bad for their feet… WTF. And also, how are you gonna let ferrets near animals they hunt?! So sad…

  11. Why do you keep so many little fellows at your home? Please make sure they either get along or completely protected or separated in other room, their lives could be endangered.

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