Ferne Animal Sanctuary Part 1

Hello I’m Mathew Wood from Orchards Estates
here today to visit Ferne Animal Sanctuary as part of our commitment to
investing in helping give back to our local communities and support good
causes in our area. We’ve taken on a corporate sponsorship to try and help
out Ferne and look at the really good work they do, so what we’ve done we’ve
come along today to meet some of the staff. Hopefully meet some of
the residents, the animals here and some of our little furry friends.
Certainly as a nation of animal lovers and I know as an office of animal lovers,
many of you may well have seen the pictures of the dogs that we have in the
office on a regular basis, We thought it’s a really good cause to help out so
Why don’t we go and have a look, meet some of the people and find out a bit more
about Ferne Animal Sanctuary. So here we are arrived at the visitors center which
is where most people will turn up when they first get here. Mind in the post.
The sun is just coming out for us which is lovely so why don’t we go on
inside and meet some of the people here. So here we are inside it’s nice and warm
in here and we’re going to meet Jenny and some of the team from the animal
Sanctuary, so let’s go and meet them now. Mathew this is the lovely visitor
center and the conference room next door which opened in May last year. Very
very lucky to have this wonderful facility and here you see the
storyboards about Rona Harman a wonderful lady who lived in Middlesex.
Who used to holiday in this part of the country and visit fern when she
was here. One year we took in her three tortoises when she could no
longer look after them. When she died in August 2015
we were told that she’d left her entire estate to the sanctuary. Wow that’s
amazing. Amazing we had absolutely no idea whatsoever. Legacies like
that make a really big difference to us It’s something we always wanted to do was to have a
visitor so rather than sort of have a base for our education projects , but
Rona was the last line no living relatives, so once she died
nobody would ever remember or talk about her again. We thought this was a lovely tribute
to her, people will always remember her, I think it was John
Lennon who said you never truly dead while people are talking about you.
That’s great what an amazing story well we’re looking forward
to having a look around so shall we go and have a look This is a great
facility that people can hire to help contribute to the funds needed to
maintain Ferne but I know one of the things you said to me was that a lot of people have this misconception that you only look after abandon but actually that’s not really the case is it? so tell us a bit about what happens here? people don’t really understand the extent of our work and how we work with the community I often think we are an extension of Social Services People come to us when they are at the lowest ebb of life. They have probably lost a marriage Their homes Their jobs Their grazing land in the case of the larger animals and they are very very upset. So we have to make experience as painless as possible. Let them know that we will look after their animals and make sure they are found a good home and just support them in the best way we can. Wonderful, that’s really interesting, so you are looking after people as well as animals. again or
maybe even helping with the animals It’s interesting. We actually get involved with the community We have a dementia group that comes along and helps us us with gardening and a group of young adults who are here on a regular basis every week and they work in the cafe or on the gardens or maybe even helping with the animals. They will clean out the Guinea Pig houses They quite enjoy that actually. Its Lovely to watch them growing in the way they come in and they are very nervous and shy to start off with. Within a short period of time they come in and have a bit of cheeky banter with us. That’s Fun. That sounds fantastic. Well let’s go and have a
look at some other parts of the Sanctuary Here we are in the Sensory Garden and not only volunteers who learning difficulties we have a lot of visitors who have learning difficulties as well. We thought it would be rather nice to
have somewhere where everybody of all abilities could actually find something
to enjoy so we’ve got the common concave and convex probably the little musical
instruments there and the plants are all different colors and you can taste some
and you can feel some a texture to differ
and there’s also lots of different surfaces. I can see that on the floor.
That’s lovely right where are we off to next?

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