FEMA officials say they're already pouring supplies and resources, like search and rescue teams, int

so along with where the hurricane Gus stuff we're now dealing with Hannah just got off the video conference with the National Hurricane Center Hannah is kind of stalled right now they're not sure exactly what it's going to do the predictions are that it will go up the east coast of Florida and then swing right and perhaps perhaps go into either Georgia South Carolina North client area we have to watch this and very closely because we don't know the intensity that's going to be and we don not sure exactly where it's going to make landfall on top of that we have Ike out there and emitted Atlantic and then another one is just came off the coast of Africa so it looked like a busy hurricane month instead this month we've brought into the area 30 aircraft 120 rescue boats and 22 cutters as well as a number of sure response teams who look at a number of different areas of need and assessment and all of that is factored into how we move forward to make sure everybody's safe to make sure the marine environment is safe and to move commerce along at the same time we're keeping a careful eye on the developing storms Ike in particular a little bit early to predict its course but we are watching that as we're watching hannah and we will be ready dependent upon the course that those storms take

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