Felineasy | Littergard Kit Solution for Littermaid Waste Receptacles

Use with 1st & 2nd Edition Littermaid Models LM680 & LM980 Welcome to Felineasy home of Littergard and the Littergard kit for Littermaid and Nature’s Miracle Automatic cat litter boxes. This video will provide a quick overview of the two products designed by Felineasy. For the sake of this video, I will remove the litter box cover to better explain installation and operation instructions The Littergard is a patented hinging device Designed to prevent litter and waste under the junction of the litter pan and the inserted receptacle. To apply the littergard simply peel off the release paper that comes with the littergard and align the longer narrow Styrene strip to rest just below the front edge of the litter pan For best results allow a small gap between the narrow strip and the edge of the litter pan. Before applying the adhesive, make sure the litter pan area is clean and dry. Do not use alcohol or nonstick sprays on this area as these cleansers will prevent adhesion. Firmly press the Littergard adhesive onto the litter pan. If you experience difficulties with alignment carefully remove the Littergard from the pan and reapply. Properly installed, the Littergard should last for months. The Littergard kit provides a complete system to prevent receptacle replacements. The kit consists of the Littergard shown here already in place, four receptacles and two receptacle covers. One of the receptacles is installed in the usual manner. The other three are thermally trimmed to specified heights and nested together to provide strength and flexibility. The bottom trimmed receptacle has a lifting strap to aid in removal and replacement of this nested liner. Simply place the nested liner inside the standard receptacle making sure that the Littergard sits inside. When it’s time to empty the receptacle simply lift the strap Pull out the liner and dispose of litter and waste. If necessary the liner may be rinsed out before replacing in the unit. Depending on the weight of the receptacle contents you may need to support the weight of the filled liner Properly installed and maintained the Littergard kit should be a permanent solution that eliminates receptacle Replacements saving you time and money and providing a cleaner home and environment and a happier and healthier Feline household. Thank you for watching and happy cats from Felineasy

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