Feisty Pets v. Cops!

Harry Potter and the police lineup sorry mr. Potter which one of these suspects stole your invisibility cloak hmm that's a tough one officer live in the feisty life nine-one-one what's your emergency yes I'd like to report a robbery sergeant funk is that you yes lieutenant bacon what robbery do you want to report I just oh girl you need to have two people to be in the carpool lane check the trunk is there a problem officer was that you the trash that old lady's garden no man that wasn't me then explain this weed not a taint my officer it always been scores write papers darn kids always bring in the law you wouldn't give a cute girl a ticket now would you no ma'am I wouldn't please sign here oh dear God it looks like the victim was cut to pieces it's over here sir oh my bad driver's license please is this supposed to be you well that's an old picture officer so after I tell the bank teller that this is a stick-up you empty the cash register grab is an undercover cop do you mind I'm trying to sleep here did you know that you were going 70 miles an hour no I wasn't I was going 80 don't listen to him officer he never makes any sense when he's been drinking the suspect is female long blonde hair rosy cheeks pouty lips beautiful eyes I think I'm in love [Applause] do you know how fast you were going at least 95 I was trying to get that blur effect and the selfie I was taking oh you can totally do that in post go into filters and choose blur somebody call my lawyer get these cuffs off of me get in the car you reduce copy Rudolph suspected accomplice is critical who has a long history of Breaking and Entering grandma suffered four hoof wounds to the head and body we do not yet know if alcohol was involved two months no cameras you're feisty a real feisty pet always been scars right up 365 day 24/7 device gently side to side

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