Feisty Pets Cute to Scary Plush Animals

hi everyone welcome Evie’s toy house today we
have some feisty pets these were sent to me by Jazwares thank you so much I think
we’re going to have lots and lots of fun so you don’t know what feisty pets are
you are in for a treat so we have five for them today and they look really cute
and adorable right now don’t may we have a kitty cat named princess potty mouth
we have a little rabbit here named Vicky vicious hmm we have a pup here
this is Sammy sucker punch and over here we have the bear serve growls a lot and
over here we have a very special unicorn her name is Glenda glitter poop so you
might be wondering these names are very very strange they don’t look like
they’re names for such cute little critters
what is up so you might not realize it but these pets have attitude and I have
the files to prove it so I have a little folder here and in here we have
information on each of these pets to tell us all about their attitudes
alright so let’s get them out of the box and take a closer look alright first up
we have princess potty mouth let’s check out her file what does it say hmm
oh my gosh look at her so she likes to prowl prank and sleep in and she
dislikes fairies uh Valentine’s Day and people so it is advised and we need to
wear thick layers of clothing before attempting to pet princess potty mouth
I wonder why I’ll just take a look at princess potty mouth I think she is
really really cute look at those big adorable eyes hey watch who you’re
calling adorable I am NOT adorable ah oh my gosh what was that
she just went from adorable to ferocious like this so this is super super fun so
with a little squeeze back here she goes from super cute to
angry oh my gosh look at these teeth oh my gosh
and these angry eyebrows alright let’s check out the next one so next one is
Vicky Vicious oh my gosh this is a cute little bunny
she is soft and cute but she’ll turn on you if you squeeze her hmm
so she likes to destroy Gardens rapid music and chewing electrical cords
she dislikes cartoon characters Easter and your toes oh my gosh we better keep
our toes away so here is Vicky vicious isn’t she adorable that is well until
she’s not oh my gosh look at her these are too cute I love this oh my gosh
angry just like that alright next we have our cute little puppy Sammy
sucker-punch isn’t he adorable let’s take a look at his file he says he likes
to chew shoes eat crayons and nap in the laundry and dislikes bath time his tail
and your mom so oh my gosh so he is super cute and super soft so that’s what
I like about these feisty pet cset they are so soft too so I can cuddle with
them and give him a nice hug but don’t squeeze their head because he’ll go from
super cute to very very mean looking just like that and here is sir grouse a
lot so he’s a bear look at him he looks pretty calm right now and let’s take a
look at his file so he likes trash cans raw meat in hibernating and dislikes
waking up loud noises and jail food oh dear this bear has been to jail and I
don’t like they have awful awful food that’s all so
you prick you look at him Oh big brown eyes and last of all we have our white
unicorn this white unicorns name is Glenda glitter poop and she likes
zombies mushrooms and electrical sockets hmm dislikes balloon animals world peace
and lollipops lollipops what a strange thing to dislike I don’t like the way
they taste okay now leave me alone but chocolate candy
bars are okay all right Sonny and Princess your turn let’s get together
for your close-up hey you watch it no pushing what are you talking about
you’re in my way I was not you sit back now you sit back hey you guys stop it
and behave all we need is one picture are they one so here’s our collection of
feisty pets which one is your favorite my favorite is Glinda glitter poop I
think she is a super super adorable what do you guys think if you think I’m
adorable you better subscribe and like this video and we’ll see you guys next
time bye

26 thoughts on “Feisty Pets Cute to Scary Plush Animals

  1. Haha! I was watching once a video with a kid that had a unicorn pillow like you have and when the parent did that angry face , the kid had to cry xD but i also cryed cause i cant see people crying i have to cry then 2!!! Loll

  2. Someone in my year bought to school the unicorn scary face plushie and when I saw it, I was like “what the?!” ??

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