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Hey everybody. for today’s adventure I am in Phelan California. it’s a little drive outside of Los Angeles Today we’re at the Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary It’s kind of a rescue center for exotic animals that have been in bad industries and owned by private people They come here when they’re no longer able to be taken care of by their former owners, so yeah They give them a good place to live. It’s a good cause to support plus We might be able to get to feed some Tigers today. Yeah, that’s what’s interesting me about it, so let’s do the thing Hello Well hey there Right now I am literally surrounded by venomous snakes Me and my wife started this back in 1995 most of the animals that you will see here are actually confiscations from US Fish and Wildlife California Department of Fish and Wildlife, local animal controls, and owner surrender. In this room basically everything in here except for two animals are venomous. Right here, The world’s longest venomous snake This is a king cobra. a gentleman up in San Francisco area used to own her. Not legally. She got a little bit too big for him to handle and was surrender basically to us All right Hello We’ve got a chatty macaw here So this is Turbo, This is a ring-tailed lemur she was shot with a pellet gun. The wing just wouldn’t heal properly How awesome So Diesel is about 15 years old. His old owner had a stroke. We took him in, and he’s actually You know doing really really well Hi Charlie Singing dogs? This is Tazzy and Dinky. these guys are Wild dogs from New Guinea. In California, They’re actually legal for anybody to own, but they are definitely not your normal dogs There’s a whole chorus of singing dogs going on right now I need to put together a choir of these guys, they’d be a hit. You know the noise that they make, you know what it’s called? Chuffing. Listen. That’s their happy noise. what do you think of the tiger? He’s big What a sweety Taj actually came from a circus. This particular circus I know some that take wonderful care of their animals, but this particular one didn’t He was malnutritioned, he had rickets. He was completely blind and he was just a four months old What are you doing? She just wants a hug Alligators are probably the most common rescue that we do Guys when I touch his tail? Wow very cool Most of his life he had a Strap around his nose to keep him from biting. this gator right here is 21 years old No way Okay. This is the moment most of us have been waiting for, we’re going to feed some tigers And then hold on to this He did it Awesome That’s a very impatient tiger She’s ready for food nom nom it just knocked the meat off, and then he’s just sitting on it Yeah. They’re not the most intelligent animals He’s like, where’d it go? Where’d the meat go, it was just here? He figured it out What do you think Todd what did you think of that? that was pretty cool. The tigers were most impressive just the size especially when they got up on their hind legs So that was a really awesome adventure getting to see all these different kinds of wild animals that have been Rescued and taken care of so well I really encourage you guys if you’re in Southern, California to come out and try this, it’s family friendly It’s adventurous. You can get to feed Tigers if you want Oh my gosh. That was amazing. Tigers are my favorite animal if you did not know already That was a really cool experience I gotta say. I’d like to specifically thank Forever Wild for providing us with the tour and Showing us what they’re doing with it. if you liked the video, if you like animals Give it a thumbs up. Subscribe for more adventurous content to come. You guys are awesome, take care Zoinks! Let’s get out of here, Scoob I love this guy’s hair cut. he’s either Shaggy or a you know a surfer or something

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  1. I don’t see how such a large animal confined into such a small cage is considered a sanctuary. I’m all for the preservation and conservation of wildlife but not in such a poor way; for these big cats to be in such a tiny enclosure compared to what they roam out in the wild is sad. Do better and be better.

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