Feeding My Dog By Mouth Challenge

easy can you do it a little more gentle wait take it good you know how many people in the comments are gonna say that I'm disgusting okay okay okay go wait wait a minute self-control if Turkel control hi yes mi see no sweep no sweep sweep come here wait what went wait Kappa good boy you like it ready for the fall yeah oh wow it missed the secret Club each easy rope high-five yes high-five yes high-five yes high-five yes high-five kid yes boys no patience is key yes

26 thoughts on “Feeding My Dog By Mouth Challenge

  1. Linda would be an amazing mother if having children is in the cards for her. Her dog and her are hilarious I can only imagine her videos if she had a baby.

  2. I've been doing this with my German Shepherd since she was a baby. People are always surprised by how gentle she is. Even if a stranger's kid decides to copy me. Which was terrifying, but she did me proud lol

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