Feeding Fierce Starling | Love Plant and Animal

Today I will feed my starlings. I will put my
hand into the cage. Now my hand is inside the cage. This one perch on my hand
directly and peck my finger. Actually my starling are get used with me. Look he
is singing and dancing. He doesn’t want to leave my hand This bird is quite fierce. Jumping away
and that was the male and the female is eating now. Dancing singing again and
again. The box over there is for laying eggs but they have never laid eggs.The
female is the second one. It was another female before. These are Suren
starlings and have been here for more than two
years but like I said they never laid eggs. They are actually are match each
other. This is the female eating. The food is voer. Sometimes I give them crickets They have made a nest inside the box and
now I will pull my hand out

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