Feeding ALL the EXOTIC PETS!!

all right so first we're going to feed the little puppy are you Joey are you new he's a little German Shepherd just give her a half a cup and it's been all three times a day for greed I think next is the 160 we got an Australian Falls we got a Jaguar cichlid we got a final 90 bite sure that fanatic actually gave Paul and then last but not least two platinum right so fat fish this tank is my favorite this look like natural ethically looks it's it's crazy alright so these guys just get tilapia whatever is tilapia silversides shrimp but I think today we're going to go with hey Bubba whoa you're next buddy and then go to the pigs right now some lettuce just Alafia defrost there's bones in that now so once that's done we're gonna go feed the fish alright I'm gonna say this for the turtles that all the leftovers go to the turtles and all this hose in the 160 I can see my reflection hey guys anybody interested you eat it No oh here comes the other oh here comes oh yeah there we go most fast they clean that a world fast literally destroy the Andes back to a spot yeah we're happy that pigs oh oh oh thank you wake up you two break it up stop let go of him oh my god oh my god here everybody go poor albino didn't get any food and then a fight always biting the poor guy and then he attacked oh we got to I've never seen that oh my god no fighting oh there's a bunch of food on there yeah so as you can see these turtles are pretty feisty oh boy that's an understatement yeah I can't believe what I just witnessed I just had to break up Turtles like you can literally to see they're scattering all around the boy oh god no you got another turtle fight we're gonna kill the turtle fight oh okay all right all right so well that's the boys are doing great chickens chickens here they come they are munching that thing right there is a massive goldfish that is a goldfish there's a huge huge boat they never got so I think tamales and platies I'm just gonna sprinkle some food all around and they'll find it and start munching something very cool about this tank pond whatever you want to call it is that there is no filter on here it is all being filtered by these plants the roots catch all the particles anything bad or any dirt Zoey come on and next got our all right back throughout saying because we have a fishing shop actually in the water right now for fnatic go check that out and see it on this channel yeah so right now this is Luna we got some tetras in there and yeah more custards now baby crawfish – so I'm just gonna put a pinch in watch you destroy that we're good this thing has been around for so many years ago one of the oldest betta fish I've ever seen put a little more she's still kicking munching perfect crawfish hang one of my favorite tanks in the whole house I've mentioned that before just because I actually escaped this whole thing out and I love crawfish I'm just gonna put some pieces on the bottom read them all out and eventually they'll find anything the fish will pick up it a little oh he's got it easy perfect alright honestly I'm gonna get another flame and frost that one going by right there is perfect it's really good that they kick all this stuff up because close and rain over there where it just drains out all the bad water and is always putting in new owners yoke oh dude mmm munching marijuana I also forgot to give them some pellets I gave them the tilapia earlier so now I'm just gonna talk King so now I'm gonna give them some pellets just probably spread it all out like that there's a lot of turtles in here so that's why I have to put that much food in but you'll see I'll be gone in 10 minutes so yeah so I gave Paul a snapping turtle named Raptor as you guys saw in a couple videos I gave him two pink belly side necks about this big and I gave him this guy right here a yellow belly that I get he was about this big when I gave him the Paul now he's that big there's many yellow bellies in here but yeah they are munching on these pellets I love this pond so much and Paul is actually gonna do a huge upgrade on this thing they're gonna be going into a whole new enclosure Paul is having it custom-built so it's stay tuned for that because it will all be done on paws channel no this is an awesome turtle enclosure you got the basking rocks right here they got a heat lamp at night or when it gets cold out they got heaters he has like 5 years they have another basking floating dock some live plants some logs and rocks they can all swim through and last but not least a nice UV filter to keep this thing clear this is Paul's favorite turtle I think because it does this you'll see right come on do it oh my gosh that turtle has three arms what uh wait what he has three arms I've never seen that in my life that thing has three arms but what I was trying to tell you is this turtle does this the turtle history ups and he's frickin doing great for a three arm turtle look at him swim look at Zoe she wants to come out oh nice she left me a nice present what the hell is that Zoe bad girl get inside get your room right now hey hey hey Zoe Zoe oh god dot it boom alright guys if you enjoyed this video of me feeding all Pauls pets please leave a like in a comment down below also don't forget to turn on those post notifications so you do not miss out on any of this crazy stuff that we film if you guys enjoyed this video like I send you forth hit that like button comment down below and we'll see you in the next one [Applause] [Applause]

35 thoughts on “Feeding ALL the EXOTIC PETS!!

  1. I'm surprised Paul trust you with his friends ? or should I be more surprised that they're still alive ? I love the videos keep it up there entertaining ?

  2. Keep an eye on the dog. Her short tail is a deformity and sometimes goes along with spine deformity. Often accompanied by no bowl control. So she will drop a poop just anywhere. Kind of like she did in the video lol.

  3. First off love the vids have been watching you, Paul, and Finatic for a while and at first I thought that the turtle bit the other ones foot off but idk lol!!!?

  4. Love yours and Paul's channels, but I definitely agree with some of the other comments, look into better foods for the pup! Will make her have a healthier, happier, longer life, and also will make her skin and coat so much more shiny and soft! She would just be a much healthier puppy all the way around! Keep the videos coming!

  5. Tbh idk if pedigree is the way to go, maybe dogchow? Paul should feed better quality food to her puupy

  6. Not hating but that brand of dog food isn't good for dogs. It's been recalled over 30 times do to plastic being found it it and other bad things and it's no healthy tell Paul to switch over to taste of the wild, they sale it at tractor supply

  7. The turtle has three arms probably because one of the other turtles bit it off—one of my RES was aggressive and tried to do so to others; I'd check if raptor the snapping turtle might be too big for the others (especially the little pink bellied Sideneck turtles) the bigger pond should eventually help give more space and territory for the amount of them there

    Great video ?

  8. I love the vids and channel but I would change the puppy's food. Pedigree is a bad brand I use Whole Hearted.

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