Feeding All My Pets Dinner

hey y’all Manny from my hectic life pets
where we talk about all things pet and pet related so I just finished my lunch
or I guess it’s lunch it’s 4 o’clock in the afternoon of my super healthy diet
of ramen and frito so my pets kind of eat a little bit better than I do I try
to feed them really nutritious food and take good care of them
well bit better than I do I should probably start doing that for myself so
it’s time to go ahead and start feeding my pets
so first things first I’m going to keep my dog Buster I’m leaving him neutral
kitchen classics today normally I he eats dry food as it would cost me a
fortune to feed him wet food every day but I am trying to hide his flea
medication so I need what – so coat pockets just do not do the trick for the
sky no quiet this isn’t for you your food will be out next note no I don’t
know if any of y’all use Trifexis as your flea preventative but the stuff
like leaks faster
there are song eat your food Peter her boy okay so next
off before they kill me my cat so today I will be feeding them for their wet
food the natural balance chicken and pumpkin formula and bra this is really
good stuff because with the pumpkin in there with the pumpkin in there that
will help with their digestion and it also helps a little bit with hair balls tiny period jinkies I’m sorry you don’t
want this kya I’m sorry where are your where’s your brother and
sister where is your brother and sister hmm Jaime Darren strangely my fat one doesn’t want to eat
anymore crazy so forgive me everyone my tanks might be a little bit dirty I am
planning on cleaning them all out tomorrow for my next video so for my
fish I see the new life spectrum community fish I really like this food
and my fish seem to really like it also let them go they like this food almost
as much as they like the blood arms and I didn’t think that that was possible
that they could like a food as much as they like their blood worms alright yeah
they loved it they loved it my poor little eyes are still waiting for me to
set up my twenty gallon tank so they can move one or the other guys
then of course my betta fish I can’t forget him first and loves it so much so of course if I
feed my kid a fish and he is kind of a page normally right now I would see my
daughter’s betta fish but unfortunately her native fish passed away at Cibola
days ago and we’re still trying to find a new betta fish to replace Tori and we
got those big fish probably about four years ago hers and my original data fish
and they were already full grown when we got them so I have no idea how it will
be really probably work so now it’s time to see these guys once again like I’m
sorry my tanks are kinda in need of some TLC because tomorrow I am planning on
doing a video of how I clean all my paints and everything plus I don’t like
cleaning right before you feed them they said it like if you look at my frog this
is messy I and I clean these tanks out only just like a week ago I promise so
first things first I got my Turkish eating and drinking their food and water
right now in preparation of being dinner my frogs can see blue
cricket and life trying to decide if you can make the jump or not
oh very go there we go always gotta go by my belief Tom boy
sighs mm okay my dog now barking they used to come
right in prize nobody right to it you’re always hungry
huh ha door ACK always hungry that’s where I clean out their water bowls so
many times a day and come back and there’s no water in the bowl but all
around the bowl every time there we go you missed both of them oh no you got
one time to feed my first pokémon fold moat our she’s been getting kind of
wears an Aggie lately and I had this kind of straighten up this morning she made a huge mess again what’s the Holdaway I’m going to
get our bull and wash all the water everywhere
okay so guess mold car is not feeling it Molly doesn’t want to eat because the
light is on and she does not care for light it is so a lot of here I wouldn’t
want to eat either okay so that’s all for today’s video I
hope you enjoyed it if you liked it please give it a thumbs up and subscribe
to my channel where I post new videos every week thanks for watching guys bye

16 thoughts on “Feeding All My Pets Dinner

  1. Love the video 🙂 quick tip, i think you might have been looking at a screen so you could make sure you were in focus etc however try looking at the lense, it'll definitely improve the video, good job though!

  2. Have you ever thought of improving your cats and dog's life by feeding them a balanced raw diet or a balanced prepared raw diet. Great video.

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