20 thoughts on “Feast First Look (2014) – Disney Animated Short HD

  1. I am getting my new puppy on Tuesday (she is a two month old black lab puppy) and now I want her to be with me right now!!!

  2. This was a 6 minute short film that's supposed to cover 12 years of a dog's life with his owner. So clearly, he didn't eat human food every day, most likely just once in a while,

  3. Cutest animation ever!! He just like my poodle Maxi, or more the point our family taught him to be like that. 
    Where can you buy this? I know its only a short story at cinemas but still like to get a HD copy.

  4. haven't watched yet. get tempted, while it grabbed the best animated film award at Oscar-2015, to watch it soon. hope, my expectations would get satisfied.

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