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– My dinosaur’s name is Dino. And it like to bite my nose. (children laughing) (upbeat music) – [Woman] Hi guys! – Hi! – [Woman] Can you guys tell me
what we’re here to do today? – Show and tell! – Show and tell and stuffies! – [Children] Stuffies! – [Woman] Stuffies? – Is stuffy is something that has some fluffy feeling? And some could be very big, some could be very small. – They can also be medium. – And, that’s what I guess say. – [Woman] Can we go get your stuffie? – What color are they? – Red. – [Blonde girl] Oh, black. – No, red. – No, black.
– It’s black. – [Boy] No, red. – It’s a snowman. – Yeah, it’s Olaf. – Olaf! – [Child] Olaf. – And the name is Olaf, and I think when it go down, care for him. And I bring him everywhere. Sometimes I give him a bath. – How do you wash him? – I’m just, make the water, like 10 feet tall. – That will fill up my whole bathtub. Oh maybe even my bathtub is 20 feet tall. – He’s tall and heavy. When you hold him like this, he’s heavy. – He is heavy. – He’s really heavy. – Yeah, I told you he is heavy. – (laughs) He is holding his butt. (children laughing) (children clapping) – [Woman] All right, everybody
close your eyes please! – Her name is… Teddy! – Teddy bear, teddy bear, Teddy, Teddy… – And I sleep with her sometimes. She makes her own food. – Does she make a mess? – Yes. Sophia, you’re next! – I bring my Pikachu everywhere. Take him to friend’s house, and… – It’s a bunny? – It’s not a bunny, it’s a mouse. – He has bunny ears. He looks like a bunny. – It’s not bunny ears. – Did you go inside a phone and and grab Pikachu? – I think but, Pikachu has the phone (children laughing) I get to walk everywhere like this. (feet stomping) – [Woman] That’s pretty cool. – His name is Travel Bear. And he goes everywhere
around the world with me. – Where’s Travel Bear went before? – Uh… Los Angeles. Uh… I don’t remember the rest, but he’s been on 15 airplanes. – 15 airplanes! – Does Travel like to be on airplanes? (short-haired girl nods) – Once I found this giant airplane, I think it was bigger than
this whole, entire building. But it was really loud. – Isn’t that… – My dinosaur’s name is Dino. – That’s the same as a dinosaur. – And it like to bite my nose. You can also bite my ear. (children laughing) – Can he sit down? – Um… I think so. Oh. No. (laughs) (children shouting)

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  1. 3th I love you sooooooooooo soooooooooo Mach 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🤍🤍🤍💜💜🤍🤍🤍💜💜💜💜💋💋💋💋💋

  2. Who's been a fan of HiHo Kids before 2020😍

    Gifting next 349 subscribers💕🎁🎉

  3. 2:19 Cute girl A: " His name is TRAVEL BEAR . And he goes everywhere around the WORLD with me"
    Cute girl B: "Where's Travel Bear went before"
    Cute girl A: "Uh…LOS ANGELES??"

    > 🤣😆🤣

  4. I seriously hope that little girl isn't allowed to watch pokemon. Completely inappropriate for a child. I wasn't allowed as a child.

  5. I do really love watching ernie and clara's reaction when earing food, they are so adorable, no hesitation they always gives a smile on my face after I watch them. This channel always help me to cheer up everytime thanks a lot guys

  6. 1:53 “its a bunny?” Lol reminds me of when i got a Darkrai plush for christmas when i was a kid, and my mom thought it was an elephant for whatever reason 😂

  7. So cute. Adorable & Smart kid: "Stuffies! A stuffie is something that has some fluffy filling. And some could be very big, some could be very small." Adorable kid: "Uh, I tink so.." 😉

  8. As a kid, mine was a medium sized green & gold parrot, second was a typical brown fuzzy bear- both destroyed by my dogs 🙁 I forgave them, I loved them even more.

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