Father's Day ! Elsa and Anna toddlers – Gifts – Surprise

walking in them buh-buh-buh butterfly happy Father's Day dad oh man my favorite team lost again oh well I'm sorry Kristoff but the other team did play very well I don't even feel like watching anymore let me turn off Hey ladies what are you up to we're okay honey we're just discussing what to put on our shopping lists there's something wrong with my car can you come and see maybe you can fix it sure let's go no all right let's go we're coming back ladies yeah we're going to the garage yes they're going on uh kids your dad's are gone to the garage you know what this means it's Father's Day so let's get something ready for them gee for sure are you sure mommy yes girls they went to the garage and it's probably gonna take a long time yay Anya yeah stop brushing the dog we have some work to do okay just two more brushes so remember the plan me and Anna will go get the presents we bought for your dad and what are you gonna do we're gonna make something for him out of clay and draw something for him yes perfect let's get to work so what do you think you are gonna draw on yours I don't know maybe my daddy's favorite things okay that's good let's pick our markers Anya what are you doing LCI be patient and and then you know you'll see what I'm drawing okay it looks kinda weird okay but it's kinda gonna look like a car I'm telling you okay now let's draw it stop and for the roof down in connect and the car has windows too so one two windows and done how do you like my camera Anya oh wow I didn't really know it was gonna be a camera if I was gonna be a phone okay let's color then let's pick the colorful colors green and brown and red and the title it's a blue look else yeah look my car is already show me show me who it's a cool car but Anya why are the tires green well you know I just wanted to make it more colorful and creative you know something that we have never seen before like it on two color coloring my camera stop do you like it Anya whoo yeah I really love the colors on it fathers and de why and since something really happy I'm gonna put an exclamation mark there I'm all done my turn instead of love uncle I'm gonna put a heart oops I put a B I forgot okay d D and wine there we go there I'm all about it with my drawing and I think now we can start our our clay sculptures Anya clay clay clay play play play there we go colorful clay girls are you almost finished here yep mommy we were just about to build some things from the clay you still didn't do it well well Jack Frost and Christopher are almost done in the garage ooh these are yeah oh no no this clay you want me to help you yeah these colors are even brighter colors it's cool because they look like sila phones like in music class yeah let's not make something too hard just like a nice colorful heart in fact that's what I'm exactly gonna do can I make a start okay phew that's what you want to do a heart inspire cool I'll take red because hearts are red look at all the colors mmm and it kind of smells good yeah well I think it kind of smells kind of gross look okay here you go which orange there's real um I think I'll have this one all right not on the carpet please Elsie yeah oh yeah sorry it's three bow time to rule time to squish him out was she swish swish-swish down there we go my cute little star Wow like you start on yeah my turn honey honey I look I'm gonna do my dad see it's a lot like a little person and then I'm gonna color his hair gray cool okay so his skin is this color here comes the little man just soon gonna be my dad push push push come on I'll see ya take it out yeah there we go my daddy take it off carefully there we go and now I'm gonna do his hair his hair is a gray color okay here's his hair he's gonna look really funny hey I already finished the making my other purple star you just need to make one more heart actually I didn't want to do a heart anymore instead I decided to make this three colored butterfly isn't it cool wow you mix the colors it's really cool do you like it mommy let me see wow I like it I like how you use three colors it looks so pretty else yeah good job mommy girls are you ready I hear them coming I hear them coming is everything good ready okay we just need to find something to put them in let's go let's repair the boxes what clay dad else yeah thanks to you sorry I didn't want to do it I just was too excited and I even accidentally stepped on it and I'm sorry LC are you you have a black black blue I'd better fly in two stars we don't have time for buh-buh-buh-buh butterfly you need to stop and I have just my rip clay dad whatever you did you did they're coming what is noise here take your time we'll wait okay let's go go sit on the couch we're almost ready all right let's sit here can't wait to see what they what they have for us osya please stop crying you'll be happy for sure just give me two minutes are you sure yes I'm sure okay are you ready Anja tada I made it just for you wait that's where me from you yup do you like it it's a rainbow heart Wow Anja they think thank you so much I don't even know what to say oh it's so nice think thank you so much Anja you're just the best cousin ever ah thanks are you ready for the gifts daddy yep more than ready okay daddy here's a card from me that see for you since you like cars I drew a card for you this is so beautiful don't you like it you appreciate it good job thank you thank you sir thank you and there's still more yep here's a star that I made in Peru and here's this rainbow butterfly yeah when I love butterflies you too thank you did you like all my presents daddy I love them thank you very very much I'll see ya it's your turn I have something special for a special dad this is what I drew for you it says I love daddy's absence you like to take pictures there's a camera on wow that's that's a very nice strong you do that all by yourself yep wow I'm so impressed I love it I'm gonna keep this drawing forever yeah thank you else yeah you're my best girl this purple star dear do you like it uh no I don't like it I love it I'm so glad it's very nice and this present was made by Anya since she squished something it's a rainbow heart Wow isn't it so pretty yes I love all the mixture of colors that is very nice I love it thank you very much Elsie I really love the gifts you're welcome I can see it worked really hard yep you gotta go back to the garage now yes oh wait wait boys where you going we still have something for you oh yes you do yep we do so sit back down so you can see them wait until you see your present here honey this is what I have for you wow that's beautiful I think mangos are like six really tangos you know that I love red cars yeah that's beautiful thank you thank you very very much let me help you there you can even open the doors mmm very nice so you can put it in your office sleek and look at it that's a good idea thank you very much that's not all there's still a box here yep Wow Kristof let's open it let me see what's inside is it what I think it is it's the purse you wanted to go to work with nice thank you honey here try it on hmm wow that looks good on you thank you very very much I really appreciate there are two more things two more yes come on Jack frogs look look what I got I'm a cameraman yes yes yes you read my mind I don't have any words you really got me thank you honey happy Father's Day sweetie thank you very much you're like all you get of course look at it that's funny daddy okay we better get all of this out of the way so Jack can open his present Jack your turn daddy don't break it dun dun dun dun dun here's your present Kristoff you're not the only one who got a car I got one too that's a nice one let's take this off wow it's super sporty car and it's blue ah cuz you know I like blue Elsa and you can even open the doors here too let's see if my car can go to yes I can and it's really fast Wow I'm gonna keep this awesome in my collection – alright let's see what I have in my box whoa I really wanted these headphones for a long time can't wait to try them out thank you so much ooh a new pair of shoes wow these are so professional and so black let me try them on let me try walking in them looks so comfy I love them thank you so much glad you liked it but there's still one more thing ooh a new a new laptop I knew it so nice you probably thought I need a new one for work and really thank you so much you didn't have to get me this wow I really loved it no problem happy Father's Day sweetie daddy we're gonna do a race but we promise we won't break them we promise okay go ahead ready Anya wroom wroom wroom and three two one go no yeah I won no I won no I want no no nobody wants stop it on you I've won I won just kidding hey silly Anya who's ready for a movie I have tickets tell us about this mommy hey love you daddy happy Father's Day happy Father's Day to the movies yay visit our channel and subscribe for more videos

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