Fast Reptiles in Slow Mo

Today we’re at
the Singapore Zoo. – You might be able to tell.
– So we are. One of my favorite all time
subjects for slow motion ever since I started doing it
is just the natural world, – especially animals.
– Yeah. Today we’re gonna be focusing
on fast reptiles, more specifically,
how they eat. We’ve got some
speedy munchers in there, so why don’t we go and take
a look at our first one? All right. Gav: When I think
of fast-moving animals, you can’t ignore a chameleon. The chameleon tongue– rapid. It’s like a blink of an eye, which is the perfect subject
for what we like to do. – So what’s this puppy?
– It’s the Parson’s chameleon. – Gav: Not a puppy.
– Not a puppy. – Gav: It’s a chameleon.
– That’s misleading. We’ve got the Phantom Flex 4K–
we’ll get a lovely, glory high-res shot
at 1,000 frames a second, and the V2512 over there. He’s hanging out
at about 8,000 just for the–
for the impact and things. – Should we feed him?
– Let’s feed him. – Dan: I’m excited.
– What’s he going to be eating? Dead crickets here
on the end of these forceps. I think he’ll go for it.
He looks pretty hungry. Yeah? How does
a chameleon look hungry? You can see it in his eyes. – Uh, here?
– That looks good to me.
That looks good to me. – There you go. Nailed it.
– Oh, my God. – Gav:He’s hungry.
He really is.Gav:He’s teasing
the tongue out there.
Dan:He’s like
a coiled spring.
– Gav:Here he goes.
Oh, that’s so– whoa.Whoa.
– Dan:Jeez.It is– like,
the acceleration is incredible
’cause it’s like a big
fat thing coming out slowly,
and then suddenly
it just ejects it.
Gav:And you can see
the rigid rod in the tongue.
– Dan:Oh, I didn’t know
that was the thing.

Yeah.So that where he gets
his propulsion.

– Dan:What? Oh.Gav:And he just blasts
the tongue off
and this is all
just soft and sticky.
I didn’t even know that.
And he’s in. Snap.
– Should we have
a look on this one?
– Yeah. Gav:
All right, here it comes.
Oh, that’s so gro–
like, it’s disgusting.
That is just evolution.Look at that.
– Dan:Because you don’treally see the chameleon,and you just don’t know
what’s going on.
Gav:From the way that
that smooshes and squishes,
I can very much picture
what that would feel like.
Like, thwip! Aah!
That’s so weird.
Dan:It’s one of the weirder
things we’ve seen.
Yeah. Very cool. – He’s a hungry boy, isn’t he?
– He really is. Apparently he’s got
enough belly space for another go,
so we’ll film it again. How do you feel about holding
the cricket yourself? So you want me to do that?
After I just said that was one of the most disgusting
things I’d ever seen?
Absolutely, I’ll do it. – There we go.
– Got a cricket right
in my pocket ready, so I’ll stick it in.
Hopefully, he’ll
munch right on it. He seems to be favoring
the left side, so maybe we’ll have him come
right to left this time. Just stick it
right in front of us. – And I’m gonna go closer up.
– All right. Okay, and stick it in
and see if he munches it. Man: Ready? Oh, he just nailed it. God, there was a weird
thudding feeling against that. Dan:All the glistening
on the moisture of the tongue
from the light.
– Gav:I love it.
Oh, so gross. Ugh.– Gav:Oh, here it goes.
Look at the veiny tongue.
It’s so weird.
– Gav:Get it, son.He’s got quite
a range on him, actually.
Dan:Oh, look at that.
So weird.
( Gav imitates kissing )
Just kissing it.
Dan:Like, he took it further
than the forceps.
It’s like a hand grabbing it,’cause it, like,
envelops the insect.
Lovely bit of food.
– Gav:If the grasshopper
was alive,
he’d be going, “Aah!”
– Dan:Yeah.Oh, look, he’s blinking.
He’s like, “Yeah.
Get in there. Get in there.”– Gav:Got it.
Yummy.– It’s so fast.
– If you could have a tongue
like this, would you? – Probably not.
– No? – You don’t have to
get it out all the time.
– It would only be good if I was opposite someone
who was eating cereal, and I could just
take individual bits
without them knowing. Dan, how do you feel
about snakes? Actually,
I’m fine with them. Considering
I grew up in the UK, none of them can
actually kill you or really do you any harm. I don’t think
I ever saw one in England. This is the Gaboon Viper, one of the fastest-striking
snakes in the world. If you scale it up,
it can move its head around
six meters per second, – which is mentally fast.
– So blink and you’ll miss it? Literally blink
and you’ll miss it because the average blink
lasts around 220 milliseconds. This can get
its head up to speed within 50 to 90 milliseconds. Wow. Well, luckily
we’ve got some cameras. Luckily,
our Phantoms don’t blink. Well, not that I’ve seen,
anyway. Look how well-camouflaged
it is, too. Dan:
I know, it’s really cool. They usually eat things
like rats and birds and even antelope
and monkeys. – Fresh out of monkeys…
– That’s unfortunate. …so we’re gonna
give it a dead rat, hopefully see
its striking action. It’s actually got the longest
fangs of any snake. – Up to five centimeters.
– I feel like this snake
is breaking all the records. It is, isn’t it?
All right, snake is
ready to strike. Oh, he’s moving a little bit.
I think he’s getting
a bit excited here. – Ooh!
– Oh, my God. You know what? I missed it.
I blinked and I missed it. – That’s so true. – Oh, man.
– Flippin’-A. – The whole thing
is in its mouth.
– That’s crazy. Gav:
All right, here we go.
Playing that back.– Dan:Oh!
Whoa!It’s so fast,
it kicked up all the mud.
– Dan:That’s so scary.
That is nature.Dan:
Wow, that was nuts.
What’s interesting is
the speed he shoots off–
watch as it kicks up
all of this mud where he was.
He’s already coming back
with the mouse
while this stuff
is still moving forward.
He’s like bashing the mud
that he moved forwards
with his face.
One fang goes in,
and the other one’s still out.
Gav:To be fair,
if I had two fangs and I could
control them like that,
it makes sense to, like,
walk the food into your mouth.
That’s so cool.I don’t think I’d
want to be doing what
he’s doing, actually. – Funnily enough.
– A bit scary. He’s got a glove on there.
Oh, my God. – That was quick. God!
– He just went. – Gav:And that was instant.
He didn’t mess around,and he went longer as well.Oh, yeah.– Gav:Right into the back.
Chomps it.Gav:Whoa.That was so fast.
– Dan:I wasn’t expecting it
that quick either.
So the fangs go in, and then it’s, like,
because of the angle, they’re hooked this way, so it must be absolutely
impossible to come out.That was a really good strike.That right,
we’re talking about you. – Dan: Don’t talk to it
like it’s cute.
– It is cute. – You just saw
what it did to that rat.
– Eh, that’s just nature. – That’s fair.
– There is an animal that some people consider
to be very ugly, it spends most of its time
hardly moving, occasionally breathing,
and just blending
into the background. – Hey, come on.
– I’m not talking about you.
Don’t worry. I’m talking about
the Mata Mata turtle. Dan: So you want to film
something in super slow-mo that spends
so little time moving, it literally grows
moss on its back? Doesn’t sounds like
a good subject for slow-mo, but its gob
and the way it eats is very, very fast. – Let’s take a look.
– All right. – Ooh! Oh, my God.
– That was quick. – Goodness me.
– That was absolutely instant. Gav:All right,
let’s watch that back.
Oh! Oh!
– Dan:Whoa!Gav:Just absolutely
sucked right in.
It seems to expand
all of its throat
for, like,
even more suction.
Dan:I’d like to do
sound effects for that.
Did you see the side
of its mouth?
Like, the little corners?
Look at that.
It’s got a little hinge
on the side.
Gav:It’s almost, like,
there to funnel
the water in smallerso that it
has more pressure.
Dan:And then its mouth
folds over itself.
I like his little pig nose. I like it, too.
It’s really cute. Gav:Yeah, I like how ugly
creatures can be so cute.
Dan:He is cute.That’s now full of water
and a little fish,
and then it’s just
going to slowly let it
out of its mouth.
Gav:So, that probably
just shoots straight
into the stomach.
I wish I could do that.
Gav:Just sit down at a table–
“Check, please.”
You know what
I’ve also noticed
at the end of that?
He just fires out some–
– Dan:Some guff.Gav:
Some of the extra pap.
Love it.My impression is this… – That was good.
– Yeah. Out of all of those,
which one would you pick to have your, like,
eating mechanism,
out of all of them? Probably the Mata Mata turtle, just so I could just
suck stuff up
whilst underwater. If you’re walking
past the market stores,
I mean, you just be like… Can you imagine having
a bowl of cereal,
and just be like… – I love that.
– It’s just gone. And then, like,
the milk just goes… That was actually
a very challenging shoot ’cause you can never predict
what animals are gonna do. But I think we got some pretty
interesting looking footage. Definitely footage
you can learn from. – That’s what’s important.
– Yeah, I know, right? Hopefully,
you enjoyed that video, and make sure
you check out part two. We’ll be learning a lot more about how those animals work
and do their business, and feel free to subscribe
to the Slow Mo Guys. There’s your buttons
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    Both of these fast critters would be awesome. When the pistol shrimp strikes it makes a spark that might look cool in slow mo.

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    Dan: I wish I could do that.
    Gav: Just sit down at a table… swish, "check please"
    LMAO that made my whole day

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