FART from Dad and Mom and I catch Mrs. B grooming Howie

hey there YouTube fans this is part 2 of miss BNI hanging out in her office and this is pretty funny because I catch her on video grooming her cat which obviously to her is quite embarrassing and it's really very strange to me because I don't grow my cat like she grooms hers and then miss being let's go with a couple little squawkers and she keeps telling me to light incense again and again because I kind of made the room a little stinky but you know what she's guilty she guys like you said yours is did you just hold you can break the glass what's the man in his place like I don't deserve it once in a while secrets because you think you're saving me well in reality just makes you look like a dumbass okay cuz look at this this you said there's no hair under here bro okay what's the significance of that it makes me oh that's gonna be priceless roadworks with some guy named Dale Denton that's all he said so I gotta do you think he has anything to do with the dynamite or another in sense yeah I should so I have one there's still one going going to do this the Asians on the casino Ted Oh like a duck that's death done that was hilarious I love doing butt holes here hey it's it's what's-his-face ciao yeah hey there youtubers Brito Bob thanks for viewing my channel I greatly appreciate it if you like this video please like share comment and subscribe I'll try and get back to your comments as soon as I can laughter is good medicine take care and have a great day

21 thoughts on “FART from Dad and Mom and I catch Mrs. B grooming Howie

  1. Wooow.. Smelly smelly…. Lol
    U need to rip some in your green shorts you have.. ?…. More farts bud. ????.. Keep um coming bob. More farts. ? ? ?

  2. Another great video. It would have been hilarious if the cat farted while being groomed. Cat farts can clear the room!! Just glad Mrs. B didnt have an accident. You could always tell her when you fart that you are teaching her how fo reach her threshold withhold without going beyond it. ???

  3. If a FART isn’t sniffed and enjoyed, did it really happen? Was it emitted in vain? Was it a heartbreaking waste of lovely bowel air?

    Scientists have successfully fused two FARTS together! The experiment finally proves that 2 FARTS are better than one!!!

    In 2019 scientists are hoping to clone a FART! This will be tricky as conventional wisdom says it’s hard to clone perfection!!!

    FARTS are the Fountain of Youth!!!

    FARTS belong in your nose!!!

  4. OMG! look what I found for you Bob!…lol. https://www.amazon.com/Boxer-OT2048-Fart-Alert-Fan/dp/B00TILP4V2/ref=sr_1_fkmr1_2?keywords=fat+albert+fan&qid=1555018510&s=toys-and-games&sr=1-2-fkmr1

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